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Chaotic Wrestling Results 7.13.18 – Lowell, Massachusetts: X-Pac and JT Dunn Featured in Headliner

July 14, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– Chaotic Wrestling held another event last night in Lowell, Massachusetts. Here are some results from the event, courtesy of PWInsider.

MATCH ONE: New England Championship – Josh Briggs (c) v. Cam Zagami

This match was on its way to being very good when things went a little astray.  It was still decent, but with a few changes it was going really well.  The story of the match had its heart in the right place.  Briggs was the dominant champion who was making it look easy while Zagami was staying in there and got a couple of hope spots.  The issue was that those spots of hope weren’t the most convincing, including Zagami doing two dives to the floor with follow up forearm strikes.

There were a lot of positives.  The crowd was super hot for the opening and got into Briggs destruction of Zagami, and Briggs slowed down, took his time and let all of that sink in.  So the crowd got behind Zagami at certain points.  Briggs eventually got the win with the M5 and he showed Zagami a lot of respect, and the crowd showed a ton back, so that was a huge positive as well.

WINNER: Josh Briggs

It’s time for the “Retrospective” with Anthony Greene and his Platinum Hunnies with special guest Scotty Slade.  Instead of Slade, it was a gentleman who looked about 5’3”, 115 pounds with an XXL Scotty Slade shirt doing a bad impression.  AG asked him questions and every answer was a short joke.  See.  Because he’s short.  Then AG asked about Slade’s baby daughter, and Fake Slade said Greene is the actual dad.  This brought out the real Slade, who proceeded to drop the fake one.  Now we have a match.

MATCH TWO: “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene v. Scotty Slade

Greene wrestled in his street clothes: aka Zubaz.  Okay match for what it was.  Lots of gimmicks as far as the Hunnies getting involved at different point.  Mostly Greene getting the heat on Slade which lead to a comeback.  AG got a couple of nearfalls until Greene rolled him up for a second straight upset win.  AG has had a run of losses and a Mick Foley humiliation since becoming Retrosexual.  Probably means he’ll win the title next month.

WINNER: Scotty Slade

MATCH THREE: The Closers (“Sexy Jesus” Hammer Tunis & “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister) v. DL Hurst & Brett Domino

There has been a teasing of a split between Hurst and Domino.  Before the bell, The Closers jumped them.  After a little fighting, Domino was sent from the apron to the floor and sold a knee injury where he needed to be carried out.  Hurst ended up going it alone and selling most of the match, which made The Closers look a little like the Keystone Cops, but the story wasn’t about them.  They played their roles well.

Finish saw Domino come back out and get a hot tag where he didn’t sell the knee at all.  They cleaned house and Domino got the pin.  The match was decent.  Scary spot at the end as Hurst did a moonsault from the second turnbuckle to the floor and went shin first across the guardrail.  He was legitimately hurt and clearly in a lot of pain.  He may have pulled a TK O’Ryan here.  If I hear any news, I will update.

WINNERS: DL Hurst & Brett Domino

MATCH FOUR: Elia Markopolous v. Vern Vicallo

Not much to this match.  Elia did his usual heel antics, which always get a good reaction from Chaotic crowds.  Elia went for a fireman’s carry and there was a ref bump.  He looked to have the win, but the ref was out.  When he came to, Vern scored a small package.  Afterwards, Elia threw a fit.  Not sure about the psychology of it all.

WINNER: Vern Vicallo

MATCH FIVE: The Logans (Matt and Bryan) v. The Amazing Graysons (Tommy and JP)

Okay, so, the Graysons have some athletic ability.  Unfortunately, they try to execute a level of athletic ability that is a step above them and it always looks like it’s in slow motion.  That always hurts their credibility whenever I watch them.  Rather than make some minor tweaks, they always try to do the same style and it comes off as super indy minus the super.  In addition to that, the match went too long and the crowd got sucked out of it mid-way through.  It’s not that the Graysons don’t have potential, they just have to get the right mentality if they want to grow as performers.

