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Bron Breakker Wishes He Didn’t Have His Goldberg-Inspired Tattoo, Will Probably Get It Changed

May 23, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT Bron Breakker Image Credit: WWE

Bron Breakker recently shared his thoughts about his Goldberg-like tribal tattoo, noting that he wishes he hadn’t done it and will probably end up changing it. Breakker appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin and during the conversation he talked about his ink; you can check out the highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On his Goldberg-inspired tattoo: “I liked Goldberg growing up, he’s one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. But I wish I didn’t have the tattoo, to be honest with you. The similarity, I was 18 at the time when I got it, it was obviously a mistake but it is what it is. He was one of my favorites growing up, had a few favorites. Triple H was probably my all-time favorite, obviously my dad and uncle too.”

On planning to make changes to the tattoo: “Mine’s not the exact same either but they don’t like it. Probably [will get more to cover it up]. That’s not a priority right now, I’m not worried about it but I’ll get around to it whenever I do. Not super concerned with it but I’m sure I’ll get something to go with it, we’ll see.”