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CHIKARA Review: Tragedy & Triumph

April 14, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Tragedy & Triumph  

Off the heels off the successful Young Lions Cup tournament, comes “Tragedy & Triumph!” Tonight is a big night of action for CHIKARA. First, both the Campeonatos de Parejas and the Young Lions Cup are both on the line. Second, Claudio Castagnoli and Brodie Lee collide once more, but this time, there is No Disqualification! Finally, Mike Quackenbush finally gets Shane Storm one on one in a CHIKARA ring for the first time since he found out Shane turned on him and the entire Tecnicos locker room. What will this night of huge implications lead to? Let’s find out!

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Larry Sweeney, Ultramantis Black, Eddie Kingston, Louden Noxious, and Mike Quackenbush.

Bryce is in charge!

A few days before this event, in a CHIKARA Podcast update, CHIKARA Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason said that Commissioner Dave Coulier called a big time meeting on the West Coast that he must attend. Because of the meeting, Chikarason is unable to be at the show tonight. However, Chikarason deputized senior official Bryce Remsburg as the Director of Fun for the night.

The show starts with Steve “The Turtle” Weiner wheeling Bryce around backstage. Bryce is on the phone with Leonard telling him everything is fine. Louden Noxious gives him a back massage, when announcer Nick Papagiorgio and referee Derek Sabato walk up. Bryce says that the Claudio vs. Brodie match tonight has two referees. Sabato points to him and Bryce, insinuating that it would be them two officiating the match. Bryce says that Derek would think so, but Bryce says it wasn’t fun when he got kicked in the mouth at Aniversarioct. He points to Nick saying that while he’s never officiated in CHIKARA, he’s officiated elsewhere. Bryce tosses his CHIKARA referee shirt to Nick and tells him tonight is his first night, and to have fun.

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner does an opening for the show.

Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston

Eddie says he can point to Lince as the starting point of his downfall. He says just like Shane Storm, Lince will pay for Eddie being damaged, hating himself, and having a void. He says he busted up Shane Storm and Soldier Ant, but says he is going to lay down Lince, giving him seizures once again. Eddie asks Lince if he remembers when his mother and beautiful blonde girlfriend were crying because he was in such pain. Eddie says he hopes Lince didn’t invite his family tonight, because he is going to beat him down. Eddie says he can’t wait for them to cry and for Lince to be drooling in pain. Eddie comments that he may sound sick, but, “the world is cold…bundle up.” Holy hell, this was a chilling interview by Kingston. Go find this janx on youtube and watch it NOW.

Kingston chases Lince into the ring, and Lince dropkicks him in the face on the outside. Kingston drags Lince to the outside and throws him into the guardrail. He then throws Lince back in the ring. Kingston tries to get back into the ring, but Lince jumps off the second rope and dropkicks him off the apron. Lince follows up with a dive through the middle ropes onto Kingston. They both get back in the ring for the match to officially start. Lince runs to Kingston in the corner and gets caught with an elbow to the face. Kingston takes Lince down with an STO. Kingston slaps Lince in the chest a couple times in the ropes and follows up with a suplex. Kingston only gets a two count. Lince headbutts Kingston in the chest a couple times, but Kingston retaliates with a flurry of chops in the corner. Lince tries to kick Eddie in the gut, but Eddie slaps Lince in the face. Kingston boots Lince in the corner and chokes him on the ropes. Eddie tells a fan he should cut his wrists…alright. Eddie misses a Yakuza in the corner and Lince hits an Enzugiri. Lince follows up with a springboard high cross body then a springboard flip. Lince picks up Kingston, who slaps Lince back down. Lince gets right back up and nails Kingston with a few chops of his own! Kingston comes back with a hard clothesline and an implant DDT. Kingston goes for the pin, but only gets two! Kingston hits a barrage of chops and throws Lince to the ropes. Lince catches Kingston with a headscissors take down. Lince looks for a Shooting Star Press, but Kingston moves out of the way. Lince gets up and is nailed with a Backfist to the Future! Kingston gets the pin. Very short match, decent opener. *3/4

Lince uses the ropes to get back to his feet and yells at Eddie that he’s not dead yet. Eddie starts heading back towards the ring, and Lince is egging Kingston on to get back in the ring. Eddie shakes his head and walks to the back instead. Kingston looks confused that Lince is still willing to fight.

