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CHIKARA Review: Motive, Means, Opportunity

June 22, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Motive, Means, Opportunity  

Easton, PA – 2.21.2009

CHIKARA returns to the Easton Funplex with “Motive, Means, Opportunity”. A lot is on the line tonight. In our main event, Equinox puts his Young Lions Cup on the line against one half of the Campeonatos de Parejas, Amasis. Amasis pinned Equinox last night in tag team action, and you have to wonder if that was a fluke, or a premonition of things to come. Also, another spot in the 2009 King of Trios tournament is on the line in our opening contest. Aside from that, we have a total of nine great matches on the card, so let’s get to it!

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Louden Noxious, Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Equinox aka Jimmy Olsen, Eddie Kingston, Ultramantis Black, and Chuck Taylor.

The show opens up with Louden Noxious singing a song about the King of Trios tournament next month. It’s just as awesome as his usual songs that he performs. Louden is quite excellent.

King of Trios 2009 Qualifying Match
The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee, Eddie Kingston, & Grizzly Redwood) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones) and Sami Callihan

The Order mentioned Sami was in a tryout of sorts for The Order tonight. This was mentioned in a Podcast Update you can view below. Sami lost in a singles match to Delirious last night, and he hopes to redeem himself tonight while earning a spot in the Neo-Solar Temple. In addition, The Roughnecks cut a pre-match promo, which you can also view below.

Kingston and Mantis start this one off. A lock up begins, and neither man wins. Lots of stalling between these two. These two finally feel each other out, with Eddie actually doing some Lucha with Mantis. The fans are impressed, applauding them both. Eddie wonders what happened, and Brodie and Sami tag in. A huge lock up occurs. Brodie mows Sami down with a shoulder block. Sami won’t back down, delivering and taking some hard shots. Sami’s shots have little effect till he boots Brodie in the gut, then hits a forearm shot. Grizzly comes in as the legal man. His shots have little effect, allowing Sami to knock him down and tag in Crossbones. Grizzly chops him down with some axe handles, but Crossbones fights right back. Grizzly kicks out his leg and delivers another axe handle. Mantis and Sami run in and both get slammed down from Grizz. The straps come down and Grizzly tries to slam Crossbones. Crossbones is too heavy, and falls onto Grizzly. Crossbones continues to bully Grizzly, hitting his Vader Bomb into a senton! The Order keeps Grizzly in their corner, tagging in and out to maximize punishment. Some great team work shown out of these three. Mantis runs at Grizzly in the corner. Grizzly ducks and axe handles Mantis’ leg out. Grizzly makes the tag to Brodie Lee who comes in with some hard shots to Mantis. The Roughnecks then decide to isolate Mantis, while Sami yells disparaging remarks from the apron. Mantis is able to sunset flip Brodie, but quickly gets hit with a throat thrust to stop his opportunity to make a tag. Sami interjects himself a few times to break up some pins as well. Grizzly goes for a falling headbutt from the middle rope and misses. Mantis slowly crawls over and tags in Sami Callihan. He fights all three of the Roughnecks at once, and lands a big suplex on Brodie. He follows up with a lariat on Kingston. Kingston and Lee are out side. The Order runs in, and with Sami they’re able to hit a double flapjack into a lung blower on Grizzly Redwood! Brodie breaks up the pin and tosses Sami and Crossbones outside. Brodie and Lee slingshot Grizzly into Mantis. Brodie and Kingston each hit a Big Boot on Mantis, then double chokeslam him to the mat. Grizzly gets thrown up top and then launched off by his partners! Crossbones and Sami break it up. Brodie and Sami brawl with one another. Kingston comes in and exchanges blows with The New Horror. Sami eats the Backfist to the Future and Brodie’s Big Boot to get the victory for The Roughnecks! The Roughnecks now go into the 2009 King of Trios field. This was an awesome, hard hitting, fun opener. I’m sad both these trios couldn’t have made it, but I think the right trio did. This was really great, and I think The Roughnecks are a really great group to have around. ***1/4

Mantis and Crossbones beat on Sami post-match telling him he is not Order material. So much for him being the new member.

