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Cazer’s PWG Mystery Vortex 7 Review

November 24, 2021 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
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Cazer’s PWG Mystery Vortex 7 Review  

PWG Mystery Vortex 7
August 1st, 2021
Commentary: Excalibur

On December 20th 2019 PWG held their final show of the year titled “The Makings of a Varsity Athlete” headlined with Bandido defeating Jeff Cobb to become the new PWG Champion. PWG had plans to run an event titled “KOBE” in March of 2020 but that event and any events for the rest of the year were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. PWG closed up shop for over a year and a half beforre finally announcing their return in July of 2021. In July PWG formally announced the return of their Mystery Vortex show with the 7th installment occuring on August 1st 2021.

Mystery Vortex is a yearly PWG event that fans love as PWG withholds the card for the event and often there are big surprises. This event had an even more exciting appeal to it as many PWG regulars had been signed by either WWE or AEW during their year and a half closure. Which wrestlers would debut and which would return. PWG’s events are not streamed live and typically take a good while to edit and ship to fans. This is neat as it gives fans time to try and avoid spoilers and even if they see them, time to forget them. I’ve avoided some of the spoilers for this event, but seen a fair amount of the card as well. They promise future releases will ship faster but I don’t mind either way. Let’s get to some good old fashioned PWG.

Jack Cartwheel vs. Tony Deppen

Cartwheel is making his debut for PWG against resident scumbag Tony Deppen. Deppen teases a cartwheel of his own to start the match and tries to catch Cartwheel with a surprise kick. Cartwheel catches Deppen’s legs and reverses it. Cartwheel sends Deppen into the Crowd and hits the first tope suicida of the night. He follows with the second tope of the night! Cartwheel slides into the ring and gives the crowd exactly what they want and hits a sasuke special onto Tony Deppen on the outside. This crowd is pumped to have PWG back. Deppen back into the ring and goes for a clothesline but Cartwheel reverses it. Deppen regains control and drops Cartwheel onto the mat. Tony with a knee to Cartwheels back. Deppen chases Cartwheel in the corner but he cartwheels out. Cartwheel goes for a back handspring elbow in the corner but Deppen moves. Deppen goes for a knee in the corner but Cartwheel moves. Cartwheel on the apron drops Deppen, he looks for a springboard flip but gets kicked right in the face by an up kick from Deppen. Deppen waits for Cartwheel to get to his feet and hits him with a running uppercut in the corner. Cartwheel fights back and goes for a moonsault Deppen moves but Cartwheel lands on his feet. Deppen goes for a cutter, Cartwheel blocks it by flipping over, he drops Deppen with a penalty kick and goes for a moonsault but Deppen gets the knees up to block it. Deppen lifts Cartwheel up and shoves his midsection into Cartwheels face in the corner. Deppen locks Cartwheel in the corner and mocks his cartwheel and hits Jack with a nasty back rake in the corner. Deppen goes for a cover for two after the back rake. Cartwheel fights back with chops and strikes into the corner, Cartwheel charges in on Deppen in the corner and eats two feet to the face yet again. Deppen goes for a cover but Cartwheel kicks out at two. Deppen looks for a pump kick but Jack rolls him up, Cartwheel drops Deppen with two flying cross chops and hits an enziguri on Deppen from the apron. Cartwheel sweeps the legs of Deppen and hits a vaulting elbow drop for two on Deppen. Cartwheel with an overhead throw on Deppen, Deppen crawls to the corner and eats a dropkick in the corner from Cartwheel. Cartwheel to the top rope he looks for a 450 Deppen moves but Jack lands on his feet. We get pump kicks from both men before Deppen takes control with a ripcord kneestrike. Cartwheel hits a release German and Cartwheel hits one of his own, both men no sell multiple german suplexes before Deppen finally puts Cartwheel down. Deppen goes for a clothesline but Cartwheel moves. Cartwheel hits a reverse huricanrana but it was a bit sloppy. Deppen drops Cartwheel with a HUGE clothesline. Both men are down and slow to their feet. They get to their knees and start exchanging strikes in the center of the ring. Deppen takes control but Cartwheel drops him with a pump kick. Deppen drops Cartwheel with an up kick but Cartwheel no sells it. Cartwheel throws Deppen into the corner Deppen lifts himself up and reverses this into a tombstone attempt. Deppen hits the tombstone almost seamlessly this was nice. Deppen goes for the cover but Cartwheel kicks out at two. Deppen goes for the knee strike with the knee pad down but Cartwheel blocks it and shoves Deppen into the corner. Cartwheel chases Deppen into the corner but Deppen shoves him out of the corner. Deppen goes for the Canadian destroyer but Cartwheel blocks it with a handstand. Cartwheel with a kick follows it with a standing sky twister but Deppen kicks out at the last second. Cartwheel in the corner and goes for the backhand spring elbow and it connects. Cartwheel goes for a roll through deadlift northern lights into a bridge for a two count. Cartwheel lifts Deppen up and hits a sick death valley driver cartwheel. Cartwheel to the top rope and hits the sky twister press for 1…2…NO Deppen kicks out again! Cartwheel back to the top as Deppen gets to his feet Cartwheel goes for an ill advised shooting star press and Deppen catches him with a knee IN MID AIR! Deppen with another running knee strike to Cartwheel and follows it with the cover, 1…2…3! Deppen wins in 11:20.
Rating: ***
Review: Boy this was a fun opener with a lot of shocking make ya say ‘OHHH’ out loud moments Almost woke the baby up when Deppen hit that knee on Cartwheel in mid air. Deppen is awesome, and Cartwheel is exciting and good for a PWG environment especially. There were some moments in this one that felt like missteps but honestly they more than made up for it every time.

