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Chris Jericho Doesn’t Like Pairing The AOP With Drake Maverick

November 19, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chris Jericho - Mount Winnipeg

During the latest episode of Talk is Jericho (via Wrestling Inc, Chris Jericho revealed that he was not a fan of pairing the Authors of Pain with Drake Maverick, who replaced Paul Ellering. Here are highlights:

On the AOP ditching Paul Ellering: “I think the concept of AOP is cool as they were obviously very popular on NXT. I have a problem… AOP in NXT were managed by Paul Ellering who used to manage the Road Warriors. Now, they bring Akam and Rezar to the main roster and the first night they fire Paul Ellering. I never got that. This is nothing against anybody. They bring in this dude, Drake Maverick. This is a guy who actually said my name is Rockstar Spud.”

On Drake Maverick: “This is nothing against Rockstar Spud,” stated Jericho. “Here’s my problem: why would these two behemoths listen to this little… he looks like he’s model from a teen magazine. They would listen to the grizzled old vet of Paul Ellering, but why would they listen to Drake Maverick Rockstar Spud? This would be [like] you managing Undertaker and Kane! It doesn’t make any sense. It’s stupid, idiot BS! That bothers me. If they came up to me and said ‘Drake Maverick’s going to be your manager.’ I’d be like ‘Why? No. What is he going to tell me that I don’t already know?’ Akam and Rezar, they’re young guys, but so is Drake Maverick. Why would the young guys listen to Drake Maverick when they could have listened to Paul Ellering who’s already taken a team to the top?”

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