A change of plans

As we all know or saw, Worker Ant was beaten to the point of retirement last night at “If The Airplane Is Snowed In, Put Your Bloody Skis On And Get Going!” by F.I.S.T. Ophidian was scheduled to face Worker Ant here tonight, but he is unable to compete. Leonard F. Chikarason is out to announce his new opponent, who is none other than Frightmare!

Frightmare vs. Ophidian

After circling each other on all fours, Ophidian pounces on Frightmare. He locks on a side headlock and squeezes it on. Ophidian snapmares Frightmare back into the headlock after Frightmare was able to escape. Ophidian ducks a dropkick attempt from Frightmare by holding the ropes. He also blocks an armdrag, and applies to wristlock to Frightmare. Frightmare rolls out and locks together Ophidian’s legs. Frightmare gets a double wrist-clutch take down. A little Lucha from these two ends with Frightmare hitting a springboard cross body and then a step-up Frankensteiner! Frightmare heads up top and gets cut off. Ophidian hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope! Ophidian locks on a double leg full nelson and rolls Frightmare into a two. Frightmare small packages Ophidian for the two count. Ophidian headbutts Frightmare from a headstand position right into the chest which is quite cool looking. Ophidian continues to hurt Frightmare’s mid-section with a slingshot senton and a stretch. Ophidian ducks a cross body attempt then slides through the ropes into a headscissors take down. Ophidian gets a two count on Frightmare after two attempts. Ophidian leans back with his legs locked around Frightmare, applying lots of pressure to his back. Frightmare counters but gets rolled up for the two. Frightmare elbows Ophidian in the face and hits a step-up Enzugiri. A flying lariat and dropkick send Ophidian down. Frightmare clotheslines Ophidian to the floor. Frightmare goes up top and lands a flipping senton! Frightmare sends Ophidian back in and follows. Frightmare sweeps out the legs and hits his moonsault double knee splash! Ophidian manages to kick out. Frightmare ducks a clothesline and boots Ophidian. Frightmare goes up top with Ophidian. Ophidian pushes Frightmare down and jumps off himself. Ophidian blasts him in the side of the head with a spinning kick. A folding press from Ophidian only gets him the two count! Ophidian tries for his Death Grip but Frightmare moves out. Frightmare rolls up Ophidian in a crucifix pin for two. He rolls up Ophidian for another two. Frightmare wheelbarrows Ophidian into a prawnhold. Ophidian O’Conner rolls Frightmare into a pinning predicament, and that is all it takes to get Ophidian the victory. This was a nice exhibition of two of the newest and most talents students from the Wrestle Factory. Frightmare really continues to impress. **1/4

Sara Del Ray & Sassy Stephie vs. Daizee Haze & Hailey Hatred

Steph and Daizee start off. They lock up and Daizee takes Steph to the corner. Steph armdrags Daizee and tags in Sara. Sara kicks Daizee’s arm as Stephie holds on. Sara continues working over Daizee’s arm. Daizee knees Sara in the mid-section and tags in Hatred. These two exchange blows with Hatred getting the duke. Hailey doesn’t let up kicking and tossing around Sara by her hair. Sara responds by tossing Hailey by her hair as well. Sara lands a gutwrench suplex for the two. Stephie and Sara continue their tandem beat down on Hailey. Hailey counters a DDT attempt for Stephie with a slam to the mat and a hard clothesline. Stephie now gets double teamed by Hailey and Daizee in their corner. Sara gets a tag in and goes toe to toe with the touch Hailey Hatred. Sara wins the war with a boot to the chest for a two count. Hailey counters the Royal Butterfly and avoids a kick from Daizee Haze. Sara brings in Daizee by her throat and throws her into Hailey. Daizee lands the Heart Punch and kick to the side of Sara’s head. Stephie and Hailey fight in the ring. Stephie gets tripped by Daizee. Hailey hits the Back Drop Driver on Stephie, and Sara breaks up the pin. A school yard trip from Sara gets Stephie a two count on Hailey. Sara locks the Royal Butterfly on Hailey and suplexes her for the three count. I like the diversity CHIKARA is adding with some more women’s wrestling, but I also feel like these matches are…well, pointless. They aren’t bad, but it just feels like there’s no purpose behind these matches besides diversity. Oh well. **