J.D. Drake vs. Brody King

Both guys toss their jackets in the center of the ring and stand tough in the center of the ring. This one looks like it’s fixin to be a fight. Handshake to start and this crowd is HOT for this match. Collar and elbow tie up to begin but neither man can take control. JD Drake yells about something and puts his hands behind his back challenging Brody. Brody chops the HELL out of Drake and he flinches but he eats it and delivers and nasty chop of his own. Brody with a lighter chop the second time and Drake lights him up before they start laying em in quicker. Drake into the ropes Brody follows and drops him with a high cross. Brody drops Drake with a slap to the face and JD heads to the outside. Brody follows him and chops Drake on the outside. Brody politely says excuse me to the women in the front row and plasters Drake with another chop on the outside. Both men exchange shots in the front row before Brody sets Drake in a seat on the outside. Drake fights back but Brody puts him in the chair again. Drake fights out a second time but finally gets set in the chair. Brody slams a chair into Drakes face. Brody moves the fans and drops Drake with a running crossbody. Brody charges at Drake on the apron but Drake launches Brody into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline on the bounce back. Drake tosses Brody back into the ring and lights him up with a stiff kick to the back. Drake with another kick to the spine and hits a senton onto Brody and goes for the cover but Brody kicks out at one. Brody crawls to the corner and Drake lifts him up and we get another chop exchange. The chops turn to forearms for Brody but Drake tosses him into the ropes and hits him with a scoop slam followed by a headbutt. Drake covers and only gets a two count. JD screams at Brody to get up and he chops away at Brody as he gets to his feet. Brody regains control with chops of his own but Drake hits him with a gamengiri and follows with a clothesline but Brody catches him and hits him with a urinagi and cover for a two count. Brody catches Drake off the ropes with a black hole slam and a cover for another two count. Brody positions Drake for a piledriver and struggles to get him up but hits him with a nasty piledriver and covers Drake for another two count. Both men are slow to get up as Brody stalks Drake who uses the corner to get to his feet. Brody lifts Drake onto the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex. Drake fights out and tosses Brody to the mat. Drake hits Brody with a jumping leg lariat from the second rope leaving both men down for a count of seven before they get to one knee and begin exchanging stiff chops yet again. We get a solid thirty second chop battle before Brody takes control momentarily before getting dropped with a backfist shining wizard combination. Drake covers Brody for a two count. Drakes chest is pretty rough. Drake lifts Brody to his feet but Brody lifts Drake onto his shoulders and hits a disgusting death valley driver into the corner that looks really rough for Drake landed damn near right on his neck. Drake positions back into the corner and eats a cannonball senton from Brody in the corner. Brody rolls drake into the corner for a cover and Drake manages to kick out at two. Brody looks for the piledriver again but Drake hits him with a backbody drop. Drake hits Brody with a stunner that sends Brody into the corner. Drake chases him and hits a cannonball senton of his own. Drake tosses Brody into the center of the ring before climbing to the top rope and attempting a moonsault but Brody rolls out of the way Brody tries to catch Drake off-guard but Drake drops him with a clothesline. Drake once again attempts the moonsault from the top rope this time connecting and going for the cover. Brody kicks out at two. Drake lifts Brody up and tries to lock the arms for a DDT but Brody reverses out and drops Drake with a clothesline and pinfall attempt. Drake kicks out at two. Brody lifts Drake up and nails him with another huge clothesline into a pinfall attempt for the 1…2…3! Brody King wins in 12:22.
Rating: *** 1/2
Review: This was a stiff fight between two hosses and something the PWG fans were super excited to see. JD Drake is a freakin workhorse and Brody King is awesome so this match was great on paper and both guys delivered in a great way. Some stiff chops probably left both of these guys feeling this one for days afterwards but it was a great performance.

