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Chelsea Green On Cancelled Plans For Run In AAA

January 5, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chelsea Green Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Fightful, Chelsea Green revealed that she had plans to appear in the AAA but they were eventually put on hold due to her schedule. Here are highlights:

On planning to appear for AAA: “So I was supposed to, but our timeline didn’t really line up. Deonna was going. I was possibly going to go with her for Triplemania, which would have been amazing. But we haven’t been able to line things up and I’ve been busy.”

On the future of ROH and the current hiatus: “I actually wasn’t part of the Zoom call, so it actually came as a shock to me. A lot of us found out the same way you all did, which was on Twitter. It didn’t bug me because I’m not contracted, so I don’t think that they owe me anything. But I was so sad to hear about that. I thought it was really interesting because they let us know and then not weeks later we had tapings. Everyone was thinking I was trolling Twitter posting photos at tapings. I was absolutely not. We are at tapings. We are still taping until the end of the year. I think there’s a couple of episodes past the end of the year and into 2022. So the vibe at tapings was really positive. I think everyone is excited to be together and be around each other and be hanging out for what could be the last time in theory. I think everyone was being really, really up front and honest and transparent about, ‘These are my options. What are yours? What are some good contacts that you have that I don’t?’ I feel like we all should be sharing that information.”

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