Jimmy Olsen vs. Ultimo Breakfast

Jimmy throws a towel to Ultimo’s face then starts a flurry of punches. He tries to pull Ultimo’s mask off, but Ultimo fights him off. Ultimo knocks Jimmy down then headbutts him in the ribs. Jimmy and Ultimo take turns hitting each other’s heads in the corner. Ultimo hits his own head to fire himself up, but Jimmy kicks him in the gut. Jimmy puts on a headlock, trying to pull off the mask, but Ultimo tosses Jimmy in the ropes and nails a sidewalk slam. Jimmy rolls to the outside to regroup. Ultimo reaches through the ropes, but Jimmy grabs him by the legs and trips him. Jimmy pulls Ultimo the outside and tries to rip his mask off. Ultimo resists and is pushed into the guardrail. Jimmy attacks Ultimo and throws him back in the ring. Jimmy gets a two count after an elbow drop. Breakfast begins to fire up, but Jimmy throws him down to the mat. Jimmy Olsen puts Ultimo in a came clutch and Jimmy rips away at Breakfast’s mask. Jimmy lets go after a four count. Jimmy mares Breakfast over, once again trying to rip the mask. Breakfast counters with a jawbreaker and some headbutts. Ultimo nails a fallaway slam on Olsen for the two count. Breakfast gets him up in the DVD position, but Jimmy wiggles out. Breakfast counters a clothesline with a powerslam. Breakfast goes up to the top rope and hits a big top rope headbutt. Ultimo only gets a two count once more. Jimmy goes for the He’s Toast Razor’s Edge, but Jimmy slides off his shoulders and rips off the mask! Jimmy is disqualified. Jimmy gets down on all fours to get a look at Ultimo’s face. Again, quite short, but still pretty good. I enjoyed it a tad more than the opener **

F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma) and The Osirian Portal vs. The Colony (Soldier Ant & Worker Ant) and The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied)

