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Bully Ray Thinks WWE Already Has Plans in Place for the WrestleMania 41 Main Event

May 16, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Wrestlemania 41 Image Credit: WWE

– During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray expressed his belief that Triple H and WWE already have their plans in place for WrestleMania 41 and know what they want to book in the main event for both nights. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Bully Ray on WWE laready having plans in place for WrestleMania 41: “WWE is booking backwards. How do I … think I know this? Because of the way Hunter thinks. Hunter thinks very old school. Hunter learned a lot from Vince McMahon – there is no doubt. But Hunter, being old school and being a fan of Dusty [Rhodes’] booking, and in my opinion the best type of booking, they’re booking this backwards. And when wrestling is booked backwards, that’s when you get your best stories.”

On Cody Rhodes possibly not being in the main event: “As of right this very minute, I could not guarantee you that Cody Rhodes is in the main event at 41.”

WrestleMania 41 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at Allegiant Stadium on April 19-20, 2025.