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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 11.15.22

November 15, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
AEW Dark Daniel Garcia vs. Brock Anderson pure title Image Credit: AEW
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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 11.15.22  

Welcome back to another episode of AEW Dark coverage. Tonight we have an intriguing match card ahead of us as Daniel Garcia will be defending the ROH Pure championship and we will also see the Dark Order, Athena, Kazarian and many more perform!

Sky Blue vs. Paris Van Dale

Back and forth exchange of grapples early with neither taking control. Skye with a crossbody and cover for two, then follows almost immediately with a kick to Van Dale. Van Dale counters and drops Skye in the corner, covering but the ropes are in the way. Skye on the defensive but counters into a roll up for two. Skye back in control hitting Van Dale with a rising knee then a dropkick. Skye ducks a ripcord and rolls up Van Dale for two. Skye with a thrust kick and modified flatliner before covering for the win.
Rating: **
Review: Skye Blue is a solid in ring competitor but she shines against wrestlers who have more experience than her. This wasn’t bad but it didn’t do a lot to make me more interested in either participant.

The Iron Savages vs. Brando Lee & Lucas Chase

The Iron Savages FKA Bear Country. I like that they’ve been away for a bit as I needed time to see them as a different team. To be honest time didn’t help much as they have new bear esque masks and just feel like Bear Country except Evil. Bronson and Boulder do look great but this crowd doesn’t seem to care about either team. Bronson in control early until making a tag to Boulder. Chase escapes and tags in Lee. Boulder catches Lee and tosses him into Lucas then Bronson hits a sitout senton onto both men. They have both competitors set up in opposing corners so Bronson hits them both with a number of splashes then Boulder drops both with big boots. Double chokeslam to Lee they dont cover instead hitting the combination cannonball in the corner before standing tall over both opponents for the win.
Rating: **1/2
Review: It wasn’t a bad match, but these guys need to beat down someone really important soon if they want to get heat because the crowd couldn’t care less. Didn’t love the finishing sequence where they’re just blatantly avoiding the ten count but alas.

Kiera Hogan vs. Kennedi Copeland

Hell yeah a Kiera Hogan episode. Decent exchange early, Kiera in control quickly landing an elevated leg drop to the back of Kennedi’s head and covering for a near fall early. Hogan backs Copeland into the corner and works her over with strikes again covering for a two. Copeland tries to fight back but Kiera is quick to shut it down. Copeland fights back attacking the arm of Hogan. Hogan with a sliding kick in the corner then a roundhouse to Copeland and she covers for the win.
Rating: **
Review: Just another short squash match, Copeland took a beating for most of the match and tried to fight back but Hogan was too much for her. I actually prefer this formula of squash matches in AEW just because we don’t see it as often as I think we should.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Zack Clayton

I have to say i’m slightly intrigued by this match, they’ve built Clayton up a fair bit over the last few weeks especially on Dark. Meanwhile Kaz is a mainstay who was recently having a go at it in Impact, I expect Kaz to win but I appreciate we have a toss up here on Dark. Lockup early, Clayton shoved into the corner, he shoves Kaz and Kaz returns. Kaz into a side headlock and then a rana to Clayton. Clayton counters and takes over laying into Kaz in the corner. Clayton with a suplex and follows right up with a knee to the chest of Kaz. Kaz with a springboard into a crossbody that goes way bad but he falls into a series of strikes from Clayton. Clayton charges Kaz in the corner and runs into an elbow. Kaz fights back with a series of strikes knocking Clayton down with a flying forearm. Kaz with the knees to the back of Clayton. Clayton tries to fight back but Kaz locks in a chickenwing for the victory.
Rating: *1/2
Review: That was easily the worst match of the night and Kaz is too good for that. This was unimpressive and a cluster with a weak finish. Another match that this crowd simply didn’t care about.

– Arn Anderson cut a promo for his son Brock ahead of his big match tonight.