Arez vs. Demonic Flamita

This starts off a little slow but we get a lockup and Flamita sends Arez to the mat but he does a kip up and we get a stare down. We get a rough lucha exchange that Flamita eventually takes control off but Arez rolls his way on the ropes to counter out of a wrist lock. Arez goes for the tijeras but Flamita reverses and Arez gets a pinfall attempt for two. Both men exchange pinfalls with neither man getting an advantage. Arez looks for a couple of leg sweeps but Flamita reverses both by leaping over them. Both men take a second to recompose themselves and Arez offers a handshake. Flamita refuses and chops him instead. Arez with a tijeras and then chases him on the ropes but Flamita sends him over the top to the apron. Flamita with a sweet spear off the apron to the outside. Flamita lifts Arez up and spears him into the ring apron before sliding him into the ring. Flamita stands on Arez’s face in the center of the ring just taunting his opponent. Arez gets to his feet and slaps Flamita in the face twice before getting hit with a massive slap from Flamita. Arez in the corner and Flamita hits him with a running drop kick in the corner. Flamita goes for the cover but Arez kicks out at two. Flamita locks in a wristlock on Arez but the fans will Arez to get to the ropes and break the hold. Flamita sends Arez in the corner and chokes him with his foot. Flamita drops Arez and hits him with a kick to the back of the head and goes for a cover but just gets a one count. Flamita sends Arez to the outside and follows him. Flamita grabs a chair and smashes it over the head of Arez. Flamita with a suplex on the floor outside of the ring. Flamita back in the ring looking for a count out victory but Arez looks to get in the ring at 5. Flamita with a dropkick sending Arez back to the outside but Arez once again beats the count getting back to the ring at 7. Flamita sends Arez into the corner and hits him with a swinging DDT. Flamita covers with a cocky cover and only gets a two count. Flamita with two scoop slams for Arez before climbing to the top rope. Flamita from the top rope he taunts and drops back to the mat and kicks Arez in the head. The crowd is mad he didn’t do a flip. Arez is up in the corner. Flamita sends him into the other corner but Arez hits Flamita with an enziguri sending Flamita to the outside. Arez with one dive onto Flamita and follows immediately after with a step up tope con giro to Flamita on the outside. Arez gets to his feet and lifts Flamita up and slaps him before hitting him with a suplex of his own on the outside. Arez gets on the apron and aunts before tossing Flamita back into the ring. Arez goes to the top and dives on Flamita but he ducks. Arez chases Flamita and he tosses him to the outside. Flamita with a moonsault from the middle turnbuckle to Arez on the outside of the ring. Flamita takes a break out the outside and flips off some fans. Arez tossed back into the ring and Flamita goes for a spingboard DDT but Arez catches him with a deadlift. Flamita goes for a roll up but Arerz rolls him back through looking for a deadlift german but Flamita reverses out. Both men exchange forearms in the center before Arez bounces off the ropes. Flamita goes for a strike Arez blocks it but Flamita fakes him out with a straight right hand to the jaw. Both men to their feet and Flamita hits a spanish fly and covers for the two count. Flamita lifts Arez up and goes for the under hook but Arez reverses out. Arez with a powerbomb to Flamita and counters for a two count. Arez waits for Flamita to get up and hits some strange springboard Arabian press onto Flamita that was supposed to look fancy but was just kinda weird. Arez goes for a moonsault but Flamita blocks it with the knees. Flamita with a drop toe hold and sends Arez into the turnbuckle. Flamita to the top rope and hits a 450 splash for a two count. Flamita sends Arez into the ropes and he does some more movement in the ropes and hits a crucifix bomb cover for a two count. Flamita off the ropes and Arez launches Flamita up for a lifted backstabber but doesn’t get all of it. Arez covers for a two count. Arez sets Flamita on the top rope and chops him before climbing to the top. Both men exchange forearms at the top and Flamita takes control he looks for a sunset flip into a powerbomb but Arez holds on. Flamita lets go and rolls out and rolls back and slaps Arez on the top rope. Flamita goes for a muscle buster into a codebreaker but just kind of hits Arez in the nuts. Arez to his feet and gets kicked right in the face. Flamita covers for a 1…2…NO Arez kicks out. Flamita to the top rope and hits a phoenix splash on Arez for the 1…2…3! Demonic Flamita wins in 15:40.
Rating: **1/4
Review: This was the longest match of the night so far and that wasn’t a good thing. Sometimes wrestlers will go out there and try a bunch of stuff and it all hits and it is a 4.5 – 5 star match. Sometimes they try a bunch of stuff and only 25% of it really connects and it’s not as good of a match. That’s what we got here. I credit both guys for trying and doing stuff outside the box but Arez’ strange movements were only smooth at one or two points in this match. The rest just felt forced and kinda sloppy. There were a few awesome moments but I think the missteps and slow start took away from what this match could’ve been if everything went right. With how deep the independent scene currently is i’m not sure i’m clamoring to see Arez in PWG again soon.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Lee Moriarty

