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Bryan Danielson Says Zack Sabre Jr. Might Be The Better Technical Wrestler

October 2, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Bryan Danielson Zack Sabre Jr. AEW WrestleDream Image Credit: AEW

In a recent AEW promo video, Bryan Danielson shared his thoughts in the aftermath of his WrestleDream fight with Zack Sabre Jr. (per Fightful). According to Danielson, despite his victory, the question of which of the two is the better technical wrestler is still very much up in the air. You can find a highlight from Danielson on the topic and watch the full video clip below.

On what he learned in the wake of his bout with Zack Sabre Jr.: “That’s the kind of match I’ve wanted my entire career. In Seattle, in front of my hometown fans. I’ve never, in my entire career, gotten to wrestle like that in front of these people. I’m so grateful and happy that I was able to do that against a person as good as Zack. But I’m also a little bit upset, if I’m gonna be honest. Because I came into this match, thinking by the end of this match, we would find out definitely who the best technical wrestler in the world was. We leave that match, and somehow, even though I won, I don’t feel like I’m the best technical wrestler in the world. I can barely move my hand. For me to beat Zack Sabre Jr., I had to knock him the fuck out. So now I’m starting to think that maybe he is the best technical wrestler in the world. Maybe he is. But here’s the thing. I offered to shake his hand at the end of that match, and he refused. So maybe, and we won’t know for sure, maybe he is a better technical wrestler. But here’s what I know for damn sure. He can’t strike with me. He can’t stand with me. He doesn’t have the heart that I have. He doesn’t have the legs that I have. He doesn’t have the soul that I have to go out there and compete. Maybe that’s why I’ve been forced to retire before. Maybe that is why I’m at the end of my career. Maybe that’s why he’s never had an injury in his entire career. It is because he plays smart, and he doesn’t fight with his entire soul. I do, and my career might end early because of it. But guess what? You get one life, and that is the way I want to live.”