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Bruce Prichard Reveals That Kurt Angle Blew His Original WWF Interview, Tells Sinn Bodhi TNA Fireworks Story

June 6, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Kurt Angle WWE 2000

In the latest episode of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard was asked if anyone ever failed their interview when he was head of talent relations and he revealed that Kurt Angle didn’t do well during the interview process.

He said: “Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle’s about the closest I could say to that. His first interview was absolutely terrible. He came across as someone who didn’t really want to be there and was just doing it because it was something his manager or somebody told him to do. But once Kurt got away from it and did his homework and got a piece of it then his attitude changed completely.

On Kizarny’s WWE run: “Sinn Bodhi was Kizarny. He was a friend of Edge’s. I’d known him for a while just through the independent scene and always liked him. He started talking about his days in the carnival and that’s kind of where it stayed was carnival, carny and let’s make him what everybody perceives. I don’t think that Nick really got the chance to get that gimmick over. I think that if he had had a little bit longer and been able to have some matches and tell some stories, I think Kizarny could have had a little bit of a run. I really do.”

On a fun Sinn Bodhi story: “Here’s one of Sinn Bodhi when I was at TNA. We did one of those days where, I think we did like 719 PPVs in one day at Universal Studios. The days would just all run together and be really long. I’m not exaggerating here, there are sometimes that we would do three and four PPVs for the monthly PPVs in one day. And by the time you get to the third or fourth one, the audience is DEAD. Dead! If you even have an audience! And I’m sitting at the gorilla position, Sinn goes out and next thing I hear is an explosion. Well after I hear the explosion, I’ve got this giant motherfucker in my face and two other…one guy in a uniform and then two representatives from Universal Studios like ‘What the fuck was that?’ ‘Exactly! What was that?’ Sinn Bodhi had wrapped a..you know like blackjacks or black cats? The fireworks?…around his neck. And he lit them right before he went out. Now I didn’t notice what he had around his neck nor did I see him lighting black cats. But he lit it on a grated stage with I don’t know how much pyro underneath him, in a closed building on a Universal Studios lot. They were irate. He was escorted off the lot. I remember Pat Kenney telling me, ‘I’ve never seen you so mad in all my life.’ They had to get me away from Sinn so that I didn’t confront him immediately when he came back from the ring. They actually went, they got him, security got him, they took him out. I said, ‘No, I’ve got to speak to him.’ And he came over and I talked to him and I just couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘It’s just firecrackers.’ I said, ‘Dude! First of all, fire in an enclosed building. Do you have any idea how much pyro was in there?’ He goes, ‘I didn’t know!’ I said, ‘Because you didn’t ask!’ But I like Nick and I think he’s a good guy and he’s a talent that could have gotten over but that one day in Florida I wanted to kill him.”

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