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Bruce Prichard On Using Mankind-Jim Ross Interviews To Add Depth And Realism To The Character

June 19, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Mankind Jim Ross WWF RAW

In the latest episode of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard spoke about the infamous multi-part interview between Jim Ross and Mankind from RAW in 1997, which culminated on June 9 with Mankind attacking Ross and putting the Mandible Claw on him after getting angry over Ross’ calls that he ‘likes pain.’ Prichard spoke about how they wanted to use Foley’s actual life and career to add depth to the Mankind character and get him more over with the crowd. Here are highlights:

On how they licensed FMW footage for the interviews: “We just asked them. We had a good working relationship with them through Victor Quiñones and Quiñones had ownership of a lot of that stuff so they were happy to do it.”

On turning Mankind babyface by telling the story of his life: “It was one of those compelling stories. This whole interview deal was… and I believe it was something JR actually pitched to do, to bring out the story of Mankind to kind of get beyond the mask and the music and what we had done up until this point. Kind of dig into the layers of Mick Foley and the different machinations of this character, Cactus Jack, and let all this multiple personalities come out in a quote ‘sit-down real interview’ to let people, it’s like that 60 Minutes when you view someone one way because of their job title or actions of their past and you dig deep in that interview and you find out, ‘Hey, now I understand why they did what they did.’ And that was the idea here with Mick. I think it was absolutely masterfully done on all parts.”

On the different versions of the Mandible Claw: “There’s a couple of different versions. There’s a couple of different working versions. There’s a house show version and there’s a television version. There’s the Mandible Claw where he sticks that thing down your gullet, actually sticks his fingers down your throat. Then there’s one where he’ll pull his fingers in and just put it on your lip. Depending upon who you are is what version you actually get. I think JR got it in the gullet there. It looked like he got some of that in there. He didn’t get the Undertaker version of it.”

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