Akuma and Stupefied start off. Akuma kicks at Stupefied, but Stupefied uses his agility to block. Stupefied catches Akuma off the ropes with a kick and elbows. Akuma kicks down Stupefied leading both men to their corners. Amasis and Soldier Ant tag in. Amasis dances for Soldier Ant and ends with a salute. Soldier Ant salutes back, but Icarus tags him from behind! Amasis tosses Icarus to Soldier Ant in the corner and gets caught with Soldier Ant’s boot. They try it again and Icarus gets kicked again! Amasis plans to toss Icarus again, but Icarus tells Amasis it’s his turn. Icarus whips Amasis, but Amasis reverses it causing Icarus to get hit with Soldier Ant’s boot for the third time! Icarus bickers with Amasis about the incident. Meanwhile, Worker Ant climbs up to the top rope behind both men. Worker Ant jumps off. Amasis is able to move causing Worker Ant to hit Icarus with a flying cross body! Icarus yells at Amasis again, and The Colony hits Icarus with a series of double team maneuvers. Uno and Ophidian come in. Uno and Ophidian go back and forth, ending with Ophidian hitting a hurricanrana on Uno. Ophidian rolls up onto Uno’s shoulders and victory rolls him for two. No hits Ophidian with the Hadouken in the stomach! Uno gets paused by Ophidian to stop him. Icarus holds Uno with a full nelson. Akuma comes in, but Uno unpasues himself before anything can happen. Icarus pulls down Uno’s pants and Akuma hits him with a double armed DDT! Akuma steals the controller pants, revealing Uno’s Spongebob boxer shorts. Amasis decides to put on the pants while Ophidian holds Uno down to the mat. Akuma comes in to work over Uno, including his awesome Cheetah Swipe for two. The rudos squadron works over Uno for some time. Uno almost tagged in his partners after thwarting Ophidian, but Icarus ran in and knocked all his partners down. Amasis comes in the ring wearing Uno’s pants. Uno pushes the buttons on the side causing Amasis to dance! Amasis stops this tomfoolery, and the Rudos once again punish Uno. Amasis goes to the top rope, but Stupefied pauses Amasis between the first and second rope! Uno attacks both members of F.I.S.T. and makes the tag to Worker Ant! Worker Ant knocks down Ophidian with some forearms, then a nice one legged dropkick. Worker Ant evades some attacks from Ophidian, hitting a big chop off the second rope. Ophidian is banderad to the apron and goes to unpause Amasis. Worker Ant catches him with a clothesline to the floor. Icarus tries to unpause him, but Soldier Ant dives through the middle rope onto Icarus! Akuma runs in to try and help, but Stupefied catches him. Akuma reverses a waist lock into a pump handle face slam. Stupefied comes back with a suplex for a two count. Icarus comes in throwing Stupefied to the floor, and Soldier Ant comes in after Icarus. Icarus tries for the Shiranui but to no avail. The Colony forms G.I. ANT and clotheslines Icarus many times. Ophidian knocks them down with the Doomsday Device off the top rope! Uno goes for a pump handle DDT, but Ophidian locks on the Ophidian Death Grip. Stupefied super kicks Ophidian to make the save. Icarus goes up top, but Uno puts him on his back. Uno double stunner’s Ophidian and Icarus. Ophidian ends up in the corner, and The SSB hit their 619/Shining Wizard combo. Stupefied holds Ophidian in the corner. Uno goes for the cannonball, but Ophidian moves causing Uno to nail Stupefied! Icarus follows up with a Swinging Pedigree from the top rope onto Player Uno for the victory! Ophidian unpauses Amasis, who freaks out and takes off the shorts as quickly as humanly possible. This was very fun. ***

Stupefied yells at Uno and stomps away. Uno follows him telling him it was an accident. Stupefied says he does it all the time. Uno says that he and Stupefied have had some issues and can’t get on the same page. Uno adds that he thinks he has the answer to his problem. He hands Stupefied a cardboard box. Stupefied looks in confused, but Uno assures him this will help them win. He lets Stupefied keep the box and walks away. Stupefied keeps the box and walks away.

Larry Sweeney Interview

Sweeney comes out in jeans, awesome boots, dangling earrings, a tye-dye Sweet N Sour shirt, and the Tex-Arkana title. He looks kind of like a mix of HBK from the early 90’s and Dusty Rhodes. Sweeney says that that night of Young Lions Cup VI, Night III, everything changed. Sweeney said he had been following Mitch Ryder and Shayne Hawke, but that night, Mitch crossed the line when he called Sweeney a loser. Sweeney says he is not a loser, and in fact, he is 21 time ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Champion. He also says that everyone knows he is a better wrestler than Mitch Ryder. Sweeney says Mitch can talk all he wants, but Sweeney wants Mitch in the ring one on one.

Mitch Ryder comes out with Shayne Hawke. Mitch says he and Shayne will be the tag team champions tonight. He says because of that, Sweeney has to get himself a partner, and then he will wrestle Sweeney in a match. Mitch believes that Sweeney is not ready for a singles match with Mitch. Sweeney says he doesn’t care if it’s a tag match, a six man tag, or a battle royal. All he wants is Mitch’s hide, and he is going to get it. Foreshadowing for the upcoming season closer in Philadelphia!

Chuck Taylor vs. Incognito

Chuck says last year on his 21st birthday he won the Rey de skidamaloo, skidoo…the tournament last year. He says that while Incognito won the 2008 tournament, he never beat Chuck. As far as Chuck is concerned, Incognito is a paper champion. Tonight, Chuck says, Philadelphia will see that he is the true king of the flippy little boys. Awesome promo by Chuck.

