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Chaotic Wrestling Chaotic Countdown Results 6.01.18: Mick Foley Appears as Guest GM

June 2, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Mick Foley

– Chaotic Wrestling held its Chaotic Countdown event last night in Lowell, Massachusetts. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley appeared a special guest GM. You can see the full results from the event below, courtesy of PWInsider.

Special Guest GM Mick Foley is in the house as Chaotic hosts their annual Royal Rumble-inspired Chaotic Countdown.  In addition, they have a two out of three falls Chaotic Title match between JT Dunn and the former champ Elia Markopolous.  This stems from last month’s Thursday Night show where Elia beat Dunn by DQ and Countout in a match that kept getting continued.

MATCH ONE: Ladder Match for the Chaotic Tag Team Titles – Killanova, Inc. (Christian Casanova & Tripilicious) (C) v. Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & Danger Kid)

MSP lost the titles to Killanova.  Last month in Woburn, they brought a ladder to the ring, which led to this rematch.

Where do I begin?  This crowd loved the match.  There were ladders, big spots, and the guys took dangerous bumps.  A big win for this crowd, and kudos to these guys for putting their safety in big danger and sacrificing their bodies.

As for the match itself, it was a conglomeration of dangerous stuff that wasn’t always pulled off all that well.  Plus, it was just dangerous moves for dangerous moves sake.  I guess you could argue that’s what ladder matches are, but I think more thought could have been put into it from a psychology standpoint.  From the sound of the crowd, however, I was the only one thinking that.

Big spot at the end saw Danger Kid hit Christian with the chain that Killanova always uses against them, followed by a big Codebreaker off a ladder bridge.  They then doubled up on Tripilicious by pushing him off the ladder into a cutter by Danger Kid to take him out.  Aggro grabbed the belts for the win and a massive eruption from the crowd.

WINNERS: Maine State Posse

Guest GM Mick Foley is out and he is pumped for “Chaotic Championship Wrestling.”  Hey, it happens.  He was about to talk about his roots in New England when he was interrupted by “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene and the Platinum Hunnies.  Greene called himself the Hardcore Legend in the sheets, so Foley responded by laughing and saying that not only was Greene his last name, but also a euphemism for his skills in the bedroom.  Greene got upset, so Foley said he needs to take his aggression out in his match, which of course starts now.  They played Scotty Slade’s music twice and he didn’t come out, so Greene suggested Foley be the special referee for the match, which Foley agreed to.  I don’t know how they connected, but okay.  They played the music a third time and no show.  So Mick started a ten count.  The count reached ten and AG declared himself the winner.  He then cut to the back where Slade was laid out and told Foley that Slade “had a nice day!”  This led to Foley giving Greene a taste of Mr. Socko much to the delight of the crowd.  He then took away Greene’s loaded fanny pack (which he used against Slade last month) and told him to have a nice day.

The crowd got what they wanted, however, he got it against one of their up and coming fresh heels. I get the idea that they think so much of him that they gave him a segment with Foley, and perhaps the audience will have a short memory, but I think it could have been done with someone who didn’t matter as much in the promotion.  Otherwise, it was a fun segment the crowd loved.

MATCH TWO: New England Championship – Josh Briggs (c) v. Matt Logan v. Bryan Logan

Briggs has defended the title against both Logan’s over the last two Chaotic shows, which has led to this Triple Threat.  The Logans have the most Chaotic Tag Title reigns in the company’s history.

This ended up being a fun match.  I liked the dynamic of the Logans occasionally double teaming Josh, only to remember it was every man for themselves.  The finish saw Bryan try to throw the Logan-patented powder in Josh’s eyes, only for him to duck and hit Matt.  Josh then hit Matt with the I Hope You Die for the win.  Match told a simple story and Josh got a huge pop at the end.

WINNER: Josh Briggs

MATCH THREE: Chaotic Women’s Title – Alisha Edwards (c) v. Skylar

Skylar pinned Alisha last month in Woburn to earn this shot.

Alisha was out without her title belt.  She took the mic and said she’s been here since day one and has beaten everyone.  She said she left her title at home so Skylar couldn’t get her nasty fingers on it, so they’ll have a match, but it won’t matter because she is the most dominant woman in Chaotic “now and forever.”  Very good promo.  Alisha is underrated in regards to her work as a character.

This was probably the best women’s match I’ve seen in Chaotic in a long time.  It was simple, told an easy story to follow and, aside from a couple of hiccups, was executed really well.  Alisha did a good job getting the heat on Skylar, and Skylar’s selling continues to improve with each outing.  After the match, Foley went to the entrance and took a selfie with Skylar.

Alisha cut a promo calling Foley an idiot for taking a selfie with Skylar and said she would come back for her title.  I guess the idea going forward is she’s going to hold the physical belt hostage.

WINNER: Skylar

MATCH FOUR: Chaotic Heavyweight Title – Best 2 out of 3 Falls with a DQ counting as a deciding fall – JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) (c) v. Elia Markopolous

Elia took a quick fall to start with a TKO after he, JT and the ref took a tumble together to the floor.  I never understood the logic of quick falls in 2 out of 3 falls matches.  Why even have the stip when usual matches would never end that quick?  At least in this one, however, they tried to have it make sense with the bump to the floor and Elia using his finish as opposed to a flash roll-up.

