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Bruce Prichard Discusses Backstage Reasons Why Paul London Never Became A Top Star in WWE

May 23, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Paul London

On the latest edition of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed why he thinks Paul London never turned into the breakout star that many thought he would be, saying that despite having all the tools to become a top star, London never took things seriously enough. When asked if London was similar to Rob Van Dam, Prichard said RVD always took business seriously, which London didn’t. Highlights are below.

On why Paul London never became a top star in WWE: “I think Paul was his own worst enemy in that he didn’t take it seriously at the time and thought that it was all kind of a game, because he had the talent, he had the personality, and if he had just channeled that at the time, I think Paul could have been one of the biggest stars in the industry, because you look at him and talk to him, he’s got it, he’s definitely got it, but he’s also got something else that prevents him from taking it beyond a certain point, so that one was disappointing, because Paul London had all the gifts of being a truly great performer in every aspect of the game, and just wasn’t able to pull it all together at the same time and at the right time.”

On chalking up London’s inability to breakout on immaturity: “It definitely chalks it all up to immaturity, and I think that’s just what it was. Some guys never grow up. I was accused of that for many, many years until reality slaps you in the face. You don’t want to grow up but sometimes you have to grow up.”

On London not taking things seriously: “I don’t think he did, and again, I don’t know what the office saw, I know that I didn’t think he took things seriously enough, because again, he had the world by the balls and could have used it to his advantage and done just about anything he wanted to do, and sometimes when it was nut cutting time, he would choose to laugh at it and not go, and there’s a time to laugh and play haha and there’s also a time to just go.”

On if London can be compared to someone like Rob Van Dam: “Rob wasn’t aloof when it came to business, and Rob took his business seriously, and as aloof as Rob is, Rob took himself seriously, so that’s the difference to me in a nutshell.”

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