Chick comments to the camera that he’s not ready at all and that he is going to get fired. Incognito gets Chuck in a figure four variation on the mat. Chuck uses the ropes to escape. Chuck gets a wrist lock only for Incognito to turn it into a leg hold, which Chuk also reverses. They exchange headlocks then wristlocks. Incognito locks on the Gory Special Submission into a pin. Incognito only gets a two, then locks on a leg submission. Both men roll around before nipping up into a stale mate. Chuck finally busts out some lucha with an arm drag, and a sweet tope con heilo to the outside. Chuck comes back in with a missile dropkick on Incognito and a two count. Incognito reverses a toss to the ropes with a spinning sidewalk slam. Incognito dropkicks Chuck to the outside, then dives onto Chuck. Incognito hits a springboard clothesline on Chuck for a two count. Incognito lays Chuck on the top rope and hits a leg drop off the rope. Incognito pins for the two count. Incognito pops Chuck up, and Chuck catches him with a rana. Incognito rolls through with a Sunset Flip for the two count. Chuck runs at Incognito who does a full 360 flip over Chuck, then rolls him up for a two. Incognito misses a big top rope splash, and Chuck capitalizes with a moonsault off the middle rope. Incognito delivers a series of big moves, but Chuck kicks out of all of them. Incognito hits a picture perfect Swanton Bomb, but very laxly pins Chuck for a two. Incognito goes up top once more, but Chuck follows and nails a superplex. Chuck goes up top himself only to get caught as well. Incognito hits a really cool flip Urinagi off the top rope. Pretty good match; about the same level as Incognito’s match with Helios at Grit & Glory, but at least this wasn’t the shows main event. **3/4

Shane Storm vs. Mike Quackenbush

Oh baby; here we go. Storm comes out to tremendous boos. Quackenbush sprints to the ring. Quack face palms Shane to the arena floor. Both men exchange chops, slaps, and punches on the floor with the fans chanting “BOO!” and “YAY!” to Quack and Storm, respectively. Shane forearms Quack into the steps. Shane Storm runs at Quack, and Quack back drops Shane Storm right on the steps! The fans chant “QUACK!” at this. Quack tries to chop Shane on the apron, but Shane hits Quack in the gut. Shane almost suplexes Quack to the arena floor, but Quack lands on the apron. Both men sit on the apron exchanging blows. Shane Storm picks up Quack for the Air Raid Crash. Quack fights out of it and both men begin exchanging blows again. Quack hooks Shane’s arms looking for the Tiger Driver on the apron, but Shane gets out of it. Quack goes to kick Shane, but Shane catches him with a DDT on the apron to the floor! Quack landed awkwardly, and commentary discusses his recent history with head injuries. Shane clotheslines Quack in a way that Quack lands awkwardly on his knee. Shane begins working over the hurt knee of Quack. Quack tries to get out by nailing Shane in the head with a hard kick, but Shane Storm continues working on it. Quack gets to his feet and evades an attack by Shane in the corner. Mike attacks Shane with his windmill chops. Mike tries for a German Suplex, but Shane reverses and hits a German Suplex of his own! Shane crushes Quack’s knee then goes up. Shane comes off with a Swanton, but Quack moves. Quack goes up top and nails double knees on his chest. Mike attempts to lock on the CHIKARA Special, but Shane turns it into the Stretch Muffler! Quack grabs the ropes to escape. Shane goes for another German Suplex, but Quack turns out and delivers three hard palm strikes. He follows up with another series of palm strikes, then the Tiger Driver into a piledriver! Shane reaches up on Quack’s pants to try to get up, but Quack grabs it an locks on the CHIKARA Special! Shane Storm taps and Sabato calls for the bell. Sabato tries to get Mike to release the hold, but Mike refuses! The fans chant “DON’T LET GO!” as Mike cranks on the hold. Bryce comes in to try and get Quack off as well. Sabato reverses the decision, awarding Shane Storm the match on a count of disqualification. The fans boo as Quack releases the hold and stars down the referees. Quack remains cool however and heads to the back. This was excellent; short, but good for a first time encounter. ***1/2

Shane Storm rolls out of the ring slowly. As he walks up the ramp, Vin Gerard stands at the top applauding Shane. Shane pushes Vin out of the way as he walks by. Vin shakes his head, then leaves the arena through the back door.