Lince Dorado vs. Escorpion Egipcio

Lince chops Escorpion a few times, ducking some attacks from Escorpion. Escorpion locks the knuckles and brings Lince to his knees. Lince fights up and jumps to the second rope to gain leverage. Lince then goes up top and headscissors Escorpion ahead. Lince tries some more strikes but can’t get Escorpion down. Escorpion reverses and holds onto Lince’s arm. Lince stomps the foot and bites Escorpion’s chest, following up with an armdrag. Lince shoulders Escorpion in the mid-section. He follows up with a springboard hurricanrana. Escorpion puts Lince on his shoulders and tosses him off to the floor. Escorpion mows Lince down with a clothesline and chokes him on the mat. Escorpion mauls Lince using his size and strength advantage. Lince doesn’t give up, kicking out of whatever Escorpion throws his way. Lince fights back with some chops and hits the ropes for a missile headbutt to the gut. Lince banderas Escorpion to the apron. Lince Enzugiri’s Escorpion to the outside. Lince heads up top and wipes out Escorpion with a flying cross body. Lince kicks Escorpion and lands the lionsault. Lince delivers some more strikes with little effect. He wheelbarrows up and gets caught in a full nelson front slam from Escorpion. Lince kicks out. Escorpion throws Lince in the corner by the throat and follows with an elbow. Lince gets placed up top. Lince blocks the attack and dives over Escorpion. Lince delivers varying kicks to Escorpion and follows up with a cannonball. Lince springboards off the top into a hurricanrana attempt. Escorpion powers him up and Border tosses him right in the middle of the ring. Escorpion gets the pin. Not much to say about this match. It was just kind of there. *3/4

The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Chuck Taylor)

F.I.S.T attacks The Colony in the corner. Everyone brawls to the floor fighting with one another all over the Easton Fun Plex. Fire Ant and Taylor brawl, with Fire Ant giving Chuck a rop assisted arm drag to the floor. Fire Ant almost gets powerbombed but blocks. Both men brawl on the apron of the ring while Icarus and Soldier brawl on the other side. Taylor hits a kick and springboard elbow to knock Fire Ant off the apron, and Icarus dives onto Fire Ant. Soldier Ant dives over Chuck onto Icarus and Fire Ant. Chuck hits a big tope con heilo of his own onto the pile. Icarus brings Fire Ant in the ring. F.I.S.T. isolate and lay their shots in to the Hot Property. Soldier Ant gets mocked by Icarus as he takes it to Fire Ant. Fire Ant rolls out of the ring after a double suplex tagging in Soldier Ant. Soldier does a really good job taking on both members of F.I.S.T at once, but they are just too much for him to handle. Lots of quick tags and double teams from F.I.S.T., looking like a strong unit. Soldier Ant rolls out after a kick/back cracker combination, allowing Fire Ant to come in as the legal man with a flying cross body. Fire Ant kicks Chuck out of the ring and heads up top. Icarus and Fire Ant each look for a move. Icarus wins by hitting the Blu Ray DVD into the corner! Icarus and Fire Ant keep battling, and Icarus does his best to keep Fire Ant in the ring so he can’t tag. Chuck accidentally kicks Icarus. Fire Ant hits the wheelbarrow stunner while landing in a senton on Icarus. Soldier Ant comes in taking down both Icarus and Chuck. Chuck gets dropped with a Samoan Drop and Icarus gets laid out with a Back Drop Driver. Soldier Ant is unable to find the pin however. Both The Colony go up top and land stereo double stomps onto F.I.S.T. The Ants Marching neck breaker on Icarus leads to a pin which is broken up by Chuck. Fire Ant and Chuck exchange some chops in the middle of the ring. Chuck hits the Sole Food on Fire Ant. Icarus hits an Enzugiri while Chuck lands a dropkick. A saluting headscissors from Soldier Ant sends Chuck to the floor. Icarus catches Soldier Ant on the top rope. Fire Ant catches Chuck and tosses him off with a fireman’s carry. Soldier pushes Icarus off the top and lands his saluting diving headbutt on Chuck! Fire Ant comes off the apron landing the jumping Enzugiri on Chuck on the floor. Icarus pulls off Soldier’s Ant mask, causing Fire Ant to come in and low blow Icarus! Chuck comes in and low blows Chuck! The bell rings for a disqualification. Chuck goes after Fire Ant’s mask, but the referee breaks it up. The referee rules this match a double disqualification. This was a really fine set-up match for the future feud for these two groups. I really like how this is going. ***