We get a handshake to kick this one off before a lockup and Gresham shoves Lee into the corner but Lee reverses out to take control. Lee breaks and both men take in the crowd response. The crowd is split and we get a test of strength. Lee gets the wrist lock and Gresham fights out shoving Lee into the corner forcing a break. Gresham slaps Lee as he backs out of the corner. Another test of strength attempt but Lee takes down Gresham instead. We get some chain wrestling and Gresham wrestles to his feet and takes control with a wristlock lifting Lee onto his back to get leverage on the wrist. Moriarty floats through but Gresham wrestles Moriarty into yet another submission but Lee refuses to tap. Gresham with an elbow to the back and pulls back on the submission even harder. Lee attempts to fight out but Gresham gets more leverage. Lee fights out and locks Gresham in a submission of his own. Gresham reverses out and again takes control of the wrist slamming Lee onto the mat. Lee crawls to the rope forcing a break. Test of strength again but Gresham wrestles through it and kicks Moriarty in the left forearm. Lee in the corner and Gresham hits him with a chop. Lee sends Gresham into the corner but he reverses out sending Lee into the corner chest first. Gresham off the ropes but Lee hits him with a back elbow. Gresham with a leg sweep and kick to the arm then catches Lee off guard with a surprise drop kick and the crowd goes nuts for Gresham. Lee with an armdrag off the top and a running cross body on Gresham. Lee favoring the elbow that Gresham has been working over the entire match. Lee with a scoop slam on Gresham and goes for a cover but only gets a one count. Lee locks in a body scissors on Gresham and Gresham backs him up into a pinfall attempt for a two count twice. Gresham out nd wrestles through locking Lee in a modified ankle hold. Lee sends Gresham in the corner and hits him with some shoulder strikes and uppercuts. Lee sends Gresham into the comer but Gresham drops him onto the apron. Gresham with a dropkick to the back sending Lee to the outside of the ring. Lee makes it back into the ring at a nine count. Gresham immediately back on the attack and targets the injured arm of Lee. Gresham captures the left arm and digs his knuckles into the ribs of Lee. Gresham hammers on Lees Head and captures both arms. He uses Lee’s arm to start a clap and drops down on Lee’s back. Gresham bends back on the hand and wrist of Lee Moriarty forcing him to put his leg back and wrenching on Lee’s leg tearing him in half into a pinfall but Lee is able to kick out at two. Both men back to their feet and Gresham goes back to work on the left arm. Lee backs Gresham into the ropes and breaks but then hits him with a combination of kicks and strikes that sends Gresham to the mat. Gresham in the corner and Lee charges him with a strike and follows with an uppercut before setting Gresham on the top rope. Gresham escapes and sweeps Lee’s legs dropping him into the top turnbuckle. Gresham climbs to the top and again bends back on Lee’s arm and wrist. Gresham with a hammerlock backdrop from the top rope. It took a second to get and looked rough but man that was sweet. Both men down as the referee begins to count. Both men to their feet at eight and Lee drops Gresham with an enziguri. He catches Gresham with a kick in the corner and a double stomp. Lee with the cover but Gresham kicks out at two. Gresham points at his mouth and he seems to be in legit pain. Lee looks for a backslide roll up but Gresham reverses out Lee rolls through into a roll up. We get a series of pinfall attempts all for two counts. Lee lifts Gresham up and drops him face first on the mat and he sells his mouth yet again. Lee covers for a two count. Gresham to his feet in the corner and Lee charges him but he eats a boot form Gresham. Lee catches Gresham with an uppercut and bounces off the ropes but Gresham hits a beautiful drop kick. Both men up, Lee with a back elbow. Gresham off the middle rope with a moonsault and drops his knee onto Lee’s face. Gresham with hammer fists to Lee’s head. Gresham rolls through into a crossface. Lee reaches for the ropes but Gresham tries to grab his arm to prevent a break. Lee struggles through and forces a break. Both men slow to continue as they sell their injuries. Lee with forearms to Gresham’s face Gresham fights back with a forearm to the elbow dropping Lee. Gresham stomps away at Lee’s arm but Lee fights back and gets to his feet. Both men exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Gresham with an amdrag but Lee gets right to his feet. Both men start teeing off with forearms and Gresham with another armdrag but Lee rolls through into a crucifix pin for a two count. Gresham with an ankle pick and steps through for a pinfall attempt for a two count. They grapple for a moment and Gresham gets another roll up for a two count. Both men remove the wrist tape ready to start brawling. They get to their feet and begin striking each other targeting primarily the arms before forearming each other in the center of the ring. Lee drops Gresham but he kips up and goes for an enziguri but Lee ducks. Lee kicks Gresham in the arm and hits him with a crossbody but Gresham rolls through for a pin and gets a two count. Lee hits him with an enziguri and then follows up with a lariat and a pinfall attempt for a two count. Lee locks in a submission but Gresham fights out forcing a rope break. Lee stomps at the back of Greshams head and kicks him in the face. Gresham gets to his feet and chokes Lee but Lee starts striking away. Gresham with a step up enziguri and german suplex combination pinfall attempt for two. Gresham with a running elbow to the arm and a pinfall attempt for two. Gresham with a second elbow strike this time to the back of the head and a pinfall for two again. Lee counters with an enziguri from the ground but Gresham blocks it. Gresham with another elbow strike to the head and Gresham with a pinfall 1…2…3! Gresham wins in 23:34.
Rating: ***3/4
Review: This was even longer than the last match but it was so enjoyable that it really didn’t feel like it was a whole seven minutes longer. It was a great technical bout with both guys doing what they do best. It’s really neat how we have so many new grapplers making their way into the independent scene that someone like Gresham who felt ‘new’ just a few years ago now feels like a legit vet despite no major deal yet. Lee is truly the future and Gresham will be such an amazing talent for whatever promotion he appears for next. This really didn’t have any hiccups and told a good story, I do think that the arm could’ve played into the finish more but regardless these guys tore it up.

