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Claudio Castagnoli, Adam Cole, Tyler Breeze Tease DaParty Reunion

October 17, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
UpUpDownDown DaParty Image Credit: WWE

Claudio Castagnoli, Adam Cole, and Tyler Breeze got fans’ attention by teasing a #DaParty reunion on social media. The three posted the same video to Twitter with a #DaParty hashtag as you can see below. The video featured a familiar music score and sees the words “U Ready?” come across the screen.

#DaParty worked as a regular group on UpUpDownDown, but largely came to an end after Castagnoli, Cole, and Breeze left WWE. Breeze is still part of the UpUpDownDown team, while Cole and Claudio are now with AEW and no longer on the WWE channel.

While Woods has not shared the video, he did change his Twitter banned to a photo of the four #DaParty members playing Uno.