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January 19, 2017 | Posted by Aaron Scott
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LASHLEY is your new number one contender. The World Champion must now get past the dominator one more time. Can Eddie Edwards do the night impossible and put Lashley down again?

Tonight, the debut of Race for the Case as we head to Open Fight Night. Four cases on the line, stipulations up for grabs, who knows what will go down?

And it’s the return of Brooke to the Impact Zone. Hello once again everyone, my name is Aaron, join us in the comments section right here on the 411, match times are not exact, your card is subject to change, Impact begins in moments!

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Eli Drake vs Mike Bennett vs Bram vs Kingston vs Crazzy Steve vs Trevor Lee vs Tyrus vs Jesse Godderz vs Mahabali Shera

Race for the Case Match

We begin Impact with Superstars in the ring, and as soon as the match begins everyone gets into clubberin! Tyrus cleans house with a series of T-Bones and he allows his boss Eli Drake to easily scale for the red case.

Trevor Lee does battle with The Miracle and they fight trading off fisticuffs and kneestrikes. Lee comes out of the exchange victorious and secures the blue case. With a toss over the wrestlers on the floor Lee hits a Plancha off the top into everyone!

Crazzy Steve is able to keep The Miracle from the Green Case, and Mahabali Shera clears the ring with a Sky High. Mike Bennett hits the MIP on Shera, dumping him on his face and catches Jeff with the Cutter off the top!

Crazzy Steve is sent flying by Matt over the top to Kingston and Godderz!


Miracle stops him and Matt climbs again after tossing Bennett but Crazzy Steve comes off the top with a DDT from the second rope! Kingston is in and he and Bram set Steve up, SPIKE PILEDRIVER OFF THE SECOND ROPE!

GODDERZ SLINGSHOT SPEAR INTO BOTH, He missed the rope and wraps the Adonis Crab on Kingston, Bennett superkicks Bram! Kingston sent into Bennett as Jesse hauls himself up he has the Gold Case and KINGSTON lowblows him!

Bram catches it and the DCC have the Gold Case.

Inside the ring, the Broken Hardys lay out the double team on Jesse and The Miracle! The Hardys have secured the Green Case!

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Broken Hardys at 12:59, Case Retrieval

Lashley promises to make Eddie Edwards an offer he can’t pass up. The Number one contender heads to the ring, next.

Lashley comes out and talks at the fans telling them the title is his. He calls out Eddie Edwards, and tells him give him what he deserves, the title shot. Eddie gets in his face and tells him it’s his life.

Lashley challenges Eddie to a 30 Minute Ironman Match. Eddie accepts and says he now has 30 minutes to prove Lashley is just known as Eddie’s Bitch!

LASHLEY hits him!

Lashley chokes him and tosses the man across the ring! DAVEY comes inside with a chair! Stand off with the weapon as Lashley yells at Davey for interfering.

Backstage, Maria calls Braxton Sutter and tells him to meet with her. She blocks the arrival of Brooke, who gives her a painful handshake and threatens her to stay out of her way. Maria, always the welcoming committee.

DON WEST IS BACK BABY! Brown Bag Specials.

Brooke vs Deonna Purrazzo

La Luchadora in the ring, as Brooke comes back and speaking of back, that came too. Deonna takes control, headlock to takedown by the legs into rolling headlock.

Brooke slammed down by the shoulder, Deonna talks trash and eats a forearm shiver. Purrazzo to the outside, Brooke kicks Deonna through the ropes, outside and pitches her into the railing. She bangs her head off the apron and Brooke talks some trash as she throws Deonna around the ring.

Forearms to the face, whip and rolling back up, the neck bridge! Rolls over into the front facelock, neckbreaker!

Kick to the stomach and Deonna hammers away! KNEElift to the face, but that jaw man, it ain’t gonna do nothin.

Deonna Purrazzo goes to the fans and eats a clothesline, another, a forearm, and backbreaker, pancake, kip up, SUPLEX to Facebuster!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brooke at 5:15, Butterface Maker

Sienna rushes out and tries for the attack but Brooke fights back! Brooke tries for the Butterface Maker but Sienna wraps the raised double choke, and throws her off to hit the Silencer!

“Maria says, welcome back!”

Backstage, Maria comes to visit Braxton who says she is gonna need Sutter to stop training Allie. He says she’s never going to boss him around. Maria says eveyone else doesn’t care about Allie.

She whispers in his ear and orders him to stop training Allie.

Braxton reluctantly agrees, and Maria sends him to meet Laurel.

Eli Drake’s Facts of Life with Eli Drake, and the Case Winners

Tyrus announces inside each case is a number. One being the best. When the number is revealed, you can choose your match and the stipulation. After that’s created, no one else can change it.