The lil’ Rascalz (Myron Reed & Trey Miguel) vs. Aramis & Rey Horus

All four men exchange strikes to start the match with neither team taking a clear advantage immediately. Aramis & Horus charge the lil rascalz but they drop back and kip up into an enziguri and pele kick instead. Tre and Myron look to dive but Myron is pulled out of the ring and Aramis jumps in the ring with Trey hitting him with a forearm. Aramis with a backflip over Trey and rolls through Aramis charges Trey but he moves. Trey with a slide though roll up for a one count both men to their feet and go for drop kicks with neither connecting. Both men kip up and Aramis offers a handshake. Trey teases it but drops Aramis with a kick. Horus into the ring and bounces off the ropes and slides onto the mat. Trey charges him and gets kicked in the head. Trey off the ropes and eats some strikes from Horus. Horus off the top rope and hits Trey with the cazadora. Horus charges reed on the apron but Reed takes control with a scissors kick and a springboard leg drop into the ring. Horus goes for a tornado ddt but Reed catches him and tosses him face first into the turnbuckle. Trey gives him a nugie and tags in. Trey tosses Horus into the ropes and bounces off himself. Myron with the blind tag and we get a combination backbreaker from the lil rascals. Aramis into the ring and eats a couple tag team maneuvers as well. Aramis rolls to the outside while the lil rascals continue their attack on Rey Horus. Trey holds Horus and Myron goes for a drop kick but Horus moves and Myron drops Trey with a dropkick instead. Horus with a springboard swinging DDT and drops Myron reed. Horus tags in Aramis and he dives at Reed but Reed moves out of the way. Aramis rolls through and sweeps the legs out from under Reed. Aramis goes for a kick but is launched into the ropes by Reed. Aramis counters with a crossbody taking Reed out. He drops Trey and dives to the outside on Myron reed. Aramis with a superkick onto Reed on the outside. Rey Horus with a tope onto Myron. Trey bounces off the ropes and goes fo a dive but Horus stops him with an enziguri. Aramis with a 450 splash and Trey kicks out at the last possible second. Aramis and Horus lift Trey up and set him in the corner. They launch Trey into the other corner and go for a double team move but Trey fights out sending Horus to the outside. Trey locks a submission in on Aramis. Horus into the ring and looks to break up the submission but Trey catches him and slams him with the lightning spiral into an indian death lock on aramis. What a sick combination. Reed into the ring and tries to toss Horus out of the ring but Horus reverses and tosses Reed into Trey to break the hold. All four men in the ring and they take turns chopping and forearming each other one at a time. Reed goes for a kick to the midsection but Horus catches his foot and launches it at Trey but Trey ducks and the kick hits Aramis in the head. Myron and Trey drop Horus with a double superkick. Aramis fights back and drops Trey. Aramis powerbombs Myron reed onto Trey and goes for a cover. Aramis gets a two count but Trey kicks out. Aramis lifts Trey up and tries to set him up in the corner. Aramis goes for a suplex but Trey fights out. Trey looks for a powerbomb but Aramis hangs on. Trey hits the cheeky nandos kick on Aramis in the corner he slides out and hits the 619 to send Aramis out of the corner into the arms of Reed. Myron holds Aramis and Trey does a swanton off the top rope. Both men cover Aramis but he kicks out at two. Trey drops Rey horus off the apron and then slides out of the ring onto Aramis into a DDT on the outside. Myron Reed launches himself over the ring post onto Horus outside the ring. Trey slides Aramis back inside the ring. Trey sets up Aramis for a ‘wassup’ tribute to the Dudley’s but Aramis fights out kicking Trey in the face. Horus shoves Myron off the top into a cutter from Aramis. They set Trey up on the top rope and Aramis looks to dive on Myron Reed. Aramis can’t find Myron outside the ring. Finally he finds him and hits Myron with a sick tope on the outside. Horus hits the casadora bomb on Trey and covers for the 1..2..3!! Rey Horus and Aramis def. The Little Rascals in 11:15.
Rating: ***3/4
Review: What a stellar tag team match that was exciting from start to finish. Both of these teams are great. I’m a bit more familiar with The Little Rascalz than I am Aramis and Rey Horus but both impressed. There was one spot near the end where Aramis couldn’t find Myron on the outside that was really clunky and hurt the finish but otherwise this was spectacular. I could do without the all four guys hitting eachother spots. It makes less sense to me in tag matches than multiman matches but that’s my only critique of this one.