Create-A-Wrestler and The Sea Donsters (Tim Donst & Hydra) vs. The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA, & Colin Delaney)

Donst and STIGMA had quite the heated bout in another six-man tag last night. They’re across from each other once again, and you have to wonder if they’ll come to blows once more. Donst before the bell looks to attack him, but his partners hold him back.

Donst and Colin start this match off. Donst ducks Colin and attacks STIGMA on the apron. Colin comes back but Donst ducks again and attacks. Donst and Colin exchange waist locks ending with Colin landing on his feet after a belly to belly. Donst then hits a belly to belly, fireman’s carry, and a German suplex. Colin rolls to the floor tagging in STIGMA who attacks Donst from behind. STIGMA throws Donst to the floor, and CAW runs in. Some quick action from these two leads to CAW sending STIGMA out of the ring. Hydra and Vin Gerard come in as the legal men. Vin laughs at Hydra, and they get in a shoving match. Vin is surprised that Hydra is able to power him into the corner. Hydra poses and gets attacked by Vin to the mat. Hydra reverses the momentum, powerslaming Vin to the mat and hitting a big leg drop. Hydra shakes the ropes Batista style and looks for the over head press. Now we get the spot where each team tries to suplex the other. The Tecnico squad powers over The UnStable much to the fans delight. A triple whip leads to the Tecnicos triple dropkicking them to the floor. Hydra and Donst go to the floor. Colin runs in and dives on Donst while STIGMA works on CAW in the ring. The UnStable holds onto CAW and targets his head in their corner. The fans chant for CAW while he gets double teamed by Vin and Colin. Vin hits his hop-up running knee strike, STIGMA gets his face wash in, showing that his head is most assuredly their target for the evening. CAW’s chest begins to bleed, causing The Sea Donsters to try and come in to stop Vin Gerard. The referees cuts them off, but CAW is able to hit a huge spinebuster and tag out to Tim Donst! STIGMA gets tagged in and succumbs to a series of hard moves from Donst. Donst ends up jumping onto Vin, and CAW lands a senton onto STIGMA to the floor! Hydra takes it to Colin in the ring, almost getting the three count. Colin lands a Manhattan Drop and a flying forearm. He nips up and sets up for the Sweet Chin Music. Hydra ducks the kick and Hydra tries for the Hydra Lock. Colin lands the Attitude Adjuster to get the win for the UnStable. I enjoyed this MUCH more then the UnStable’s match from Reading. It didn’t have the long middle that dragged, and everyone looked better. **3/4

Shortly after, the UnStable released an update on the Podcast stating their case for their admission into the 2009 King of Trios tournament. You can watch that here.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Gran Akuma

