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Chikara Pro ‘Give ‘Em The Axe!’ Results 7.29.12 – Everett, Massachusetts

July 29, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Credit: Scott Fioretta & PW Torch

If you’ve ever been to a CHIKARA event, you know what kind of fun you’re in for and this evening did not disappoint. Before the show, it was announced that Marty Jannetty had travel issues and would not be able to make it to tag with Green Ant. No one was particularly bothered by this. The sound system was terrible, so you couldn’t really understand Gavin Loudspeaker or the entrance music for the participants. Here’s a run down of the matches:

(1) Ophidian beat Sugar Dunkerton. Ophidian came out first and slithered under the ring awaiting Sugar Dunkerton. Once Dunkerton made it out to ringside, he spit red mist into his face and most of the match worked out with Dunkerton being blinded until he was able to pour water in his eyes. Sugar made a solid comeback that sold the crowd into believing he would take the win, but Ophidian locked in a Cobra Clutch, lowered it to the mat, and then bridged over. Sugar Dunkerton’s arm dropped three times and that was that. The big surprise was once the match ended and Ophidian began to leave he was met by Delirious in full ring gear! They acknowledged each other and went to the back together. Solid match, but the red mist for 5-6 minutes took some of the crowd out of it.

(2) DeviANT & Soldier Ant & CombatANT beat Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black & Frightmare & Hallowicked). The duration of the match was Soldier Ant selling conflict about teaming with the evil ants. Spectral Envoy looked great, and UltraMantis was beyond over with the crowd. It ended with Soldier assisting the Spectral Envoy to a win. Nothing great, nothing terrible.

(3) The Mysterious Stranger beat The Shard. The match was fine, and the crowd was fully behind Stranger, especially when he attempted to bring out a large rocking horse from the back and nearly took down the entire partition separating the fans and the “locker room.” Mysterious Stranger with the win. On the way to the back, the crowd chanted, “Please be careful.”

(4) 3.0 & Gran Akuma beat The Batiri & Kobald via DQ. The match was stuck in first gear for the most part and when it finally picked up, Delirious & Ophidian ran out and started a beat down on 3.0 for DQ loss. A large chunk of the match involved Kobald biting people with his mask. Batiri still wrestled like they were underwater and 3.0 was just stale.

(5) Icarus beat Sara Del Rey. SDR came out to a huge standing ovation, and Icarus came out to boos. Lots of boos, especially when he lathered himself and referee Bryce Remsburg with Axe body spray. You could smell it from five rows in. The first third of the match was pure comedy with Icarus being a dirty, dirty heel, reeking of Axe and trying to kiss SDR. Once the match turned it on, Icarus held a long advantage until he kissed Sara Del Rey in the corner, which caused her to go into “Hulk mode.” She began lighting him up with stiff kicks, chops, elbows, and stiffer kicks. After a series of nearfalls, they began trading reversals and roll-ups with Icarus stealing a pin with a handfull of tights. After the match, Sara hit the Royal Butterfly to the crowd’s delight. Before she left, she received another standing ovation and long chant of “Thank you, Sara.”

(6) Jacob Hammermeier beat Jigsaw. This match saw Jig work much as a heel with lots of hair-pulling and other dirty tricks. Hammermeier was heavily favored by the crowd. Lots of quality in-ring work with some comedy bits thrown in. Hammermeier took a surprising win.

(7) ACH beat J.T. Dunn, Aaron Epic, and Vinny Marseglia in a Young Lions Qualifying elimination match. Marseglia was set up as the “high-flyer,” but really did not do much besides play with a “wand” before being a eliminated by Epic with a stiff kick. Once Marseglia was eliminated, the match really picked up with numerous nearfalls, stiff shots, and tons of dives. ACH missed a few big moves with allowed Epic & Dunn to trade stiff shots and tons of nearfalls. After some close calls, Epic was pinned by Dunn, leaving him and ACH. ACH and Dunn worked a fantastic singles affair with ACH securing a victory with a second rope 450 splash. It was the match of the night and the crowd chanted for both ACH and Dunn. Tons of kids loved ACH and his ability and inventiveness.

(8) Los Ice Cream beat Green Ant & Steve the Ninja Turtle. Los Ice Cream were huge favorites for the crowd. Purely comedy match with Green Ant doing 95 percent of the work for his team. Steve the Turtle came in at the end with the house of fire routine. He eventually got slammed shell-first on the sprinkles, hopped up, and yelled “no effect” and was met with sprinkles to the eyes and a double-team move to end it.

(9) Young Bucks beat The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown) in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. Young Bucks took the first fall after some serious fast-paced action. They used Miss Veronica’s baton to knock out Dasher. The second fall was taken by the Throwbacks merely two minutes later. The third and final fall was secured by the Bucks after hitting “More Bang For Your Buck,” which looks amazing live. Mr. Touchdown really impressed the crowd with his size and athleticism. The consensus was if he were five inches taller, he would be a great fit for WWE.

All in all, it was a great event that was beyond worth the price of admission. The entire crew and wrestlers were fantastic and professional. Most everyone took photos with fans and on the way out and tons of wrestlers lined the doors to thank everyone for coming. If you get a chance to go to a CHIKARA event in your area, you must do it. You’ll leave with a smile on your face, guaranteed.

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