Orange Cassidy vs. Evil Uno

We get a strong this is awesome chant well before the match even begins. Uno calls for a lockup but OC goes to put his hands in the pockets. Uno catches him and locks in a headlock before grabbing a wristlock. Orange teases the opposite hand going in the pockets and Uno grabs the wristlock on the other side. OC teases the spot again but Uno drops him with a waist lock mat return before picking Orange Cassidy back to his feet. Orange Cassidy teases the pockets again but Uno blocks it and we have a struggle between both men as OC looks for the pockets. Uno hits the ropes and drops OC with a tijeras but OC back to his feet he teases the pockets Uno intercepts again but gets dropped to the mat and OC FINALLY gets the hands in the pockets. OC ducks a clothesline attempt and takes Uno down he leapfrogs Unos back bodydrop attempt and drops Uno with a dropkick all while keeping his hands in his pockets. Uno says you cant have a good wrestling match without a handshake to get OC to take his hands out of the pockets. Orange Cassidy accepts the handshake but Evil Uno slams him to the mat and stomps on Cassidy’s fingers. Evil Uno bites away at Cassidy’s fingers and wrenches the fingers apart as the ref calls for the break. Uno lifts OC up and rakes his back before putting his hand on the ropes and bending his fingers back. Uno with a stalled suplex to OC and taunts after before covering and only gets a one count. Uno lifts OC up and Cassidy floats over with a rollup for two. Both men back to their feet and OC goes for the inside cradle for two. OC goes for the superman punch but Uno pulls the ref in his way and hits OC with a right hand of his own. The ref is mad about Uno’s shenanigans but accepts a handshake from Uno. Uno lifts OC up and stands on his right hand grinding his boot on the fist while removing his wrist tape. The ref takes the wrist tape but Uno rakes at OC’s eyes while the refs back is turned. Uno with the cover for one. Uno rolls out of the ring and gets into it with a fan before getting back into the ring and hitting OC with a chop. OC teases a tap on the chop but Uno just stomps on his hand instead. Uno kicks at Cassidy as he gets up and they go face to face before Uno chops OC. Cassidy responds with the VISCIOUS kicks to the calf but Uno slips his leg up and into the arms of the ref. Uno with the assisted neck breaker. Uno with the flatliner on OC and covers for a two count. OC gets to his feet in the corner and Uno catches him in the corner with a clothesline and goes to the top ropes. Uno on the top and goes for a senton on OC but Cassidy rolls out of the way. Uno back to his feet and Cassidy finishes the sequence of devastating kicks. Uno charges Cassidy but he sends him face first into the turnbuckle before ascending the top rope and taking Uno out with a diving cross body. OC with a tornado DDT on Uno and covers for a two count. Cassidy teases the orange punch as he gets to his feet but Uno clubs OC’s fist and lifts him up for a suplex but OC reverses into slum dog millionaire. OC goes for beach break but Uno catches OC with another flatliner and covers for another close two count. Uno argues with the ref as the crowd tries to will OC back to his feet. Uno shoves the ref and gets a shove back from Rick Knox. Knox drops Uno with an Orange Punk, Cassidy covers him for a two count but Uno gets to his feet. OC with an Orange Punch to Uno and follows with the beach break. Cassidy pins Uno and gets the victory.
Rating: **1/2
Review: It was fun in parts, but i’m not really entertained when the refs get involved and start throwing shots, I get it but it’s not for me. Its a fun match but due to me watching so much AEW I never felt Uno could win. Overall it felt like a bit of a cool down after a great tag match and before an amazing main event. Really nothing wrong with it but nothing exceptional really nice to see AEW allowing PWG to utilize talent who have a history with PWG.

