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Carlito Explains Why He Was Frustrated During First WWE Run, Says AEW Hasn’t Contacted Him

February 26, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Carlito spoke about his original run with the WWE and why he became frustrated towards the end. He was released in May 2010 due to a violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his refusal to attend rehab for an addiction to painkillers. Here are highlights:

On being in a dark place at the time: “Even when I wasn’t wrestling for WWE, I was wrestling for my father’s promotion [World Wrestling Council]. I was on the road all the time, from one airport to the next plane. It sounds great to everyone at first. But when you’re traveling all the time, you start to enjoy your time at home more. But, of course, I wasn’t enjoying my time at home, either. I was just in a dark place and needed to get away. I don’t know if I needed to get away for ten years, though [laughs].”

On finally getting out of it 2-3 years after leaving WWE: “I finally had time to just sit and breathe, everything just slowed down for me. I was able to analyze everything, bide my time, and focus on myself. I didn’t have to be anywhere, which was great. I could also set some goals to set myself right.”

On if he’s spoken to AEW: “While nobody from AEW has reached out, people from Impact Wrestling and NWA have reached out. There is a lot of interesting places to go right now. So, we’ll see what the future holds.”

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