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June 7, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Heavy Machinery vs. Lars Sullivan and Victor Andrews

Tucker Knight locks up with  Lars and we get a clean break. Lars actually dwarfs Knight. Knight works a lengthy headlock and they crash on shoulder blocks. Lars takes him down with a clothesline but Knight comes back with a dropkick. Lars catches him with an impressive powerslam and his partner wants the tag. Andrews looks like a bootleg Kofi Kingston circa 2008.  He instantly gets put in a bearhug. Tag to Otis, who catches Andrews in another bearhug. Otis nails a huge belly to belly and tag to Tucker. They squash Andrews with their bodies and celebrate. Hip toss by Knight and body block in the corner. Tag to Otis, leading to the Compactor.

Winners: Heavy Machinery in 3:51

Post match, Lars attacked Andrews, shouting “HOW DARE YOU!” He threw Andrews around like a rag doll.

A recap was shown of No Way Jose’s return last week. Killian Dane was interviewed after about facing No Way Jose tonight. He said no one is safe, especially Jose.

Roderick Strong comes out to address the NXT Universe. He says the past year has been a roller coaster. He brings up his soon to be wife, son and the story told on NXT a few weeks ago. Roddy wants the NXT Championship and says it’s not just Roddy vs. the world, it’s his family vs. the world. He gets interrupted by NXT Champion Bobby Roode, who is fake crying. Roode compliments Roddy, but insults him too. “You’re winning matches, finally. You have a marginally hot wife and your son looks somewhat normal.” Roode says Roddy needs to earn a title shot, because he’s just a good hand. Roode puts him down again before leaving.

Nikki Cross is  outside and bangs on the wall. She wants to play with Ruby and Asuka again. She throws her jacket around and bangs her head. Their TakeOver rematch is next week.

Another Authors of Pain vignette airs, narrated by Paul Ellering. It shows their highlights, while also saying other teams must accept their dominance.

Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay vs. Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan is the former Mary Dobson. OH MY GOD IT’S THE ICONIC DUO! MY FAVORITE PART OF NXT! Nigel mentions that Logan trained at the Kaientai Dojo. Peyton slams her down and taunts. They lock up and go to the corner, where Peyton delivers a kick. Logan catches her with a fireman’s crry and arm wringer. Peyton gets free and hits a spin kick for a near fall. She clubs Logan in the back and applied a modified STF. Logan picks up a near fall, before Peyton hits two suplexes and a Samoan drop variation. When that isn’t enough, she throws a tiny fit. Logan fights back with a headbutt and dropkick. She gets two on a big running knee. Peyton comes back with her own knee and a great fisherman suplex to win.

Winner: Peyton Royce in 3:41

Andrade Almas’ loss last week is recapped. An interviewer tried to catch up with him after the show, but he left with several girls. A woman (I believe it was Thea Trinidad) came up to him and asked if this is what he was now, before slapping him.

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Earlier today, Itami was asked if losing at TakeOver meant he would return to Japan. He said one loss doesn’t change the hard work he’s put in. They size each other up and trade go behinds. Itami wins the grappling exchange and hits a vicious clothesline for two. Oney comes back with slaps to the ribs but runs into a kitchen sink. Itami hits a second for a near fall. Oney catches a charging Itami with an elbow and boot, before hitting a running blockbuster for two. Hideo goes outside, where Lorcan tries a dive but eats a kick. Hideo follows with another kick and gets two on a top rope dropkick. Lorcan gets two on a school boy and nails some chops. Itami fires up, draing him to bring it. He indeed brings it with brutal slaps and uppercuts, sending Itami outside. Oney follows out with a top rope somersault. Inside, Itami gets in a cheap kick to the knee and delivers a bunch of knee strikes and slaps. He hits two big kicks and lets out a yell. Itami delivers the Go to Sleep, but doesn’t go for the cover. He picks up a limp Oney and hits a second GTS. Not satisfied, Itami hits a third. Lorcan is pretty much dead, but Itami wants a fourth. Kassius Ohno comes out to calm Hideo down. Hideo shoves him and Ohno returns the favor. The bell rings as Hideo leaves.

No Contest in 6:39 [**3/4]

A Drew McIntyre vignette runs.

Ember Moon is interviewed about next week’s title match. She cuts a generic promo about missing out on previous chances for the title. She wants to handle Peyton and Billie, but will be watching next week’s title match.

Killian Dane w/ SAnitY vs. No Way Jose

SAnitY has a new theme that’s nowhere near as good as their previous one. EY and Wolfe leave. This starts hot, with some strikes and Dane sends Jose down. Jose gets back up and piefaces Dane, daring him to bring more. Jose comes in with a headlock before coming off the top. Dane won’t fall, so Jose sends him outside, but he still lands on his feet. After a commercial, they’re back to trading shots in the ring. Dane hits a cross body to win that exchange. Dane clubs Jose and drops some elbows. The fans chant “fuzzy wuzzy” and “shave your back”, which just makes Dane beat up Jose more. Jose fires up, but gets dumped with the Wasteland. BIG BOY SENTON gets two. Dane signals for the end, but Jose fights back with strikes. He can’t get Dane onto his shoulders but avoids a splash and hits a clothesline. He gets him up this time for a TKO that gets two. Dane comes back with a headbutt and huge Finn Balor like dropkicks. Dane wins with his One Winged Angle.

Winner: Killian Dane in 7:02 [**]

A commercial runs to promote the NXT Women’s Title match next week.

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