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Bubba Ray Dudley Recalls the Time Spike Dudley Asked Vince McMahon For Weed

March 7, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– TMZ Sports caught up with Bubba Ray Dudley and got him to relate a story about Shane McMahon deciding to call Vince McMahon while they were on the road at 3 AM, a call which resulted in Spike Dudley asking Vince if he had any marijuana. The site asked Dudley for his best Vince story, to which he related the tale of being on the road with Shane and Spike.

“Shane McMahon was on the road with me, Tommy Dreamer, and Spike Dudley and it’s about 3 o’clock in the morning, and we’re driving, and Shane just looks over at me, he goes ‘Let’s call Pop,'” he said. “I’m like ‘Shane, that’s not a good idea,’ ‘No, no, let’s call Pop!’ I’m like ‘He’s probably sleeping,’ and he goes ‘He never sleeps!’ I was like ‘We don’t want to wake up your mother.’ He’s like ‘Nah, nah she’s in Vegas with Stephanie for the Bachelorette party,” and before I could get out another excuse, he had already called his Dad.”

He continued, “So, Spike, is in the back, drunk, high, who knows. Shane goes ‘Hey wait, Dad, say hello to Spike.’ Spike thinks we’re prankin’ him, so, Spike goes, ‘Ey, Vinnie Mac, you got any kind buds?’ and Vince goes, ‘Hello, Spike.’ Spike threw the phone up against the windshield, it shattered, and we just kept on drivin’. So, the fact that we woke up billionaire Vince McMahon at three in the morning is pretty funny.”