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Buff Bagwell Explains His View On Victory And Defeat In Scripted Matches

March 25, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Buff Bagwell Image Credit: WWE

Speaking recently with the Going Broadway Podcast, Marcus “Buff” Bagwell shared some details on how the result of a pre-written match affects his view of his work in the ring (per Wrestling Inc). While some talent have expressed that the final outcome doesn’t matter as much in the current era, Bagwell feels that a win is still a win even when it’s predetermined. You can find a few highlights from the podcast and watch the complete episode below.

On how the outcome of a match still matters to him: “It’s all about winning and losing, man. I mean, in anything you do. I mean, since I was a kid, I mean, it’s about winning and losing. It’s about you’re out; you’re safe. You won; I lost. I won; you lost. I was first; you’re second. I mean, that’s how my life was as three boys growing up in a house, and there was no gray area about winning and losing.”

On the professed divergence of viewpoints between contract and non-contract talent: “But, people go, including ‘the boys,’ they go, ‘Well, you know, that’s crazy to complain about winning or losing. I just wish I was under contract. I’d never bitch if I was under contract. I’d never complain if I was under contract.’ Bullshit. You are gonna complain under contract because if you don’t, you’re the only one that don’t.”

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