PWG World Championship
Bandido vs. Black Taurus

Bandido is here with a bunch of belts. Taurus starts this out fast charging Bandido, Bandido moves and we get a series of armdrags between the two. Bandido with a step up tijeras but Taurus lands on his feet, Taurus tries the same and Bandido lands as well. Taurus with a dropkick into the corner but Bandido moves and Taurus ends up outside. Bandido with a tope to the outside taking Taurus out. Bandido looks for another but Taurus meets him in the ring with a lifting samoan drop. Taurus covers but Bandido kicks out at two. Taurus clotheslines Bandido to the outside and follows with a torneo through the ropes to Bandido on the outside. Both men are slow to get to their feet and as they do Taurus drops Bandido with some sick chops to the chest and face of Bandido. Back to the inside and Taurus covers for a two count. Taurus lifts Bandido to his feet and drops him with a right hand. Taurus wrenches back on Bandidos knee and covers for a two count. Taurus lifts Bandido up and hits him with a dragonscrew in the center of the ring. Taurus lifts Bandido up and swings him across the ring by his hair three times before going for a cover for another two count. Taurus argues with the ref before lifting Bandido by his hair. Taurus sets Bandido in the ropes and starts ripping at the mask before slapping him in the back of the head. Taurus with a pump handle backbreaker to Bandido but Bandido to his feet and starts to fight back before eating a stiff chop and we get a series of nasty overhand chops in the center of the ring. Finally Bandido gains the upper hand but runs right into a discus lariat from Black Taurus. Taurus waits for Bandido to get to his feet and runs at him in the corner but eats a big boot. Taurus goes after Bandido again but he lifts him onto the apron. Bandido with a top rope huricanrana to taurus on the apron sending both guys to the floor. Bandido back inside the ring and hits the tope con giro on Taurus. Bandido hits another tope to the outside on Taurus to the outside. Bandido sends Taurus back into the ring and makes his way to the top rope and hits a frog splash on Taurus and covers for a two count. Bandido paying tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero. Bandido tosses Taurus into the corner and hits a slingblade bulldog onto Bandido. Taurus with a crucifix bomb onto Bandido. Taurus with a spear onto Bandido and covers for a two count. They get back to their feet and Taurus drops Bandido with a chop. Taurus lifts Bandido up and sends him into the ropes Bandido with a springboard onto Taurus but Taurus catches him. Bandido reverses into a crucifix bomb onto Taurus Bandido waits for Taurus to get up and hits him with the reverse rana. Bandido covers for a two count on Taurus. Both men back to their feet and Taurus catches Bandido and drops him with a backbreak and covers for a two count. Taurus with an uppercut to Bandido in the corner. Bandido catches Taurus with an uppercut of his own. Bandido off the ropes and hits Taurus with a MASSIVE code red/sunset flip powerbomb. Bandido waits for Taurus to get up and charges him but eats a HUGE clothesline. Taurus crawls and covers Bandido for a two count. Taurus goes to the top but Bandido catches him, both men on the top rope. Taurus with a gorilla press off the top freakin rope. Taurus covers Bandido and Bandido kicks out at the last possible second. Taurus to the top rope and once again Bandido catches him on the top rope. Bandido hits the blockbuster off the top rope and covers Taurus for a two count HOLY