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Charlotte Flair Says It’s Her Destiny To Main Event Wrestlemania

January 12, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch WWE Evolution

In an interview with Inside the Ropes (via Wrestling Inc), Charlotte Flair spoke about wanting to wrestle in the main event of Wrestlemania, calling it her destiny. Here are highlights:

On her new unapologetic attitude: “For so long, I’ve felt like I couldn’t brag or be proud of my accomplishments, that so many people were like, ‘Well why is Charlotte flair this many times champion, why is she always in the title picture, why has she main evented RAW and SmackDown?’ And when people kept saying that, it made me feel bad. I actually felt bad for everything I had accomplished.”And certain individuals made me feel bad instead of saying like, ‘Why can’t you just be proud of me knowing that, whoever talent I face is on the journey with me?’ And I think once December rolled around, I had just had enough of where I can’t apologize for being good. I am that good. And I am going to continue to prove to people that I am the baddest woman on the planet, and nothing’s gonna stop me, and it is my destiny to main event WrestleMania.”

On who she wants to face in the main event: “I don’t care what woman is standing in front of me. WrestleMania is my goal because I am the main event.”

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