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Bruce Prichard Recalls Brock Lesnar Getting Heat Over Buying His Own Plane

March 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Bruce Prichard discussed the heat Brock Lesnar had in the locker room in 2004 over buying his own plane and more on the latest Something to Wrestle With. Conrad Thompson asked Prichard about the reports at the time as published on wrestling news sites that Lesnar had a lot of heat in the locker room because he wasn’t a team player and bought his own private jet to fly to shows with, which led to Lesnar’s reputation of not being a team player.

Recalling the situation, Prichard said, “I remember it being a topic of conversation amongst people that he had a plane. But at the same time, Brock did what he wanted to do. Brock still does whatever Brock wants to do. So, for Brock to go out and do that made his life easier, and it wasn’t costing the talent, the company or anyone else any more money. So if he’s happy to go do that, go do it. No one was stopping anyone else from getting a plane or getting a bus, or doing whatever else they wanted to do. So a lot of times, that’s just jealousy and people stirring up things for petty reasons to have something to talk about and bitch about.”

When Thompson brought up people saying at the time that Lesnar wasn’t a team player or social and had tension with Vince McMahon at the time, Prichard said, “Well I do think that he probably needed a break. However, at the same time he was young, we were hoping to go with him at the time and do something with him. So you want to capitalize on that…with him, it was, ‘What are you gonna do?’ And when he decided he wanted to go on and play football, it’s, ‘Okay,’ you just move on. You can’t do a lot of people — if people don’t like you, and they’re jealous of you, and you’re happy, who cares? Brock was participating, Brock was doing what he was asked to do, and he is an individual. He is a very unique individual. Didn’t like to hang out with guys, didn’t like to travel the same way. ‘Okay, travel some other way.’ It doesn’t affect — that’s what gets me. It doesn’t affect anyone else on the roster. It doesn’t affect their lives.”

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