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Chelsea Green Thought WWE Would Be Angry Over Matt Cardona Wearing WWE Women’s Tag Title Replica

March 4, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Main Event Chelsea Green Image Credit: WWE

Matt Cardona drew attention when he wore a replica WWE Women’s Tag Team Title in a match at DDT Pro, and Chelsea Green thought she’d get in trouble for it. Cardona wore a replica of the Women’s Tag Team Championships for his DDT Pro Universal Championship win in July of last year, and Green spoke about the situation on the Lightweights Podcast. You can see a couple of highlights below, per Fightful:

On not knowing Cardona was going to do it: “Oh my gosh. Okay, so he came and watched me win the title in Atlanta. I guess after I won the title, he immediately went online and bought the replica, got overnighted by WWE Shop or Fanatics, and had it like two days later to go to Japan with. He didn’t ask me, he didn’t tell me. I saw him with it in Japan. Everyone thought, because he was in Japan on my off days, that it was the real belt.”

On everyone thinking it was her title belt: “Yes [everyone thought he took my belt]. I was just waiting for someone at work to call me and ask. Thank god they did not believe it. But I was worried. I was worried, I’m not gonna lie, because he does stuff like that. He does crazy things. He makes videos out of all my wrestling stuff. I am the butt of all his jokes [laughs]. So I really thought that WWE was gonna get mad at me, and I was gonna have to prove, like, ‘Here I am, this is the belt. He’s got a different one.'”