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Candice LeRae Loves The Chance To Show Off Another Side of Her As A Heel

June 3, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Candice LeRae Annoyed

In an interview with PWInsider, Candice LeRae spoke about her match with Mia Yim tonight and the ability to show a different side of herself playing a heel. Here are highlights:

On balancing the previous version of her character with the new heel version: “I love it. I feel like there’s not an issue with the balance because this is really just another side of me. It’s there. It’s always kind of been there, but now it’s just out for everybody to see. So it’s actually very easy, and I love it. I love it so much.”

On the Gargano Family Dinner segments: “I love doing them. I love doing anything that’s just kind of out of the box and a little different and so does Johnny, and the fact that we get to do these kinds of things together is even a million times better. I think we just kind of wanted to give people something that, if you were watching, but you’re on your phone, let’s say, there’s that moment where there’s a change and there’s a shift in our personality and there’s a shift in… Like, you’re almost kind of uncomfortable watching it. Even if you’re on your phone and you’re not paying attention, when that shift happens, you’re going to pay attention. And we wanted people to pay attention and hear our message. So those moments were like the important moments for us, like get off your phone, look at what’s happening, and then go about your day. And it’s been great to do that kind of stuff with my husband.”

On the One Final Beat match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa: “Everybody that was there that day worked so hard. I can’t even begin to tell you. Every day that we’re around the production here in WWE, I get such a newfound appreciation for just different people and different jobs. I mean, when Johnny and I got to go to Connecticut and meet all the people there and see all the different jobs people have there and how hard they all work, I don’t know, it speaks volumes about how passionate the crew, that you don’t get to see on camera, really truly is for the WWE brand. It’s amazing. They just want the product to be so good. They just want people to… it’s all about smiles on faces, right? That’s the thing. And that matters so much to the crew here and it’s too bad we can’t just like list every single one of those people. They’re amazing. If nothing else, I hope somebody in the crew hears this. I think all of you, you guys work so hard, and I just felt so lucky to be a part of that, the whole thing. It was amazing.”

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