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Classic Report: WCW Nitro 9.11.95

September 11, 2014 | Posted by Alex Crowder
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Classic Report: WCW Nitro 9.11.95  

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WCW Monday Nitro 9.11.95

I’ll again preface my review by explaining that I will rate matches on entertainment value rather than technical skill. Last week, I reviewed the debut episode of Nitro. I will continue on this week and review Fall Brawl 95 next if people wish for me to. Regardless, I’ll try to stay in chronological order until Nitro becomes too much to handle. If any of you have any other suggestions for the review, feel free to state them.

Mongo puts over Nitro, as Bischoff recaps last week’s debut Nitro. Last week, Luger challenged Hogan for the World Championship. Apparently, Vader will not be a part of the Fall Brawl War Games main event, leaving Hogan down a member.

They promoted Sabu for this week’s Nitro and deliver in the first match. They call Sabu very suicidal and put over that his uncle is the original Shiek.

Sabu vs. Alex Wright

Sabu and Alex circle leading to some basic wrestling and a double leg takedown by Sabu. Sabu wrestles him down and misses a back splash. Quickly, Sabu stays on offense hitting Wright with a hurricanrana over the ropes. Sabu runs the ropes and sends Wright down on a baseball slide. Sabu with an over the rope senton on Wright, and he grabs a chair setting it up. Sabu sets the chair up and misses the leg lariat splash against the barricade. Finally, Wright takes advantage hitting a dropkick on Sabu. Wright scoop slams Sabu on the concrete and pulls him in hitting a beautiful missile dropkick! The crowd boos Wright who hits a baseball slide of his own. The announce team keeps putting over Sabu, as Wright hits a nice pescado and the referee actually counts this time. Sabu fights back and goes up but Wright catches him with a nice suplerplex. Wright and Sabu trade whips leading to a springboard back leg lariat for Sabu! Wright backflips over Sabu who charges him, and hits a bridging german suplex! 1..2..kickout. Wright goes back up top, but Sabu sees him coming and climbs up top. Sabu hits a reverse headscissors into a sunset flip! 1..2..3.

Sabu attacks Alex Wright after the match stomping him to the outside. Sabu lifts Wright and drops his throat against the apron. Sabu starts to set up a table, and the crowd suddenly loves this. Sabu pounds Wright onto the table. Sabu hits a senton on Wright through the table. The referee decides to reverse the pinfall victory for Sabu into a DQ victory for Alex Wright. The crowd boos this heavily.

OFFICIAL RESULT Alex Wright: @ 4:32 via DQ
MATCH THOUGHTS: The Network froze as I was timing the match, so the timing is a few seconds off. Either way, this was a short relatively entertaining spotfest. Honestly, Alex Wright probably impressed me a little more than Sabu. Nonetheless, both men played their part well and started the show off right. Great way to kick off episode 2 of Nitro, and the crowd likes Sabu during his debut.

Sting and V.K. Wallstreet is next.

Mene Gene welcomes the former 11 time World Champion, Ric Flair. The crowd boos that as Flair comes out styling and profiling. Mene Gene says Flair had it all last night with the beautiful women and now at Fall Brawl Arn Anderson. Flair said Double A was the only thing missing. Flair says Double A was calling his wife and little boy instead of running wild with the Nature Boy. Flair says they ruled the world, and there was no path he couldn’t walk with Double A at his sign. He throws up the Four Horsement sign and calls it the symbol of excellence. Luger is out to interrupt.

Flair says Arn always said, Naitch Hogan has driven you crazy. Well, Hogan look what you’ve done now. Look who is here, the Total Package. 6’5”, 275 lbs, 22 inch arms, 60 inch chest, the total package. Hogan tonight, the package takes control! Luger retorts, “You know Ric, some things never change do they. You are too much.” Ric responds, “That he will stay too much. Tonight, Hogan you go down to Lex Luger.”

Eric Bischoff gives away the results of Raw, telling viewers not to check out the competition because it is 2 to 3 weeks old.

