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Chris Jericho Discusses Brock Lesnar To AEW Rumors, Vince McMahon & Brock’s ‘Strange Love Affair’

September 7, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Brock Lesnar WWE Smackdown

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Chris Jericho discussed the Brock Lesnar to AEW rumors, WWE’s ThunderDome, his future in wrestling, and much more. You can read his comments below.

On Brock Lesnar to AEW rumors: “I don’t think he’s really a free agent at all. I think it would take so much money to pry him away from Vince McMahon on Brock’s end and then for Vince to approve that. Vince has two billion dollars in the bank. What are you gonna spend on Brock Lesnar that Vince isn’t gonna match? And Vince and Brock have a strange love affair to begin with. Would Brock fit in with AEW? Would he pay back his salary you would pay him to be in AEW? Who’s to say, but I think UFC, AEW, it’s just another one of the dances Vince and Brock like to have where Brock’s contract expires, Vince lets it expire, and then they kind of stay away from each other until the next Saudi Arabia show or the next show that has people in the crowd or WrestleMania, whatever it may be. I don’t think Brock is really a free agent in that sense of the word. I just think he’s not currently under contract right now. But the amount of money it would take to tear him away from the world of WWE, A. it would be astronomical, B. Vince would never allow it to happen, and C. I don’t know if you could make that investment back or if it would even be worth it for AEW at this point in time for UFC or any other company other than WWE.”

On ThunderDome: I think it looks great, I think it’s a great idea. They desperately needed it. It’s something out of Black Mirror or The Running Man. It does look great, but once again, you cannot replace a live crowd. I would much rather have 500 real fans than 1,000 TV screen fans and I bet you the WWE would agree with that. Having said that, it does look great, and good for them.”

On his future in wrestling: “I never really put a time limit on anything I do wrestling-wise. I mean I thought back in 2015, it was time to wrap it up. Then I got into the angle with Kevin Owens and things became fun again which led to me going to Japan, which made it even more fun which led me coming to AEW, which is the best time I’ve had in the business in 10 years, 15 years maybe. So, I will not go anywhere. I have no intention of leaving AEW. But even if I don’t wrestle ever again, I’ll just commentate, which is something that I never really thought about until I had to do it when we had to film four weeks of TV in one day.”

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