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May 17, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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The show starts with footage of Bobby Roode arriving at NXT and ordering around a guy who drags his luggage. Then we get the NXT intro.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sean Maluta

McIntyre wins the lockup and calmly offers a clean break in the corner. Maluta shoves him and doesn’t back down, firing off chops. Drew uses just one to put him on his ass. He then just launches Maluta across the ring and dead lifts him into another throw. Maluta comes back with a midair Codebreaker like move for a one count. Drew gets back on the offensive, beating the hell out of Maluta in the corner. He hits a forearm off the top and has a messed up eye, but doesn’t care. He signals for the end and wins with the running Yakuza kick.

Winner: Drew McIntyre in 3:21

Kayla Braxton interviews Drew McIntyre about how Wesley Blake has paid attention to Drew. Drew isn’t concerned and said he would be considered if he didn’t have everyone’s attention. Drew says he’ll give Blake his full attention next week, if Blake’s man enough to face him.

Footage is shown of HIdeo Itami’s win over Roderick Strong last week. Then, when NXT went off the air, SAnitY arrived and jumped Roddy, leaving him lying after he took finishers from both Dane and Young. WWE.com caught up with Strong, who told William Regal that he wants SAnitY

Eric Young, flanked by SAnitY, cuts a promo outside. He says that Roddy has a family, yet he wants a piece of them. Young doesn’t usually take requests, but SAnitY will take those good things from his life and see him at TakeOver.

A Hideo Itami video package airs. It shows his big debut back on September 11th, 2014, when he was introduced as KENTA..

The TakeOver: Chicago card is run down.

A video package is shown to highlight Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate’s excellent UK Championship match back in January. I currently have it at ****1/2. The video also features more updated footage of both men.

A Patrick Clarke vignette runs. “The Velveteen Dream” is coming.

Another Hideo Itami video is shown, this one from March 27th, 2015, when NXT was in San Jose for WrestleMania weekend. It was the first time he hit the GTS.

Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young is now official for TakeOver.

A special interview with Asuka is shown. She’s in a car on her way to Full Sail. She’s asked about the pressure of facing two women, if she’s relieved that Ember Moon isn’t cleared and she just says, “Next question.” She gets annoyed with the questions and wants to know if the interview is over. The interviewer says it is. Asuka exits the vehicle to a horde of a fans, who chant her name and she takes a picture with them. As she walks off, she lets out an annoyed sigh.

Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville

Sonya starts with knee strikes but it’s Evans who picks up the first near fall. Sonya uses a double leg takedown and taunts, giving Lacey a chance to kick out. Sonya applies a body scissors for a bit and kicks away at Evans after. She removes her gloves and starts in with aggressive strikes to the mid section. She bobs and weaves, toying with Evans, until eating a big right hand. Evans hits some kicks and double knees. She also nails a neckbreaker and an interesting splash variation for a near fall. Sonya kicks Evans in the stomach and then hits a running knee to win.

Winner: Sonya Deville in 3:00

Time for another Hideo Itami video. This one shows his return last week. They certainly skipped ahead.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno’s in Penny and Shaq era Orlando Magic inspired gear. He takes Almas down and Almas just taunts. They go through a quick exchange, with both men showcasing their agility. Ohno nails a right hand and Almas exits the ring before taking a rolling elbow. Almas avoids an Ohno dive, but Ohno lands on his feet and delivers a big boot. Inside, Ohno hits some chops before taking a boot to know him off the apron. Following a break, Almas is in control and chops Ohno. He slaps him in the corner and taunts. Ohno chops him and Almas fires back with a series of forearms. Ohno sends him to the apron but gets caught in a cross armbar over the ropes. Inside, Almas goes back to work on the arm. Almas takes too long and goes for the corner slap again, so Ohno kicks him. A pump kick is followed by a series of strikes before Ohno hits a flipping beckbreaker. He nips up and starts in on his comeback. Ohno goes up top for a moonsault but Almas moves out of the way. He immediately follows with a backbreaker for two. Almas can’t suplex Ohno and gets sat on the top rope. They trade big blows until Almas sends Ohno to the mat. Almas leaps into a pump kick but comes back with a handspring kick. Almas connects with the double knees in the corner, but Ohno fights off the hammerlock DDT. He runs into a boot and Almas nails an inverted tornado DDT. Ohno kicks out at one and fires up. Ohno nails another pump kick. Almas fires up but eats two roaring elbows to end it.

Winner: Kassius Ohno in 9:14 [***1/4]

Next week, NXT is from Chicago and McIntyre takes on Blake, while Aleister Black will also be in action.

A final Hideo Itami video is shown, focusing on the match with Roderick Strong last week. I wasn’t able to cover NXT last week, but I do have that match at ***1/2 for anyone interested.

Bobby Roode comes out to address the fans. Roode talks about how all the talk has been about Itami recently. He admits he got knocked out with the GTS a few weeks ago, but he calls it unprovoked and says it will never happen again. He won’t be in a custom suit at TakeOver. He’ll be in his gear and he will make an example out of Hideo. Roode talks about how Itami keeps coming back and getting hurt. He didn’t even know Itami was still employed. He says HIdeo will fail at TakeOver because of Bobby Roode. This brings out HIdeo and Roode tells him to calm down because this is not the time. William Regal comes out and gets security to keep Itami back. Now Roode is like, “We don’t have to wait.” Itamis breaks through and takes Roode down. He does like Nakamura and beats up security. He hits the GTS on each of them, staring down Roode while he does it. When he threatens a third security guard, Roode jumps him from behind. Itami turns it around and hits him with a GTS too.

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