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Cesaro Wishes His Feud With Roman Reigns Could Have Been In Front of Fans

September 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cesaro Wrestlemania Image Credit: WWE

Cesaro does have one regret regarding his rivalry with Roman Reigns: that it could have been in front of fans. Cesaro was a guest on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character show and discussed his feud with Reigns, naming the lack of fans present as the thing that disappointed him.

“Do you know what I was disappointed about? I wish it would have been in front of fans,” Cesaro said (per Fightful). “That’s like the one thing was I was like, that match, the build-up, everything. I wish it would have been in front of fans.”

He went on to say, “I feel like that whole build-up from the first match with Bryan to essentially WrestleMania, it was like, I was able to somehow create that momentum. I did the Talking Smack promo and that carried the Roman match. I felt like that in front of a crowd. You know what it would have been great. But you know, things happen. Do you know what I mean? So we made the best of it. Hopefully, we can run it back one day.”