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Booker T on Discovering Brock Lesnar Won Money in the Bank, His Thoughts on Lesnar Securing Another Title Shot

May 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Brock Lesnar Money in the Bank 1

– During this week’s Hall of Fame podcast, host Booker T discussed how he found out Brock Lesnar was both at Money in the Bank last Sunday and ended up winning the main event. He also discussed Brock Lesnar potentially cashing in and facing Kofi Kingston. Below are some highlights and a video of Booker T discussing Brock Lesnar.

Booker T on heading out of the event and seeing Paul Heyman: “Next thing I know, I see Paul Heyman. He’s walking by me. The match is going on already. And then, next thing I know, Brock Lesnar! And earlier, I saw Paul Heyman. I say, ‘Hey, Paul. What’s up? UFC thing, it’s dead?’ So he goes, ‘It’s dead, but I assure you he’s [Lesnar] very happy.’ I’m like, ‘OK. That’s cool.’ Alright. So when I saw him later on, like I said, I’m walking out the backdoor, him and Brock walking in. Now Brock’s sweating. He’s sweating like he’s in the Sahara desert. It’s coming down. He’s got a hoodie on, and he’s got them black UFC gloves on like he’s going to a UFC fight. I’m like, ‘Brother, what are you thinking?! You better calm down!’ Boom. He walks by me, and before I even get to the hotel, I find out Brock Lesnar won the Money in the Bank contract. He got the briefcase.”

“What does this mean for Kofi Kingston? That’s the question. Right now, that’s the question. Do you know what I mean. Of course, he can cash it in on Seth Rollins. But me personally, I’m going for the wounded, little fish. The flailing around in the water that you can play with him a little bit. You gonna splash him a little bit, ya know? Kind of like the orca does the seal. I don’t know. Kofi is much more seasoned now. He’s much more experienced. So now, it could be a different story.”

His thoughts on Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston: “It’s a good matchup for Brock Lesnar. If I’m Brock Lesnar, I’d say, ‘Gimme that match!’ Ya know? I’ll take that match. I was watching Prograis just a couple days ago, boxer — Regis Prograis. He was fighting in this tournament, and they asked him, ‘Which one do you want?’ And he goes, ‘Well, I tell you what. I’ll take both of them on and give ’em both six rounds a piece. I’m gonna knock ’em both out and have two more knockouts on my record.”

Booker T on Lesnar coming in at the last minute to win the match: “You know man, I can’t speak for the fans. I can’t speak as far as the fans liking and disliking something as far as Brock Lesnar goes. Now, of course, we thought Brock Lesnar was gone. We thought Brock Lesnar was going to be heading back to the UFC taking on Daniel Cormier becoming the new UFC heavyweight champion or not. But that’s what we thought. And people were so happy to see Seth Rollins get in that position just because they knew Seth Rollins was going to be here on a weekly basis. Except Rollins doesn’t have the backing of a Paul Heyman, a guy whose negotiating contracts, how much time we get off and what not and how much work we put in throughout the year. And people can get frustrated, especially fans. Now, Brock Lesnar’s back, and he’s got the briefcase in his hands. The odds as far as cashing the briefcase in are about 98 percent? … So my thing is Brock Lesnar, his chances of becoming champion again are more likely than not very, very soon. And the thing is, will we see him on a weekly basis? Will he go back to the way it was over the past year or so? I don’t know. People are upset about it, but that’s business.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Booker T’s The Hall of Fame show with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.