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WWE News: Charly Caruso On What Happened to Angel Garza Romantic Storyline, Stock Up

October 21, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Angel Garza Charly Caruso Raw Talk

If you’re wondering what the ultimate conclusion was to Charly Caruso’s flirtation storyline with Angel Garza was — well, so does Caruso. The WWE personality posted to Twitter to answer a question from a user about the storyline, which saw Garza regularly flirting with Caruso to Zelina Vega’s on-screen annoyance.

Asked why it just suddenly stopped at one point, Caruso kept her answer short and sweet:

“It also randomly stopped.”

– WWE’s stock ticked upward on Wednesday as it closed at $38.99, up $0.28 (0.72%) from the previous closing price. The market as a whole was down 0.35% on the day.