WCW United States Championship: V.K. Wallstreet vs. Sting(c)

Sting plays to the crowd while circling with Wallstreet. Wallstreet hits a fireman’s carry on Sting. Sting and Wallstreet lock up and it leads to a Sting headlock. Wallstreet powers out and leapfrogs over Sting but is caught in a hip toss and two beautiful dropkicks. Wallstreet tries to rest, but Sting’s attack doesn’t end leading to a hard whip. Wallstreet gets a chance to recover sliding outside after the whip. Wallstreet slowly re-enters the ring and they lock up again leading to another side headlock. Sting is pushed off and Wallstreet catches Sting’s head throwing him through the middle rope. Hennan’s riffs on Mongo are pretty awesome. Wallstreet hits the future one beat on Sting. Sting though quickly slingshots in with a forearm. Both men recover slowly, as Wallstreet regains the advantage hitting elbows. Sting tries to run towards Wallstreet and is kneed. Sting comes back with a sunset flip. 1..2..kickout. Sting grabs Wallstreet’s head and pushes it into the turnbuckle. Sting hits Wallsteet with a knee to the back that is followed by a stinger splash. Sting continues with a top rope clothesline. 1..2..3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sting @ 4:14 via pinfall
MATCH THOUGHTS: This match was relatively entertaining. The crowd as usual loved Sting, and I’d say it is about as good as the first match in a different way. This match had a little more cohesion, but did not have as many wow spots. Nevertheless, it is nice to see Sting again on Nitro as he does an excellent job in the middle of the show.

Scott Norton and The Macho Man are next. Disco Inferno will debut on Saturday Night, and Renegade faces Max Muscle. Big Bubba will take on Dave Sullivan and Pillman will go against Alex Wright.

Scott Norton vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Savage gets the pop of the night by far. Savage is from Florida so it makes sense. Norton starts pounding on Savage and hits a short-arm clothesline. Norton challenges Mongo. He goes back to Savage who goes for a sunset flip. Norton lifts him in a double arm choke. The announce team puts over Norton. Savage finally fights back and clotheslines him over before hitting a double axe handle. Savage hits a 360 clothesline on Norton! Savage goes up top for a cross body and is caught in a bearhug. Norton tosses him down and starts stomping him. The crowd comes alive for Savage. Norton continues to attack the back. Norton keeps pounding on Savage, and follows with a powerbomb. 1..2..kickout. Norton lifts Savage and hits a double rib breaker into a military press slam. Norton taunts Mongo again, before pounding on Savage’s back. Norton catches Savage in a powerslam. 1..2..kickout. The crowd is alive again for Savage and they trade whips. Savage gets a head of steam, yet Norton cuts him off with a shoulderblock. Norton lifts Savage by the throat from the outside and into a bad hanging rope DDT. Norton goes up top! Savage sees it coming and hits a facebuster. Savage with the running knee to the back, and he continues attacking with punches. The Dungeon of Doom is out but Savage sees them. He knocks out Shark(the announcers actually call him Avalanche on accident) who lands on Norton’s knees. Savage takes advantage going up top and hitting the elbow drop. 1..2..3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Randy Savage @ 5:39 via pinfall
RATING: **1/2
MATCH THOUGHTS: The only issue with this one is that I’m unsure if the crowd really bought Norton as a threat to Savage. That hurt the match a little, but the crowd loved Savage. Norton also botched a little, and the ending is quite odd. I would think it’d be a DQ since the Dungeon of Doom came out. I guess in this case since they didn’t have a successful attack on Savage…it doesn’t count. I’m not sure, but Norton was protected by Shark holding him down which I don’t like. Norton already dominated Savage, so the loss wouldn’t be too terrible. Regardless, the match was better than I expected because Savage takes a great beating.

The Dungeon of Doom chase Savage out after the match. Norton starts fighting with Shark. They push each other and decide to leave. They tease dissension in the Dungeon of Doom as well.