Young Lions Cup
Fire Ant (Champion) vs. Vin Gerard

Vin is outside the arena with an open suitcase full of clothes and such. He says congratulations is in order for Fire Ant for winning the Young Lions Cup. Vin says it’s kind of funny how Bull Pain’s suspension has been up for three months, and all he’s wanted is a tag match, but Leonard F. Chikarason ignores his emails. Vin says it took months to even be considered for the YLC tournament, while Fire Ant was put in by winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Vin wants to know what Leonard F. Chikarason is going to do when he comes back and Vin is Young Lions Cup champion. Vin says that Leonard can’t ignore him then.

This is a re-match from the finals of the 2008 Young Lions Cup tournament. Will the rematch be able to recapture their amazing finals bout?

Vin attacks Fire Ant as soon as he enters the ring, pounding his face in on the mat. Fire Ant uses lucha to try to get an advantage, but Vin elbows him to stop that. Fire Ant pops up on Vin’s shoulder and hits a lucha armdrag, but Vin mows him down with another elbow. Vin attacks Fire Ant in the corner, then runs his mask across the top rope. Fire Ant hops over the top rope into a wheelbarrow, taking down Vin with an arm drag. Vin tries knocking him down only to Mexican catapult Fire Ant into a Sunset Flip. Luckily for Vin he only got a two count. Fire Ant continues to evade Vin’s attacks until Vin pulls on Fire Ant’s mask on the apron. Fire Ant tries a springboard plancha on Vin, but Vin kicks Fire Ant’s legs out from under him, sending him to the floor. Vin tosses Fire Ant into the steel guardrails then back into the ring. Vin cranks on Fire Ant’s leg with a toe hold and a knee drop, looking to set up the STF. Vin continues to crush Fire Ant’s leg as the crowd cheers Fire Ant on. Vin hits his patented running knee to the face. Vin goes to the outside and ties up Fire Ant’s mask to the bottom rope. Bryce Remsburg helps Fire Ant out of the ropes. Vin Gerard looks for a powerbomb off the top rope, but Fire Ant blasts Vin in the chest with a fallaway double stomp! Fire Ant fireman carries Vin to the outside and looks to follow up with a dive. Fire Ant’s knee buckles on him however. Vin slides back in the ring and mares Fire Ant down to the mat. Vin tries his damndest to lock the STF onto Fire Ant, but Fire Ant won’t let him. Fire Ant pops up with a wheelbarrow stunner! Fire Ant follows up with a Prawn hold pin but to no avail. Fire Ant nails some hard kicks to Vin’s head then lifts him up for the burning hammer. Fire Ant’s leg buckles again, and Vin dragon screws him down to the mat twice. Fire Ant went for the Enzugiri only to have it turned into the STF by Vin! Fire Ant rolls over and gets the ropes. Vin curb stomps Fire Ant, then hits a neck hanging slam, but only gets a two count. Vin locks in the STF once again. Fire Ant escapes. Frustrated, Vin goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Bryce and Vin fight over the chair, but Vin throws it to the mat. Vin sets up Fire Ant for the curb stomp onto the chair. Vin drops Fire Ant’s arms to the mat and walks away. Bryce picks up the chair and hands it to someone on the outside. Vin races to the outside and grabs the Young Lions Cup. While Bryce is distracted, Vin tries to hit Fire Ant with the cup. Fire Ant ducks the cup shot. Vin Gerard tosses the cup to Fire Ant, and falls down to the mat. Bryce turns around and is about to DQ Fire Ant, but Soldier Ant and Worker Ant come out to set Bryce straight. While they are distracted, Vin Gerard blasts Fire Ant with the Young Lions Cup! Vin makes the cover and gets the three! Vini Gerard is your new Young Lions Cup champion! The match was very good, but wasn’t nearly as epic as their match at Young Lions Cup VI, Night III. ***1/2

Vin leaves through the back with the Cup, as Worker Ant and Soldier Ant console Fire Ant and help him to the back.

