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Bruce Prichard Reveals Who Was Responsible for For Most of The Mike Tyson – Steve Austin – DX Stuff Creatively

April 12, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Steve Austin WrestleMania 14 MIke Tyson

In the latest episode of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard spoke about the infamous Monday Night RAW segment in which Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin got into a brawl. He revealed that Vince Russo was responsible for a lot of the Austin/Tyson/DX stuff and that the company only had Tyson for a limited number of dates before WrestleMania 14. Here are highlights:

On how long they had Tyson for: “We had a very limited number of dates on Mike Tyson when we first went into this. The idea was, ‘let’s play it out. Let’s see what kind of reaction we get and we’ll take it from there.’ When Tyson went out, I think that we maybe had, maybe two more dates on him before Wrestlemania, maybe three. Those were promotional opportunities. He was going to appear on the show a couple of times and one of those was a press conference and all this other stuff.”

On realizing they wanted to use Tyson more: “Everybody was on such a high after that took place, I remember Vince coming back, we were on the West Coast and looking at it going, ‘Guys, I think we need more dates.’ Vince and I went into a room off of his office and just started mapping out Tyson dates and where we could do…because originally this was going to be it for a while. This was his one date, and then we get to the announcement, and then do something else, have him on TV, but all of that other stuff…and Vince Russo was involved as far as the creative with a lot of that stuff, the DX stuff with Mike Tyson, but none of that was planned that far in advance. That was just something…the feel of having lightning in a bottle that night, in that moment of Mike Tyson delivering, feeling the energy off that crowd. This is a lot bigger than we ever thought it would be.”

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