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Carmelo Hayes Credits Road Dogg For His Pairing With Trick Williams

June 2, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE NXT Carmelo Hayes Trick Williams Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with The Black Announce Table (via Fightful), Carmelo Hayes spoke about his team with Trick Williams and revealed that it was Road Dogg’s idea to put the two together.

He said: “He was here, they were trying to figure out a way to get him on TV. I just won the Breakout Tournament and we were getting ready to re-brand and they were trying to get a bunch of 2.0 guys, all the guys you saw get introduced that first week or the first couple of weeks, on TV. Road Dogg, that was his idea, ‘put him with Melo.’ We didn’t really know what we were going to do. I told Trick, ‘we’re not funny. We’re not a comedy act.’ I didn’t want to be a comedy act. I didn’t want to be funny guys. It’s so easy to fall into that. I wanted to be entertaining. I wanted to be fun, I didn’t want to be funny. That’s what Undertaker says, ‘you want to be fun, you don’t want to be funny.’ We worked it out and figured out our dynamic quick. ‘You be funny, I’ll be straight up, then we’ll have fun together.’ That’s our formula.

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