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Brooke Hogan Discusses Her Family’s Scandals, Hulk Hogan’s Handling Of His Issues

November 2, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Brooke Hogan Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

In a recent interview on Hollywood Raw, Brooke Hogan discussed her family’s scandals throughout the years, Hulk Hogan’s handling of his issues, and much more. Here are some of the highlights (via Wrestling Inc.):

Brooke Hogan on her family’s scandals throughout the years and Hulk Hogan’s response to them: “Our family has been through a lot of crap, and I will say, my dad, it’s hard to have all your skeletons pulled out of your closet and just waved in front of everybody’s face and humiliated to the world. And then our family just goes through all this stuff. He has stayed so graceful through it all. I talked to him yesterday. I said, ‘It has to be so hard for you because it’s like you’ve got so many people poking at you, poking at you, poking at you, and you can never poke back. You can never say, yeah, I messed up, but this person did this too.’ You just can’t ever throw shade back because then it just makes you look worse when people are.”

On Hulk’s handling of his issues: “It’s so hard. He always has to take the high road. He always has to just sit down, shut up, follow the rules, not piss anybody off. So it’s hard to have that control and just always remain graceful in the worst situation. So, he’s real. He’s like, ‘Hey, this is how I messed up,’ or, ‘This is how I’m feeling.’ He communicates and he’s, like I said, just a gentle giant.”

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