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CJ Perry Apologizes About Tweet To Homeless Person

August 18, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lana WWE Raw 11-11-19 Image Credit: WWE

CJ Perry issued a (now-deleted) apology after she took to Twitter to comment on a tweet by a homeless person. The former Lana stirred criticism on Twitter after she retweeted a comment by someone talking about how hard it is to “keep going when you’re homeless” and that everyone “ignores you” and “is a reminder of what you once had,” saying, “you have a device to tweet from.”

Perry got some blowback from Twitter about the situation and posted a couple of now-deleted Tweets, first writing (Wrestling Inc):

“Let me clear something up about something going around about a tweet. Most people don’t know that I was homeless 2 different times chasing big dreams. I have plenty of empathy for the homeless because I was homeless. But I was grateful because I had a phone to tweet from.”

She followed it up with:

“I understand my Eastern European upbringing and motivational speech did not resonate with many of you,” Perry said. “As a kid and teenager, I had shoes thrown at me, I was whipped by my ballet teachers because they ‘believed in me.’ I apologize if I seemed insensitive and caused more damage. I truly was trying to motivate in the way I know how. Which I failed and I apologize for. When people would do that to me it always helped but I see it did not help in this situation. And I am sorry for that.”

“It’s insane talking about being homeless and now starting to remember all the places I slept that I blocked out of my memory. We truly do block trauma out of our memories and brain. I can thank many ppl on Twitter from re-triggering my trauma of being homeless.”

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