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Chris Bey Wants To Face FTR For Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles

March 18, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chris Bey Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling/Twitter

In an interview with PWMania, Chris Bey said that he wants to face FTR for the Impact Wrestling tag team titles. Bey, along with Ace Austin, is one of the current tag champions in Impact. Here are highlights:

On being part of Bullet Club: “Honestly, it’s just too sweet. It’s the greatest faction to ever be in professional wrestling. It’s cool to do whatever, be whatever hang out with whoever, and we are just gaining more momentum. We’ve got championships from different promotions running throughout the brand, so it’s great man, it’s like being on the top team in the NBA, the NFL, whatever it is that you watch. It’s like playing for the top team. So it’s a sweet stamp of approval.”

On winning the tag team titles: “It’s incredible. Some people won’t understand when I say this, but this doesn’t mean as much to me if we didn’t beat who we beat. We’re the world tag team champions because we beat one of the best tag teams in wrestling history. Those guys made a living by creating a whole genre style of tag team wrestling, so, to get in the ring and mix it up with those guys and capture championships from them made those titles mean more to me than they could ever met in any other scenario, and for that I take more pride in winning than I think I ever could have if we would have won them from anybody else.”

On his dream opponents: “There’s a there’s a team that comes into mind, a three letter team. Their initials are FTR I believe that they even posted something about the Impact World Tag Team Championships not long ago. Well, we are here. They are a great team and what better way to test you against a great team. So, if we could get a inter promotional, unification thing going, the fans will get something they maybe never even knew they wanted, but when they get it, they will love and appreciate the magic we can create against those guys.”

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