Lex Luger and Hogan will go against each other next.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan(c) with Jimmy Hart

They say that Savage is hurt and might not make War Games this Sunday. Luger and Hogan circle before locking up. Luger overpowers Hogan into a corner. The crowd seems to be behind Hogan for this one. Luger slowly paces and they lock up again. This time, Hogan overpowers him into a corner. Hogan taunts Luger from the corner. They continue to circle and Hogan gets an arm ringer and drop toe hold into a front-face lock. Hogan lifts him with it and hits a nice suplex. Luger no sells it and taunts Hogan. Hogan is shocked and Luger gets a side headlock of his own. They run the ropes leading to a Luger snap suplex. Hogan no sells this suplex and taunts Luger all the same. Luger seems surprised as well. The crowd chants Hogan loudly. Luger knees Hogan in the midsection and gets another side headlock. There are still loud Hogan chants. Hogan goes for a punch, but Luger bails. Hogan follows him and throws him in. Luger is hit with a back body drop as Bischoff buries the WWF. Luger hits a nice powerslam on Hogan and calls for the Torture Rack. Luger gets him in the Torture Rack! The crowd hates this and chants Hogan loudly. Luger drops it because he thinks he won. Luger instead covers Hogan. 1..2..kickout. Luger starts kicking Hogan who hulks up. Luger keeps pounding on Hogan who fights to his feet. Hogan blocks the punches and hits the big boot. Hogan hits the Leg Drop! The Dungeon of Doom breaks up the pin before it starts.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Hulk Hogan @ 5:29 via DQ
RATING: **3/4
MATCH THOUGHTS: I’m not a fan of either of these men, but I’ll give credit where it is due. The crowd was into the match and it was entertaining if nothing else. In this case, I actually don’t mind the DQ finish because it kept Luger strong. This match surprised me with its quality. The match was short but felt like an even contest.

The Dungeon of Doom swarms Hogan after the match. They pummel Hogan, but Sting and Savage are out. The Dungeon of Doom have the numbers advantage, yet Sting and Savage handle them easily. Hogan and Luger recover. Hogan pushes Luger for no reason. Mene Gene is out to get to the bottom of this.

Mene Gene asks Hogan what he will do without Vader. Hogan says that Luger gave him the match of his life. They wonder whose side Luger is on. Sting tells them to hold on. Sting says Vader is out of the picture. Sting says Luger gave him a run for his money and says this is the team. Savage would rather go 4 vs. 3, then getting stabbed in the back. Sting says Macho Man and him have nothing against each other. Sting says he votes Luger into the team. The crowd loves that. Savage wonders why the Dungeon of Doom didn’t attack Hart, Sting, or Luger. Hogan asks if Luger should take Vader’s place. Jimmy Hart says Hogan has the final vote. Savage votes no and Sting votes yes. Hogan votes Luger in for the team. Hogan asks Luger to be their partner. Sting says to do it. Luger says he wants a title shot down the line. Hogan and Luger continue to argue.

The announcers give the hard sell for Fall Brawl. Hennan apparently only trusts Savage from Hogan’s team.

The 411: This was a good second edition of Nitro. Everything that happened during the show furthered the story and put over Fall Brawl. The action was fast and furious in a good way. Luger and Hogan were pretty entertaining. Sabu and Wright had the match of the night in my mind. Sting had a good outing with Wallstreet, and Savage had a better than I expected match with Norton. I didn’t like how strongly they protected Norton from Savage, but I can’t complain too much otherwise with the in ring work. Also, Flair’s in ring interview was very entertaining. I loved how different it felt to today’s typical opening promo from Raw. Flair puts over not only his match with Anderson, but Luger as well. I may not be the biggest Flair fan, yet I can’t deny how awesome his promo work is. Flair is one of the best and he can cut twenty minute promos for all I care, but it was more like 5 which is refreshing. This show was a nice balance of promos, promotion, and wrestling. Everything played its part to perfection. This was a good second edition of Nitro, and certainly a step up from the Raws of 1995.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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