Also, the finish saw the Logans use the powder as they are want to do. The ref wasn’t in the ring when it happened, but when he comes back into a cloud of powder, it also hurts credibility.  The Logans got the win after powder and an Electric Chair Drop into a cutter.

WINNERS: The Logans


MATCH SIX: Chase Del Monte v. Robo the Punjabi Lion

Chase cut a promo before the match running down Mike Verna, who he faces at the next Chaotic show.  He said no one has the guts to face him.  Out came Robo.  His promo, well, not his best work, but he’s inexperienced in that aspect of the game.  He said he was going to kick Chase’s ass and we have a match.

In the middle of the match, Sydney Bakabella came out in a jean jacket and jean shorts with a microphone to distract his former client Robo.  He said he just came back from Sturgis, which was an outstanding line.  Chase hit a superkick off the distraction but it was a two count.

Robo had the win but Bakabella pulled the ref out of the ring.  Robo chased him around the ring.  When he came back in, Chase hit the Cradle 2 The Grave piledriver for the win.  The match dragged and Robo struggled, but it served two purposes.  It built Chase for Verna (even though he looked weaker coming out of it) and continues Robo and Bakabella.

WINNER: Chase Del Monte

MATCH SEVEN: Alisha Edwards v. Davienne

Before the match, Alisha laid into the ringside helper Sarah like she did the previous month.  Alisha was also carrying the Chaotic Women’s Title, which she lost to Skylar a couple of shows ago.  When she lost the title, she “didn’t even bring it with her to the show” and lost the match, but still carries the belt around.  As she was laying into Sarah, Davienne ran out and stopped her and the match was on.

The match wasn’t connecting with the crowd until the finish, which is one of the biggest pops I’ve ever heard at a Chaotic show.  Referee Tony S took a straight up kick to the junk by Alisha.  It looked brutal.  Davienne had also been laid out.  So Alisha went to the floor to get the belt from Sarah.  Sarah, who is very small, held on and they tug of war’d into the ring.  Once there, Alisha lost grip of the belt and fell down.  She was furious.  She got in Sarah’s face and Sarah looked terrified.  Then, suddenly, Sarah hit a kick to the gut and a DDT and the place exploded.  She out Davienne on top of Alisha and Tony S counted three.  Huge eruption.  Once the smoke cleared, Chaotic Women’s Champion Skylar had a promo on the video screen saying she’s the real champ and she’s coming back at the next show for her title.

MAIN EVENT: Killanova, Inc. (Christian Casanova and Tripilicious) v. Chaotic Heavyweight Champion JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) and X-Pac

The crowd was here to see X-Pac and that’s what they got.  Dunn spent a good chunk of the match selling while Killanova cut off the ring.  Simple work but effective.  I’m not sure why Tripilicious is doing two moonsaults during the heat, but that’s another story altogether.

Casanova got his Chaotic Countdown Trophy and went to use it, but Dunn cut him off and hit a big elbow.  It was his only elbow, perfectly timed at the right spot in the match and it got a huge reaction.  He and X-Pac then hit stereo X-Factors for the win.  The match was perfectly fine.

WINNERS: JT Dunnand X-Pac

After the match, Dunn cut a promo saying he loves wrestling and this was the reason he loves it.  Pac then cut a promo saying he’s glad he got to spend his birthday in front of wrestling fans.  He ended up putting over Chaotic and the Lowell/Boston area.  Then he said he has two words for everyone.  Simple, sweet, just what the crowd wanted.

Overall, this was a decent show. There were a couple of things done that generate interest for the next show in Woburn.

UPDATE: As of 10:45 PM, DL Hurst has a broken leg.  He just had an X-Ray and I’ll keep everyone posted on Twitter with further updates.  Send your thoughts out to him if you can, because that’s a terrible injury and he’s a great guy.