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Chelsea Green Reflects on Her Broken Arm, How Tamina Helped Her After It Happened

April 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chelsea Green WWE Smackdown

– During a recent interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, former WWE talent Chelsea Green relived her arm break last year and how Tamina Snuka helped her after the injury took place, along with the aftermath. Below are some highlights:

Chelsea Green on the idea that she’s “injury prone”: “Yeah, so one thing I want people to know is I’m not injury prone. I do feel like I have to overcome (the perception). I do feel I need to have a solid run without getting an injury. But, the funny thing is, is that I never had an injury in wrestling. I broke my collar bone in India in the very start of my career. That’s it. That collar bone has done me good. I’ve been totally fine. We all get bumps and bruises and stuff like that. But, I’m totally fine. Unfortunately because I had a plate in my arm, that leaves my arm susceptible to that break again. That’s something I didn’t know. I had no idea. So, going into that match, I didn’t realize a simple fall was gonna to be the demise of me. I had no idea. If I had known maybe I would have protected myself more. It was such a simple move that we do all the time. I dropped down onto the ground, and I put my arms down and I saw it. I felt just a rush and I saw it and I was so mad. I’m not a crier. I get really angry because I knew, like, ‘This is my time, we’re in the middle of a match, I can’t relay this message to anyone. The only person that is beside me is Tamina.’ So, the only person that I can tell, ‘Yo, bro. My arm is broken,’ is Tamina. That’s it. I don’t know who else.”

Chelsea Green on how Tamina helped her through her arm injury: “So, you eventually relay it to a ref. Tamina, thank God for her. She relayed it to a camera man, who relayed it to the ref, who relayed it to medical and backstage so that they could make all the changes necessary that they need to. There’s always someone ringside medically. So, someone came over and he basically held my wrist in place while it was bent [this way]. Held it in place until the match was over and then we rushed to the back and rushed to hospital. That’s one thing, I got thrown into the main roster without having many TV matches. So, I know what to do at IMPACT. I know if something happens, I know who to go to. But, on the main roster, I’ve been out there for five minutes. I don’t know who to tell, ‘Hey. The match doesn’t need to be over, but I’m hurt. I can’t get back in there.’ They’re live. This is my one shot. I tried to get back in and Tamina did not let me and I’m so thankful for that because my whole arm would have shattered if I had gotten back and done what I wanted to do.”

On not lingering on What Ifs and being happy Liv Morgan got an opportunity: “I’m not really one to dwell on what ifs. There’s a couple what ifs in my career that I linger on and I often have to remind myself, ‘But, that’s life.’ Not only is that life, that’s definitely wrestling. Do you know what I mean? That’s so wrestling. Unfortunately I hadn’t experienced it before, but I’m experiencing it now and at the highest level. So, yeah. Honestly I think I would have thrived. I think I would have been put in really cool storylines and shown my promo skills and the things that Paul Heyman saw in me from day one I would have been able to show everybody else. But, I didn’t. I didn’t get to. One thing I am thankful for is I do think Liv Morgan deserves the world and I know she can be in one of those top spots and she changed so much when she took that time off from the old Liv to the new Liv and I think that she deserves to shine. So, I am really glad that the person who won that match was Liv and she went to Survivor Series.”

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