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CHIKARA Results 9.18.11: Manhattan, NY

September 18, 2011 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– From CHIKARA’s Twitter:

* Opening contest is 12 Large Summit block A action as Ophidian (0 points) takes on Sara Del Rey (4 points). At 13:59, Sara Del Rey pins Ophidian after the Royal Butterfly Suplex & is now tied with Mike Quackenbush in block A at 6 points!

* Match 2 sees the Colony, Soldier Ant & Green Ant take on the Throwbacks, Sugar Dunkerton & Dasher Hatfield. Dasher Hatfield pins Soldier Ant with a small package at 17:43. The Throwbacks now have THREE points!

* FIST’s Icarus takes on Gregory Iron. Sunset flip off the top rope at 8:16 gives Greg Iron another win over Icarus.

* The BDK’s Tim Donst & Tursas, take on the Young Bucks, Nick & Matt Jackson. More Bang for your Buck connects, Matt Jackson pins Tim Donst at 15:24. Your winners, the Young Bucks!

* Ares w/Delirious takes on Marshe Rockett of Da Soul Touchaz. Interference by Delirious followed up by a Tiger Driver gives Ares the win but UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked are out! Delirious seems to recognize Hallowicked but Kizarny and the Dark Army attack!

* With the return of Crossbones, the Spectral Envoy is victorious after Mantis drops Kizarny on his head.

* FIST cashes in their 3 points as Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor take on the champs, Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw. At 1:45 double stop/Jig-N-Tonic combo give the champs the first fall. Chuck Taylor fakes the low blow and Sabato buys it, giving fall two to FIST at 10:20. Jigsaw tried to fight from the Gargano Escape, but at 11:03, we have new champs!

* Main event time is 12 Large block B action as Fire Ant (2 points) takes on Eddie Kingston (6 points). American D crushes Fire Ant at 22:27 as Kingston barely walks out one of the toughest matches of his life with 8 points.


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