SMOKES. The crowd chants for Bandido as both men get to their feet. Taurus charges Bandido but gets dumped to the outside. Bandido goes for a tope to the outside but Taurus catches him. Taurus goes for a powerbomb on the outside but Bandido reverses it into a code red on the outside of the ring. The ref counts and they barely make it to the ring in time. Bandido climbs to the top and hits a huge huricanrana on Taurus and covers for a two count. Bandido lifts Taurus up and hits him with the GTS. Bandido hits the the 21 plex on Taurus and covers him for the three count! (16:25)
Rating: ****1/2
Review: This match was freakin awesome, there were so many moments that literally made me gasp and hope everything went right. It all did and lead to a spectacular match. Bandido is so awesome and really someone that i’ve missed out on as I don’t watch much ROH but i’m excited to see what he has in store for the future with ROH in limbo. They closed the show with an amazing match and made me beyond excited for the next show. 
Post match: Bandido asks for a mic and tells Taurus he’s one of the best Mexican wrestlers. He tells Taurus he’s earned his spot and the lights start to flicker. Bandido thanks the fans for coming and tells them he loves them. Bandido offers a handshake and Taurus is reluctant and instead Demonic Flamita hits the ring and blindsides Bandido. Black Taurus fist bumps Flamita and they beat down Bandido. They hit him with the casadora assisted lungblower. They lift Bandido up but the lights go out. They come back on and SUPER DRAGON IS IN THE RING. Beer starts flying and Super Dragon points the gun at Bandido. He joins the attack on Bandido and hits him with the curbstomp. Brody king hit the ring and starts beating down Taurus and Flamita. The numbers get to him as Taurus drops him with a spear and Dragon hits him with a clothesline. Super Dragon shakes hands with Taurus and Flamita before standing over the body of Bandido. The lights go out once again. Malakai Black is in the ring and the lights begin the flicker. Black drops Flamita with a pump kick he drops Taurus with a Black mass and stands face to face with Super Dragon. Super Dragon flips off Malakai and exits the ring. The crowd goes crazy for Malakai Black as Brody King enters the ring and shakes hands with Black. They lift Bandido up and the trio stands tall. Brody hands Black a mic he compliments the new building and gets a welcome back chant. He says he’s glad to be back and it’s not just for one time he’ll be back. He asks Brody what he’s doing at the next PWG show and hands Brody the mic. Brody says he’s goin wherever Black is goin and drops the mic. We get a PWG chant to close out PWG’s return in a big way.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Wow this was a magnificent card from top to bottom. Well I suppose the Flamita match left a bit to be desired for sure but the rest of the card really made up for it. The opener was great and it's pretty cool to see guys like Deppen and Cartwheel get a chance to shine in PWG. The main event was ridiculous and I've gotta quit sleeping on Bandido. I've only seen so much of his work but boy is he exciting and just really really good. Loved the final segment of the show and it's amazing how AEW can really help elevate so many different indys just by allowing top name stars to work their. The presence of Black at the end of the show felt natural but also added a huge element of star power to the PWG roster. Really excited to see what they do next.

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Andrew Cazer