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Christopher Daniels Hasn’t Thought About His Post-Wrestling Life Yet

January 11, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Ring of Honor has released a new interview with Christopher Daniels, which you can check out below:

On his mindset before entering the Decade of Excellence tournament: “I’ve been part of a team with Frankie for so long that the idea of getting an opportunity for the World Championship is new to me again. I always said that if I got the opportunity to wrestle for the World Title, I would take it, but I didn’t necessarily think that opportunity would arise. I put so much effort into The Addiction being World Tag Team Champions that I’ve had to rethink my game. I’ve had to get back to the idea of just depending on myself in the ring, so it’s been a bit of an acclimation process.”

On whether he needs a ROH World Championship reign to put a stamp on his career: “I feel like I’ve done enough in my career where people will respect my contributions, so I don’t know if I need the world championship, but I certainly do want it. I put the idea of being world champion aside for a while in concentrating on the tag team with Frankie. I do have that pang of regrets sometimes. I feel like I’m being a little selfish, but at the same time, we’re all a little selfish when it comes to being World Champion. I’m sure Frankie would feel the same way.”

On he and Kazarian came to Jay Lethal’s rescue at Final Battle: “At this point in my career, I feel like a proud parent when it comes to this company. I say that because of the amount of blood I’ve shed in a Ring of Honor ring, the amount of time I’ve put in to try to make Ring of Honor stand out as the best wrestling on the planet. I saw a situation where somebody was taking advantage of Ring of Honor’s open-door policy to guys that want to prove they’re the best in the world. I saw Cody taking advantage of that open-door policy and spitting in the face of what Jay Lethal has done for Ring of Honor and what this company has done for pro wrestling. Cody is someone I respect, or I did respect. I’m still at odds about how I feel about Cody, but I certainly wasn’t going to let him continue to spit in the face of Ring of Honor and spit in the face of Jay Lethal after Lethal went in there with his hands up, his head high and wrestled a great match. For Cody to win the way he did and then add insult to injury, Frankie and I weren’t comfortable watching that happen. Jay, Frankie and I have known each other for a long time, and we may not always see eye to eye with Jay, but we certainly respect him and what he’s done for this company and professional wrestling.”

On if he’s thought about a post-wrestling life: “I haven’t given any concrete thought to it. I don’t know if I see it yet from where I’m at, but I know it’s closer now than it’s ever been. It’s still hard to put a date on it or say, “Oh, I’ve got two years or six months or five years.” I certainly feel some of the matches a lot more than I did even three years ago. But at the same time, I know I’m one win away from being a champion again. If Frankie and I are given the opportunity, I feel like we can be World Tag Team Champions. And now with the Decade of Excellence tournament final, I could get an opportunity to be world champion finally after 15 years of Ring of Honor’s existence and 24 years of being in this business. This could be my shot, and so when things like this happen, it’s hard to say, “Oh well, I’m only going to do this another year or two years.” This opportunity clouds the finish line for me.”