Drake opens his…


The DCC pantomime their case around, visibly annoying Drake and Lee.

Lee goes for a handshake but Eli isn’t having it. Lee drops his microphone, prompting a ‘DUMMY! YEAH!’ and enjoys the rich mahogany. So Lee says maybe he’s No. 1. Lee asks for the headphones of Tyrus and the chain and Tyrus says no.

Drake slams the button again and again!

Lee has number 3!

Jeff Hardy has the Number 1 case. He sings about the Champion fading away and becoming OBSOLETE! Jeff Hardy is looking for a World Title Match and that will be it for Fact of Life. Dummies. YAH.

Backstage, Allie is going over her moves, and Braxton walks up and he says… he doesn’t think they should be together anymore.

Allie says she’s socially awkward and

Braxton says he can’t train her anymore and he wants space. He walks away and pushes the camera as Allie is very sad. Awww. 🙁

Aron Rex & Rockstar Spud vs Robbie E & Swoggle

Spud has shiny pants! Strike a pose! Oh jeezuz. Anyhoo, Spud attacks Swoggle, his former tag team partner from behind, and Rex mocks Swoggle.

Spud kicks the little man in the face. Head up, paintbrush! Spud sends Swoggle into the buckle and Aron on the mic, he says he interrupts this display of violence to give SPUD HE’S TOUCHING ME!

Spud comes in and attacks Swoggle with a diving axe!

Swoggle lands the GTS on Spud!

Rex is in! He has the hair of Swoggle, who bites his hand! Swoggle through the legs and Robbie E is in to fly a House of Fire, the proverbial heat machine off the top with the diving knee! He flapjacks a racing Spud onto his boss!

SWOGGLE sent into Rex! And goes to stinkface Spud!

Attacked from behind with the foreign object, Robbie tosses him and flying plancha over the side! REX makes the lackadaisical pin, this is over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Aron Rex & Spud at 4:17, Foreign Object

We show highlights of Galloway attacking Aron Rex and smashing his head into the ringpost and then the ringside steps.

We show highlights of Moose avoiding the foreign objects and taking out Rex with the Game Changer to win the Grand Championship belt.

Next Week, GENESIS

Eddie Edwards vs Lashley, World Title Ironman
Rosemary vs Jade, KO Title Monsters’ Ball

We review the destruction caused by Jade and Rosemary in the Steel Cage Match that saw Rosemary outlast Jade to become the KO Champion.

We look at Drew Galloway and Moose, and how Moose beat Aron Rex, and how Drew suffered a massive injury. Galloway says everything he does is for this company and he is going to take the title and TNA to the next level.

Moose vs Drew Galloway

Grand Championship Title Match

Three Minute Time Limits
Judges Score Rounds on Physicality, Control
Judges’ Decision after Round Three

They trade off shots and Drew flips Moose off who easily holds his own. Thunderous chops to each other, aggressive action in the early outset as MOOSE goes aerial with a dropkick!

Moose runs into a kick, and Drew slices the chop once again, float over in the corner, crossbody caught! FALLAWAY!

Moose misses the charge, into the buckles and he lands the Piledriver. Cover, two, no.

24 second to go in Round 1, Drew curses at him and they slap each other again. Drew and Moose slugging, it’s over.

Judges: Moose 10/9, Drew 10/9, Drew 10/9

Round 2:

Drew begins with a boot to Moose! They spill outside and Drew goes to chopping and kicking, he catches Moose and F.U. ON THE RING APRON!


Both make it into the ring before the double countout.

The fans are behind Moose who catches Drew and POP UP POWERBOMB! SENTON! MOOSEAULT MOVES!!


The clock ends with the move still on, and the hold must be broken.

Judges: Moose 10/9, Drew 10/9, Moose 10/9

The announcers say the call was bad and Drew Galloway should have won. Moose snaps the shot to the face, he slams the fist in, jabbing and winding- GAME CHANGER NO, Into the Future Shock, but ends up kicking Moose instead!

BOOT from Moose!

Drew off the top into a midair dropkick!

Moose for the man, rear waistlock applied, Drew to the ropes and he hits the lowblow!

The Referee stops the time and demands the judges deduct a point away for the blatant lowblow- he asks Moose and Moose can continue-



OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Galloway at 2:15 in Round 3, Lowblow & Claymore

Drew walks to the judges and shows them his new title.

See you next week fans for GENESIS! Please leave your comments in our Official Report, thank you so much this has been Aaron for the 411, look for Larry’s Review, and we will see you next time. Good night folks!

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