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Christian Talks Roman Reigns’ Return And Taking A Ladder Bump At Christmas

March 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert

Christian was a recent guest on WrestlingInc’s WINCLY podcast. Below are some highlights:

On Roman Reigns Announcing His Return: “It gave me goosebumps on a personal level and human level more than anything,” said Christian. “The fact that he’s healthy – even if he never stepped foot in a ring again, that’s the main thing for him and his family. To overcome what he did and to be able to step back in there and compete at the highest level, it was goosebumps to see it happen.”

Taking A Ladder Bump At Christmas: “I took a bump off a ladder at Christmas time. I was hanging up Christmas lights outside my house. …I fell backwards and I took a bump off the ladder, not only the highest ladder bump I think I’ve ever taken, but it was the first bump I’ve taken in five years. Instead of laying there and getting myself together, I got on all fours and crawled inside my front door and closed the door and laid there [laughs].”

On Women Main Eventing WrestleMania: “It’s perfect timing. [Edge] and I talked about it on the podcast months ago. The talent pool and roster is so deep that it makes perfect sense for this to be the time. We also talked about the fact that we shouldn’t be surprised if the women main event WrestleMania. That’s how much momentum that they’ve garnered for themselves over the last couple of years.”

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