Cole Karter, Lee Johnson & QT Marshall vs. Channing Thomas, Jake Manning & Teddy Goodz

Karter and Lee could actually be a really interesting duo. Lee in early and lays into Thomas in the corner before tagging in Karter who follows up with a great dropkick. Karter chokes Thomas up on the middle ropes and QT follows up with a cheapshot while the referee isn’t looking. Lee tags in and they continue to work over Thomas. Lee sets Thomas up for a strike from QT. Marshall with a sneakshot to Ted Goodz on the apron before isolating Thomas yet again. Lee with a sleeper attempt but Thomas with a backdrop allows him to tag in Goodz who runs wild on Lee and Karter. Goodz is attacked from behind, he fires up to fight back but runs right into a modified 3-d from Karter and Johnson to a cutter from QT. Lee covers for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This wasn’t too long or anything next level but it was good and when Ted Goodz came in things really started to pick up. I enjoy this version of the Factory and i’m intrigued if we’ll get any infighting within the group.

Athena vsLittle Mean Kathleen

Athena toys around with LMK early before dropoping her with an elbow to the face. LMK with an early counter to take down Athena. LMK with an armdrag into a bite of Athena’s hand but it only keeps Athena down for a moment as she fights back and drops LMK with a backbody drop followed up with a senton and cover for two. Athena sets LMK up and locks her into a modified abdominal stretch. Athena follows with a modified lung blower. Athena charges LMK in the corner but she trips and hits the turnbuckle. LMK fights back dropping Athena with a boot. LMK charges Athena in the corner and does the stomp gimmick. LMK attempts a crossbody but Athena catches her and slams her onto the mat. Athena heads up top and calls for LMK to start getting up, she finally slowly does Athena is not impressed so she nails her with a wicked kick to the side and a lariat covering for the victory.
Rating: **
Review: Most of this match wasn’t really great, LMK is ok I guess but my favorite part of this match was when Athena kicked the life out of her for taking six years to get up.

The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno & John Silver vs. Mike Magnum, Brett Gosyln & Arjan Singh

Silver and Singh kick this one off, Silver in control early nailing him with a series of kicks then a goofy crane kick. Reynolds tags in then they tag in Uno and hit Singh with a triple dropkick. Uno works over Singh until the jobbers manage to get him in the corner and jump him briefly. Magnum tags in and lays into Uno with a series of strikes before tagging in Goslyn. The Jobbers have Uno isolated for a moment until he’s able to fight back. Uno tries for his ref assisted neckbreaker but Aubree isn’t having it. Good. Reynolds in and he runs through Goslyn before hitting Magnum with a diving crossbody. Reynolds with a clothesline to Goslyn. Goslyn attempts a roll up but Silver with a blind tag and he powerbombs Goslyn onto the knees of Reynolds. They nail Singh with a combination triple team move. They hit Goslyn with the pendulum bomb and Uno covers for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: These matches feel the same every single time I see them. It’s such a Dark Order forumla and i’m over it.

ROH Pure Championship Match:
Daniel Garcia vs. Brock Anderson

Lock up early, Garcia with control early but Brock counters and takes control locking in a gator roll forcing Garcia to use his first ropebreak. We see our judges BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Brock counters a shoulderblock dropping Garcia and covering for a two count. Brock stomps away at Garcia forcing Garcia to head outside the ring to escape. Brock tosses him back into the ring but this allows Garcia to catch Brock off guard hitting him with a dragonscrew while in the ropes. Garcia continues to work over a grounded Brock Anderson locking in an inverted knee bar. Brock with a headbutt to counter, Garcia stomps at the back of Brock’s legs before mocking Arn. Garcia with strikes to Brock pissing Brock off so he hits Garcia with a closed fist getting his first penalty. Brock is frustrated and gets caught into a guillotine. Brock counters with a suplex and then a back elbow. Brock with the shoulder to the midsection in the corner he attempts a DDT but Garcia counters with a pump handle. Brock teases a shot but Garcia ducks right into a DDT from Brock. Garcia sent into the ropes, he counters and hits Brock with a spikepiledriver and covers for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This wasn’t a bad match but really feels like a filler match in terms of championship defenses for Garcia. Brock is fine but not at all what i’d consider a championship contender. I’d love if Dark was used to build more Pure contenders and maybe this match is the start of that. We shall see.

The final score: review Average
The 411
I'm not going to lie, this weeks episode of Dark was VERY forgettable. The main event was fine and the rest of the matches were OK I suppose but man this was a lackluster episode. At the very least it did feel like it was a somewhat refreshing group of talent but even still we saw a lot of the typical Dark regulars as well. The last few weeks have been pretty solid, and this wasn't as bad as some weeks in Orlando but it was very underwhelming for me.

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