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Can Nia And Enzo Find Amore?

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Steve Cook
Nia Jax Enzo Amore WWE Raw

As usual, Monday Night Raw featured some events that people weren’t expecting. Woken Matt Hardy emerged from the recesses of Matt’s mind. Paige scored a key victory in her first match in over a year. The Bar managed to keep the Raw Tag Team Championships out of the clutches of The Shield.

Perhaps nothing was less expected than this interaction between two characters that, to the best of my knowledge, had never interacted on WWE television before Monday night.

Let’s be real: WWE romances don’t have the best track record. Workplace romances are hard enough when you’re not traveling all across the country & constantly getting involved in physical situations. For every Triple H/Stephanie McMahon, there are hundreds of Cedric Alexander/Alicia Foxes. For years I warned people about the dangers of mixing love & wrestling. I gave up eventually, because some battles stop being worth the fight. People are going to do what people do, no matter what reasonable voices might tell them.

Especially when it comes to love. There are few things harder to explain in this world than the types of people you’re attracted to. You just fall head over heels for somebody & all logic goes out the window. There are always a million reasons not to pursue a relationship with someone, and only one reason why. Because you want to. No matter what other people might think, you think it’s a good idea.

Nia Jax seems like a reasonable person. She’s on the bad side of the fence, but it’s not like she does bad things. Other than beating up Bayley, but beating up Bayley is part of the job description so you can’t really hold that against her. She’s shown no signs of mental illness or anything like that.

So why in the world is she attracted to…that?

I mean, that’s a goofy looking guy, right? His hair, whether it’s on his head or his face, is a disaster. He’s downright scrawny, too. Nia can outlift him and it wouldn’t even be a contest.

Not only that, but Enzo Amore might be the most obnoxious person on WWE television. Dude is always going on about some nonsense while misspelling the word “soft”. So he’s not very bright. He’s also not very factual, as he’s constantly talking about how tough he is when he gets his butt handed to him on a fairly regular basis. Enzo Amore couldn’t beat my eighty-nine year old grandmother without hooking her tights. He’d probably need some help from that group of miscreants that follows him around.

So what’s the attraction there? Why is Nia Jax all like “How YOU doin?” to this D-Bag Monthly cover model?

It’s the confidence.

I didn’t understand the role of confidence in these things for a long time. I was always under the impression that women weren’t interested because of my physical appearance, which even with the massive weight loss over the past year still isn’t getting me that People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive cover. I thought this had to be the case because I was always hung up on physical appearance. Which was a bit hypocritical on my part, but there wasn’t much else for me to base my level of attraction around. As somebody that’s a bit shy when he’s not behind his keyboard, it’s not easy for me to get to know people.

Getting to know somebody is the most important part of the whole thing. It’s not about how you feel when you look at somebody. It’s how you feel when you’re around them. Do they make you feel like a better person? Do you have fun around them? Is life better when they’re around? These weren’t really things I was in a position to judge for most of my life. Being around anybody seemed like a privilege.

It’s fun being around confident people. It’s a contagious feeling, as is a lack of confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, people that aren’t already part of your inner circle won’t fall over themselves to join it.

Enzo Amore is oozing confidence. You saw how he was ordering those guys around before Nia showed up on screen. He might not look like it, but he’s a classic alpha male. Whether he gets his butt kicked or not, he keeps showing up to fight. He’s funny, too. As much as he gets under your skin, you can’t help but laugh when he throws out a good one-liner.

Sure, he has plenty of annoying traits. He also has traits that many people find difficult to resist. That’s why his Zo Train buddies follow him around like he’s the Pied Piper. It’s also why Nia Jax is temporarily distracted from whatever’s going on with Absolution, her buddy Alexa Bliss & the rest of the goings-on in Raw’s women’s division. Those things can wait. Love rarely does.

Enzo, for his part, seemed surprised. It’s an understandable reaction, as gender roles for the past few thousand years or so dictated that women were supposed to wait for men to show interest before showing interest themselves. Nia is not like most…no, I’m not going to be that lame dude that uses peoples’ theme music to describe them. At least not this week anyway.

He was back to his usual self on Twitter after the show.

Looks like we might have Chuck Woolery & a Love Connection here. Enzo seems like the kind of guy that appreciates women that show initiative. He also appreciates people that fight his battles for him, which is another area where having Nia Jax in your corner comes in handy. Think Kalisto’s going to mess with her? Hardly. Another barrier between Enzo & the cruiserweight division wouldn’t be the worst thing for his long-term prospects. Even if it doesn’t last long, it should lengthen his shelf-life.

I would just warn Enzo of one thing. You can treat the Zo Train like crap and they’ll keep coming back. If you treat Nia Jax like crap, it’s not going to end well for you.

Will it last? I’m leaning towards not. Enzo is a bit of a hothead and he’s bound to do something to send Nia over the edge. One thing makes me think it might stick though: Nia’s friendship with Alexa Bliss. Alexa & Nia had a bit of a falling out over the Raw Women’s Championship, but within weeks Nia was back by her side like nothing had ever happened. Perhaps a BFF relationship doesn’t forecast what will happen between Nia & Enzo, but it shows the loyalty that Nia has. Heck, Enzo has a bit of loyalty to him too. He wasn’t the one that broke up his BFF relationship with Big Cass.

Stranger things have happened. Maybe.

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