These two lock up looking for the advantage. Claudio says hard strikes to Akuma in the corner. On the mat, Claudio wrenches the ankle which Akuma works into a headlock. Claudio turns it into a headlock of his own, then a headscissors. Claudio keeps the advantage on their feet. Claudio deadlifts Akuma into a gut wrench suplex for a two. Claudio goes for the ten punches on the ropes. Akuma trips him and kicks his head into the turnbuckle, clearly hurting Claudio’s neck. Akuma applies a seated abdominal stretch applying pressure to the neck. Akuma locks on another submission and rolls Claudio up for the two. The two go outside. Akuma hits a few shots then tosses him back in. Going outside was pointless. Akuma applies a front chancery, but Claudio picks up him to a vertical base and suplexes him. Akuma cuts Claudio off with a kick to the mid-section and to the back. Akuma chokes Claudio with his boot in the corner. Claudio fights back with European uppercuts. Akuma evades an attack from the corner landing on the apron. He Enzugiri’s Claudio and looks to springboard. Claudio catches him, nailing a European Uppercut. Akuma goes to the floor, and Claudio topes through the middle rope onto Akuma! Claudio goes up top and throws Akuma back in. Claudio hits a big cross body for the two. Claudio sets up for the Ricola Bomb and Akuma catches him with a kick. A few more switches lead to Claudio hitting a cross-armed German suplex bridge for the two count. Akuma kicks away at Claudio’s legs and ribs. Akuma gets out from the swing out X-Factor into the Cheetah Swipe. Claudio blocks the Falcon Arrow and hits a European uppercut. Claudio puts Akuma up top. Akuma kicks him in the neck and then comes with a dive into a swinging DDT! Claudio kicks out. Both men get to their feet. Claudio goes for the Alpamare Water Slide. Akuma slips out and puts Claudio on his shoulders. Claudio turns it into an armdrag. Akuma almost lands the cascading Yoshi Tonic off the ropes. Claudio stops him, hit the ropes, and blasts him with the Sweet Schwinn Music! Claudio sets up for the Ricola Bomb. This time Akuma lands the cascading Yoshi Tonic but only gets the two! Akuma Kiwi rolls Claudio around to get him more dizzy, but Claudio kicks out again. Claudio gives Akuma the Giant Swing to make him dizzy. Claudio goes for the pin but Akuma kicks out. Akuma kicks at Claudio. Claudio sends him up for a German but Akuma lands on his feet. Akuma hits the brainbuster after a fall away kick. Akuma heads up top. He hits the Frog splash but only manages the two count. Akuma heads back up for the moonsault, missing as Claudio moves. Claudio picks Akuma up and hits the Screwdriver for the win! Pretty damn good match between these two seemingly perennial rivals. The crowd was kind of not into it, but by the end they all applauded the efforts of both men. To me, that’s a sign of a good match right there. ***

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day

Interestingly enough, this match was supposed to happen back in October 2007 at the “New Star Navigation” event. However, Cheech & Cloudy had such an amazing match against The Olsen Twins in September 2007 that a rematch between those two teams happened instead. This match was put on the back burner, and tonight we finally get to see it.

Jigsaw and Cheech circle the ring. A handshake and a lock up starts it off. Cheech sends Jigsaw to the floor with an armdrag after a feeling out process. Quack comes in and takes it to young Cheech. Cheech locks on a pendulum backbreaker. Quack wiggles out and turns it into a headlock. Cheech stretches Quack’s arm’s around his legs stretching him out. Cloudy runs in to stop Jigsaw from breaking things up. Cloudy gets tagged in legally only to get his arm worked on by Quackenbush. Cheech from the apron holds Quack, and Cloudy runs at him. Quack moves allowing Cloudy to elbow Cheech. Cheech now lies on the apron. Quack gets sent over the top, landing in a double stomp onto Cheech! Quack flips over, gets thrown to the ropes, and knocks Cheech off. Quack alitas Cloudy, then throws him into Cheech who is once again on the apron. Cheech & Cloudy stand together on the floor. Quack goes for a dive. Cloudy runs around the corner allowing Jigsaw to dive on him instead! While Cheech is distracted, Quack dives onto him, making it so all four men are on the outside. Jigsaw and Cloudy get back in the ring. Jigsaw sentons Cloudy’s back then works over the back with a Gory Gallows. Jig and Quack hit a suplex, double stomp, senton combination. Cloudy takes them both down with armdrags, and swings through with a sunset flip on Jigsaw. A wheelbarrow arm drag sends Jig to the floor, and Cloudy lands a corkscrew plancha through the middle rope onto Jig! Quack goes over to check on his partner, so Cheech hits the Fozberry Flop on Quack! Cloudy pins Jig in the ring but only gets the two count. Cheech and Cloudy keep Jigsaw away from Quack, using lots of tandem offense on the CHIKARA vet while also making frequent tags. Cheech accidentally launches Jigsaw into Cloudy, allowing Jigsaw to roll out to tag in Quackenbush. Quack continues his previous work on Cloudy’s back stretching Cloudy over his knee. Quack puts on a torture rack while stretching Cloudy’s arm around his neck. Jigsaw comes in with a double stomp on Cloudy while he’s being stretched! Quack and Jig so show of their own tandem offense on Cloudy, while also continuing to stretch out the little guy. Cloudy escapes after hitting a SICK ace crusher on Jigsaw. Cheech comes in knocking down both his opponents. Quack smacks him in the back to slow him down, but Cheech keeps on top of him. A fisherman’s suplex only gets Cheech the two. Jig and Quack double team him for a two. Cheech and Cloudy hit the double team Hero’s Welcome then set up for the Tidal Wave. Cheech hits it, and Quack kicks out. Jig looks to fight both men, but Cheech and Cloudy come back with more of their randem offense, till Quackenbush cuts them off. Quack lands his backpack stunner and Cheech breaks up the pin. Jig looks for the Jig N’ Tonic, but a stomp from Cheech turns it into a Yoshi Tonic! Quackenbush breaks up the pin attempt, then cannonballs Cheech. A superkick cracks Cheech in the mouth. Quack catches Cheech with a hurricanrana and Cloudy hits a reverse one on Jig! This leaves Quack and Cheech. Quack hits a corkscrew DDT of sorts, then hits the new Quackendriver IV for the win! Man oh man, this match ROCKED. All four these guys really kicked it into high gear and brought their A game. Cloudy really takes all these moves like a champ, and some moves look great just because he is so damn small. I hope we get a rematch down the line cuz this was a whole lot of fun. ***3/4