Second fall was Elia building heat on JT before he made a comeback and hit a roll into a cutter for the pinfall.  It still seemed like, “hey, we have a two out of three falls match so we have to have a pin quicker than we ever would to fit it all in a similar time frame as a regular match,” but at least there was a little bit of a longer build that was good.

Third fall had JT tease that he was going to hit Elia with the belt, which Elia wanted, but he didn’t and handed the belt back to the ref.  When the ref went to put it away, Elia hit him low, but only got a nearfall.  Elia then teased using the belt with Sammi Lane got on the apron and drew Elia out to chase him around the ring.  When they went back in, the ref was distracted again, and Elia hit JT with the belt and got the pin.

As Elia celebrated, Mick Foley came out and restarted the third fall under Hardcore Rules.

After brawling through the crowd, a table spot (on a plastic table for some reason), and an RVD-style leg lariat from the apron to a prone Elia on a guardrail, the match ended up in the ring.  Following some nearfalls, Elia called for Death by Elbow, only to run into one from Dunn for the finish.  Despite my criticisms, this was a solid title match.  Both guys worked really hard and it was a satisfying finish.



MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Countdown

In at number one is Cam Zagami, who actually chose to come in first after last month’s show in Woburn.  He did this to prove that he can go the distance.

2 – Matt Logan

3 – Cicero, who does a crazy jester gimmick.  He got a quick flurry before being eliminated by Logan.

4 – Vern Vicallo

5 – Tripilicious

6 – Tommy Grayson

7 – DL Hurst

8 – Chase Del Monte.  He came in and, with help from Logan, eliminated Grayson with a superkick.

9 – Danger Kid

10 – Augustus Hill

11 – Brian Milonas – he came in and cleaned house, eliminating Hurst, Hill, Tripilicious and Vicallo quickly. As he was distracted, Chase eliminated Tripilicious.

12 – Royce Bishop – he came in and had a mic and did a rapper gimmick.  He said the ring is his Trap House and said some rhymes about some guys in the ring.  All I can say is oh boy. He also had dollar tights and a dollar arm sleeve.  Yeah.

13 – Choo Choo

After running his mouth and executing moves in an unconvincing way, Milonas unceremoniously dumped Bishop from the ring.  Chase also eliminated Choo Choo.

14 – Beefcake (not Brother Bruti)

15 – JP Grayson – he made a quick appearance.  He got crushed in between Milonas and Beefcake, then got tossed out by Matt Logan.

16 – Bronson – partners with Beefcake.  They tried to double team Milonas, but Milonas ended up hip tossing Bronson out after he charged him.  He then eliminated Beefcake with a running clothesline.

17 – Bryan Logan – All three Hooligans teamed up on Milonas and eliminated him with a triple team dump.

18 – Brett Domino

19 – Chris Dickinson – he came in and crushed Cam and Brett with Pazuzu Bombs before going after the Hooligans as well.

20 – Josh Briggs – showdown right away with Dickinson.  Briggs went at Dickinson with a boot but missed and sent Domino to the floor.

21 – Aiden Aggro – his night was short as he tried to toss Briggs, but Briggs shrugged him off and ended up tossing him instead.

22 – Scott Reed – after a minute or so, Reed went after Briggs, but Briggs ended up tossing him to the floor.  Briggs then choke slammed Dickinson over the top onto the floor (while eliminated Aggro and Domino caught him).

23 – “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene

24 – Scotty Slade – he came in with the loaded fanny pack and threw it in the air as a distraction.  That allowed him to run wild on Greene.  Before the next entrant, Greene eliminated Slade.

25 – CJ Castillo

26 – Julian Starr – former Chaotic Champion.  He has been retired for a couple of years and doing color commentary, so it was a big surprise to the crowd that got a nice reaction.  He ended up hitting a fantastic springboard moonsault from the second buckle to the top.  He then eliminated Castillo.  A few moments later, he was eliminated by both Logans.

27 – Robo the Punjabi Lion – he didn’t last long.  He took down the Logans, but he ran after Chase, but Chase ducked and Robo went flying over the top to the floor.

28 – Mike Verna – he quickly eliminated both Logan’s separately as he continues his feud with Chase and the Hooligans.

29 – Christian Casanova

30 – “The One Man Thrill Ride” Jimmy Preston

Dickinson came to ringside and called out Briggs.  Briggs got into it with Chase and ran at him and Dickinson pulled the top rope and he went out.  Cam dumped AG, Chase dumped Cam.  Verna eliminated Preston.  This all happened in one big flurry.  Verna and Chase ended up on the apron.  Casanova was hiding on the floor.  He went to the other side, went back in the ring, and ran after Chase and Verna and eliminated both of them with a jumping double forearm for the win.

This was a very good Rumble style match.  This was also the catapult Casanova needed to get back into a big singles run in the company.  He has all the ability, he just needs the platform, so this is a great call.

WINNER: Christian Casanova

Despite some of the things I may have said about individual matches, I really enjoyed the show as a whole.  Everyone worked very hard, there were payoffs to feuds and some big endings.