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Bully Ray Thinks Ronda Rousey Was Legitimately Upset By Becky Lynch’s Tweets

March 2, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Bully Ray ROH

Sometimes the line between real and fake can get blurred in wrestling and it seems that is what Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch are trying to do with their Wrestlemania feud. It seems to be working, as Lynch has brought Rousey’s husband into it and Rousey threatened to “beat the shit” out of Lynch. In the latest episode of Busted Open Radio (via Wrestling Inc, Bully Ray gave his belief that perhaps Rousey was so upset by Lynch bringing up her husband that led to things getting a little out of hand. Here are highlights:

On Rousey mentioning ignoring ‘the script’ in her tweets: “That’s why I like and don’t mind the road that Ronda is going down here. How long has Becky Lynch been in the wrestling business? So, let’s say 10+ years. So, Becky would be savvy and would be knowledgeable to all the things that go on backstage – the terminologies that wrestlers use, the things we should and should not say in public. She understands the protection of the wrestling business.”

On Rousey’s knowledge of the business: “Now, how long has Ronda Rousey been in the world of MMA? 10+ years, right? How long has Ronda crossed over in to the world of pro wrestling? Okay, so she’s had a very, very brief amount of time in the wrestling business. When I was in the business as long as Ronda has, I still wasn’t savvy to all the terminology, and rules, and regulations of what we do say, what we don’t say, what we protect, and what we don’t protect. We can assume that Ronda probably knows what a lot of things mean, don’t mean, what words to stay away from, and protection of the business.”

On if Rousey was legitimately upset: “I think Ronda got so pissed off that Becky put the picture of the husband up there that she threw everything out the window. Start using the word, start using her real name, basically, everybody is reading this and going, ‘Oh my God, is this real?'”