Young Lions Cup
Equinox (Champion) vs. Amasis

This match came because of a challenge Amasis put out on the Podcast-A-Go-Go. Before the match, Jimmy Olsen explains while he is still wrestling as Equinox even though his feud with Vin Gerard is pretty much over. Both those videos can be watched here:

Amasis rolls to the floor at the bell. He comes back in for a lock up. The two men exchange the advantage of that, till breaking it in the corner. Equinox slaps Amasis for good measure. A more aggressive lock up takes place with Amasis putting Equinox in the corner. Some back and forth between these two, with Equinox getting some chops and strikes to Amasis’ chest. Amasis mows Equinox down with a hard clothesline. Amasis keeps the advantage till Equinox catches him with a hurricanrana to the floor. Equinox follows and a battle of strikes occurs. Amasis throws Equinox to the steps and stomps away. Equinox goes for a chop, but Amasis moves and Equinox chops the ring post. Amasis follows up with a big time clotheline. Amasis tosses Equinox in the ring, and aggressively keeps at wearing Equinox down. Equinox makes a comeback with chops and his patented big fist to the face. Amasis knocks him back down applying a front chancery. Equinox rolls out of the way of a clothesline and jumps up for a reverse hurricanrana. Equinox uses the ropes to get to his feet. Equinox delivers another hard right and picks Amasis up. A back body drop gets Equinox the two count. Equinox comes off the top with a big time missile dropkick and again gets the two. Amasis moves out a cross body in the corner. Amasis slingshots in and lands with a DDT on Equinox. Equinox manages to kick out. Equinox gets out of a couple back drop attempts and hits an Enzugiri. Fighting spirit from Amasis allows him to hit a back drop driver. Fighting spirit from Equinox lets him superkick Amasis’ face off. Both men lay on the ground as the fans clap. A fighting spirit spot was weird here. Equinox goes for a top rope hurricanrana. Amasis catches him and drops Equinox down across his knee. Equinox avoids a baseball slide. Equinox executes his low-flying hurricanrana with Amasis’ head landing hard on the floor. Equinox brings Amasis back into the ring. Amasis amazingly is able to kick out of the pin. Amasis leap frogs over Equinox onto the second rope. Amasis comes off with a cross body and accidentally hits referee Bryce Remsburg. Equinox lands a standing Shooting Star Press. Ophidian runs in, but so does Lince Dorado who neutralizes Ophidian with a missile tope. Escorpion Egipcio comes and hits the big Border Toss on Equinox! Amasis crawls over for the pin as Bryce regains consciousness. Amasis only gets the two! Equinox gets picked up in a full nelson position. Equinox rolls through into a prawn hold for the pin! Equinox retains in a match that started out slow, but picked up through out the match. A fairly good first defense for the Young Lions Cup champion.***

The 411: For the two Trios matches, the semi-main, and the Young Lions Cup defense, I can give this a recommendation for sure. It’s not absolutely crucial to watch, but there’s plenty of good stuff on here to warrant a purchase.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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