Ultramantis Black vs. Tim Donst

This is a re-match from Deuces Wild, but this match is far more personal than that one. Mantis is looking to get revenge on Donst for thwarting the Temple and misleading him. Mantis throws off his ring jacket and yells for Donst to come out. Hydra and Crossbones are both ringside.

The match starts with The Neo-Solar Temple surrounding the ring. Crossbones hops up on the apron, letting Ultramantis to come in. Donst is able to thwart him and hit him with a triumvirate of gut-wrench suplexes. Mantis rolls out of the ring, and Donst runs to the ropes. Crossbones pulls Donst out of the ring and beats on him. Hydra looks very weary of this action. Crossbones tosses Donst back to Mantis, who only gets a two count. Mantis beats on Donst, and nails him with a butterfly suplex across the ring. Mantis hits a heart punch on Donst. Donst fights up as Mantis picks him up, chopping him to the ropes. Donst tosses Mantis onto both Hydra and Crossbones on the outside! Donst goes up top and hits a crossbody on the entire Order. Donst gets Mantis back in the ring. Donst goes for a Gator Roll. Mantis counter by slapping Donst multiple times across the back. Mantis goes for the Praying Mantis Bomb, only for Donst to turn it into a Donstitution attempt. Mantis counters finally hitting the Uncle Slam (full nelson slam) onto Donst! Mantis only gets the two count on Donst, however. Mantis tells Hydra to grab his staff. Hydra reluctantly picks it up and gets in the ring. Mantis holds Donst telling Hydra to hit him. Donst moves, causing Hydra to hit him. Donst capitalizes by hitting the Donstitution for the victory! Very short match here, but fun while it lasted. **1/2

Ultramantis Black and Crossbones stand in the ring upset. Mantis says Hydra caused him the match, and yells at Hydra to get in the ring. Hydra comes in with his head hung low. Mantis says he has never been so angry with any creature, no matter how lowly, before in his life. He says Hydra came out with the Neo-Solar Temple but he betrayed them. Ultramantis calls Hydra a nothing, and the lowest form of life. Ultramantis tells Hydra that he wishes he had never been born. Hydra puts his head up and gets slapped by Mantis! Hydra then slaps Mantis across the face! Hydra then yells at Ultramantis in his language. Crossbones catches Hydra with a kick to the head, and both he and Mantis double team him. Donst runs back out and clears the ring of them both! Hydra gets back to his feet and Donst checks to see if Hydra’s okay. He then lifts Hydra’s arm up, and Hydra signals that they’re going to be the next champions. Both men go up top to pose, then hig five. Donst is about to leave till Hydra hands him his air guitar! Donst air guitars while Hydra plays the air drums! Both men leave together as a tandem. My friends, The Sea Donsters are officially born!

No Disqualification – To be overseen by two officials
Brodie Lee vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Brodie says “Claudio; you ask, and you shall receive.” He says No DQ is right up his alley. Brodie mentions he made a “deal with the devil himself” – Mitch Ryder. Not only does Brodie guarantee victory for himself, but victory for the Fabulous Two as well. What does it all mean, Basil?

Brodie grabs a chair to start. When Claudio comes out, he takes a chair from the crowd to even the odds. Both men swing their chairs, clashing against one another. Both men go outside, and Claudio blasts Brodie with a few European uppercuts. Brodie tries to come back only to be cut off with more Europeans. Brodie blocks with a few throat thrusts then gets back in the ring. Claudio drags him right back out to the floor. Claudio continues his series of uppercuts until Brodie slams him face first against the mat. Both men get back in the ring. One of the chairs is set up in the ring. Both men tease throwing their opponent into it multiple times but nothing happens. Claudio clotheslines Brodie over the top rope to the floor. Claudio comes off the ropes and propels himself off the chair onto Brodie on the floor! Claudio works over Brodie on the outside. Claudio misses a splash into the guardrail, and Brodie immediately takes control. Brodie hooks Claudio and nails a Pump Handle suplex right on the entrance ramp! Brodie abuses him some more before tossing Claudio back in the ring. Brodie blasts Claudio with many closed fists and Sabato tries to stop him. Brodie pushes Sabato out of the way and stares him down. Brodie takes off the top pad of the turnbuckle. Brodie tries slamming Claudio’s face into the corner, but Claudio resists. Brodie ends up suplexing him down to the mat instead. Broide continues to just abuse Claudio in the ring choking him on the ropes, and then taking him to the floor to continue the abuse. Claudio fires up and begins to make a comeback, but Brodie cuts him off and tosses him into the steel guardrails. Brodie grabs the skirt off the ringside table and chokes Claudio with it. Both men go back in the ring. Brodie wears down Claudio in the ring with a bear hug till Claudio fires up. Both men exchange fists with Claudio knocking Brodie down. Brodie goes for a big clothesline, but Claudio ducks and hits the Sweet Schwinn Music! Claudio follows up with the Alpamare Waterslide for the two count. Claudio and Brodie tease the exposed turnbuckle once more. Claudio evades the buckle, runs at Brodie, and is caught with the Black Hole Slam. Brodie nails a Power Bomb for the two. Brodie slingshots Claudio into the corner with the exposed top turnbuckle. Claudio lands on the second ropes and jumps off. He goes for a European uppercut on Brodie, but Brodie moves and Derek Sabato takes the hit! Brodie runs at Claudio. Claudio trips Broide and nails him with the Giant Swing! Claudio follows up by slingshotting Brodie into the exposed turnbuckle! Claudio sets up for the Ricola Bomb when Shayne Hawke runs into the ring. Claudio releases the hold and goes after Shayne. Shayne runs through the ropes to the outside. Mitch Ryder comes in from behind. When Claudio turns around, Mitch throws a fireball into Claudio’s face! Brodie Lee instantly cracks Claudio with the Big Boot for the victory! Nick Papagiorgio and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner tend to Claudio as Brodie and the Fabulous To. Hell of a contest here, but this is most certainly not the end. ***3/4

Shayne Hawke is no more

Before their match, the Fabulous Two cut a promo. Mitch says that right before he and Shayne become the new Campeones de Parejas, something needs to change. Mitch points out he’s a Memphis style wrestler, and adds that over the past few months, Shayne has proven that he deserves to be right alongside Mitch in the ring. Mitch says that while he knows Shayne doesn’t like talking about his personal life, Mitch knows that Shayne lost his parents at a young age. Mitch says that a Memphis Style team needs Memphis style names. He says since Mitch has become like his new family, he is giving him a gift. That gift comes in the form of a name change. From here on out, Shayne Hawke will be known as Buck Hawke. Buck is legitimately crying in joy at this gift. Mitch adds that he and Buck will take Incoherence’s titles.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked; Campeones) vs. The Fabulous Two (Mitch Ryder & Buck Hawke; Retadores)

Delirious and Buck start off, with Buck being chased all around the ring. In actuality, Buck and Hallowicked start off. They get in a showing contest with Hallowicked clearly winning. Hallowicked turns Buck over with a rana. Inocherence makes a circle of lucha tags beating on Buck in the corner. Wicked rolls up Buck for the two count. Hallowicked looks for the double axe handle in the corner. Buck side steps him, and slams his face into the turnbuckles. Wicked turns it around and slams Buck’s face into the corner. Again, Incoherence makes a circle of lucha tags slapping Buck down. Hallowicked rolls up Buck for a two. Incoherence takes down Buck with a step up Enzugiri and Panic Attack. Buck escapes by raking Hallowicked’s eyes and tags in Mitch. Incoherence tags in and out working over the arm of Mitch Ryder. Mitch tells Bryce that Delirious is pulling his tights as Delirious has him in an arm lock on the mat. Mitch pokes Delirious in the eyes but Delirious easily recovers. Buck runs in to help Mitch, but Delirious manages to use Buck to his teams disadvantage, including ramming Buck’s face into Mitch’s crotch. Delirious hits an Atomic Drop causing Mitch to retreat to his corner. As the Fabulous Two hug in the ring, Delirious comes over and smashes their skulls together. Buck slaps Delirious multiple times in the chest with absolutely no effect. Delirious takes Buck down and tags in Hallowicked. Incoherence hits a series of senton’s for the two. Hallowicked hits a double stomp right to the small of Buck’s back as he lay across the top rope. Brodie Lee comes out to ringside, distracting Delirious. This allows Buck to take out to Mitch. As Delirious has Mitch down for the pin, Brodie distracts the referee. Mitch low blows Delirious and rolls him up. Bryce turns around and counts the three! The Fabulous Two win the first fall!

Mitch and Buck celebrate in the corner as Hallowicked checks on Delirious. Bryce tells Louden Noxious that the second fall will not being until Brodie Lee leaves ringside. Reluctantly, Brodie leaves the ringside area. Hallowicked carries Delirious back to his corner but is attacked by Mitch! The Fabulous Two isolate Delirious in the ring, taking turns tagging in and out to take turns punishing Delirious. Delirious tries working up on Mitch but Mitch kicks him down and drags his mask across the top rope. Delirious catches Mitch with a Sunset Flip, but Buck intentionally distracts Bryce. Hallowicked goes over to try and focus Bryce, allowing Buck to run in the ring and break up the pin. Mitch tries to get Delirious to pass out with a head lock, but Delirious hulks up. Buck distracts the referee again. Bryce is distracted when Hallowicked tags in. Bryce goes over to yell at Hallowicked, allowing the Fabulous Two to double team. The exact same thing happens, only the roles of Buck and Mitch are switched. The Fabulous Two double teams Delirious but is only able to garner a two count. Delirious evades an attack by Mitch and Buck. Delirious gets to his corner, but Buck pulls Hallowicked off the apron, stopping a tag from being made! Delirious hits a chin breaker and an Enzuigiri on Buck which is enough to be able to tag in Hallowicked. Hallowicked comes in a house of fire knocking down both of the Fabulous Two. Hallowicked catches Buck Hawke with the Rydeen Bomb and the pin, tying the match up!

The third fall starts with Mitch attacking Incoherence from behind. Mitch tosses Hallowicked into the ropes. Hallowicked catches Mitch with a big Yakuza Kick! Incoherence hits a sidewalk slam leg drop combo. Wicked makes the pin, but Buck makes the save. Delirious takes Buck to the outside. Mitch hits a spinebuster on Hallowicked for the two. Mitch hits his patented Memphis-style piledriver! Delirious is able to break up the pinfall however. Delirious sets up for something, but Buck pulls him out of the ring. Mitch puts on a headlock. Hallowicked works up out of it, but Mitch kicks him right back down into the headlock. Hallowicked works up once more. Mitch tosses Hallowicked to the ropes. Mitch locks to connect with a knee to the gut, but Hallowicked catches him with a roll up. Suprisingly, Hallowicked gets the three count winning the match for Incoherence! Pretty good match. Probably the weakest of all their title matches so far, but I don’t blame them at all. ***1/4

The 411: The teaser for this post was that awesome quote from the Kingston promo. I used that not just because I enjoyed it, but also because it set the tone for the whole show. For a CHIKARA show, this show was very dark. Lots of hatred, brutality, and aside from the eight man tag, very little comedy. This was definitely a show predicated on advancing tons of storylines as well. If you’re looking for a DVD in which the main value is in the wrestling matches, I won’t say you’ll be disappointed, but there may be a few better options. Not to say the matches were bad (because they weren’t) but that most certainly isn’t the focus. If you really want to see how CHIKARA set up the major storylines for the second half of 2008, this is an absolute must own. Know what you prefer, and choose wisely.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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