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November 12, 2012 | Posted by Ken Hill

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Welcome to 411’s LIVE WWE Raw Report 11.12.12
Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Big Show
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
IC Champion: Kofi Kingston
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

-Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight’s Monday Night Raw coverage!

“Your Kennection to All Things Wrestling” Ken Hill here with the LIVE Monday Night Raw coverage!

After Mr. McMahon completely shook up the Survivor Series PPV, how will CM Punk be able to worm his way out now that he faces two indomitable opponents for his WWE Championship? We’ll findout what, if any, game plan the Chicago native has in store as he goes one-on-one with John Cena tonight!

And now that Ziggler’s in charge against Mick Foley’s team, who will Foley find to fill out his team with Ryback back in the WWE Title hunt? Hopefully, we find out tonight!

And above all else, the return of Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Monday Night Raw begins!…shortly.

– A nice tribute video to our true, blue veterans on Veterans’ Day.

– Recap of Jerry’s return, Vickie’s scandal accusations, and the Braddox-Ryback debacle, as well as the Cena-Punk main event for tonight!

Randy Orton v. Dolph Ziggler

The new Captain’s in the house! Ziggler with a shoulder block, Orton misses the clothesline, but flapjacks Ziggler. Ziggler to the apron, and Orton suplexes him back in for a two count. Whip to the corner, but Ziggler counters with an elbow, then a snap dropkick for two. Ziggler with the neckbreaker, then the Show-Off series of elbows for a near fall. Ziggler with the rear chinlock, but Orton suplexes him. Orton with the clotheslines and the powerslam. DDT follows, and Orton preps for the RKO. Del Rio out for the distraction, Orotn knocks him off, Ziggler tries for the Famouser, Orton counters and rolls him up for three!

Winner: Randy Orton

Ziggler, Del Rio, and Ricardo assault Randy, but here comes Kofi to make the save, and Teddy Long comes out on Booker T’s behalf and makes…what else…a tag team match!

Randy Orton & IC Champion Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

Kofi and Dolph lock up, and Kofi drops Dolph with an uppercut and dropkick as we go to commercial break…

And we’re back as Del Rio puts the boots to Kofi and locks in a chinlock. Kofi counters out, but Del Rio makes the tag. Kofi counters a Ziggler necbreaker into the backslide for two. Ziggler fires back with a dropkick, but Orton breaks up the pinfall. Ziggler shows off with a handstand headlock into the bridging headlock. Back to a regular rear chinlock. Kofi fights out and dodges a corner splash by Ziggler. Tags to Orton and Del Rio. Orton with clotheslines to Del Rio and Ziggler. He counters the Cross Arm Breaker into a powerslam. Del Rio counters the DDT, but Kofi makes the blind tag and hits a cross body followed by the SOS for a close near fall as Ziggler JUST broke it up. Orton takes out Ziggler. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise, Ricardo with the distraction, and Del Rio nails his step-up enziguri for the three count!

Winners: Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

– Coming up: The return of Jerry “The King” Lawler…and Vickie has even MORE evidence to implicate AJ and John Cena next. Happy about the former, not so much about the latter. Hope there’s a payoff here…

– We’re back with Dolph and Vickie in the ring. Dolph defines “scandal” for us, and tells us he’s here to tell the truth about Cena and AJ. He shows us the footage from the last couple weeks of AJ and Cena in the hotel. Vickie reminds everyone of AJ’s threat and says she will not be threatened and claims to have evidence that AJ can’t squirm out of and expects her to explain herself as she calls out the former GM. AJ comes down the ramp, no skip in her step, AJ wonders why Vickie’s still doing this when she got the power she wanted. Vickie wants AJ to admit to the scandal, AJ says she won’t lie just because Vickie’s Vickie Guerrero. Vickie warns her that she is AJ’s boss and she is very capable. Vickie demands it, and AJ admits it…that she and Cena are just friends, and nothing has ever happened between the two of them. She questions what this is really about, whether Vickie is jealous that Vince picked AJ over her for the GM spot, or the fact that AJ has physically owned Vickie the last few weeks. Vickie tells her how harder she’s made it for herself, and plays a few voicemails that sound vaguely like AJ, saying how “last night was a mistake”, “we can be something more”, and “we should be together.” AJ claims Vickie edited those and starts in on her, but Ziggler intercedes and says everything’s out of the bag, and wonders which was worse for AJ: Cena’s lack of response to her messages, or the nights in his hotel room. Oooooh. Cena comes out in a huff, and AJ says she can handle this, before whipping around with a slap to Ziggler, and Cena decks him shortly after. AJ and Cena look on intently as Dolph and Vickie retreat up the ramp.

– We’re reminded about the Punk-Cena main event, and get a nice advert for Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterans.

– “Now or Never” by Outasight is the official theme for Survivor Series.

– AJ & John backstage, pondering why Vickie and Ziggler are making her miserable. John assures her that it’s something that never happened or could happen. AJ seems discouraged by that, and Cena backtracks. AJ seems content and looks on lovingly as Cena stammers out about prepping for his match with Punk.

Non-Title Match: World Champion Big Show v. William Regal

We recap the barfight with Show, Regal, and Sheamus, as well as the tag match where Regal got knocked out by the World Champ. Show with chops and body shots to Regal to start, and another massive chop to Regal. Regal gets cornered, more body shots, and a big body slam. Show misses the elbow, and Regal with some lefts and uppercuts, but Show goozles him and drops him with the chokeslam for the emphatic three. Regal’s chest looks like a shredded piece of meat.

Winner: The Big Show

– Big Show goes for the KO Punch post-match, but Sheamus out to make the Regal save and beats down the World Champion, who retreats up the ramp as Sheamus checks on Regal.

#1 Contender for the Divas Championship: Kaitlyn v. Layla

A match that ended as soon as it started, with the two exchanging roll ups, take downs, and Kaitlyn eventually hits a Reverse DDT for the three and will face Eve at Survivor Series for the Divas Championship.

Winner: Kaitlyn

– We go behind the scenes on Jerry Lawler’s traumatic heart attack 9 weeks ago, as we see him rushed backstage, given CPR, and ushered into the ambulance. “The King” makes his triumphant return next…

– Michael Cole and JR in the ring. The two men feel it is a miracle that they’ve come to this point tonight and introduce their friend, Jerry “The King” Lawler. Lawler out to a standing ovation as he makes his way down, and he looks great. JR and Cole greet Lawler with a warm embrace. Jerry on the mic. He can’t tell us how much it means to be back here, and thanks everyone. He, along with JR, felt he may never step back in a WWE ring, but here it is. He makes reference to “It’s A Wonderful Life”, how one man’s life impacted so many others, and Jerry’s lived that movie, as he’s gotten so much support from everyone. He’s glad to be back…then CM Punk’s music hits. I’m sorry, even by kayfabe standards, this is a douchebag move by Punk.
Punk and Heyman in the ring. Punk’s glad Jerry left the ring, otherwise he’d have beaten him to death. He applauds how Lawler beat death, and thinks what Lawler has done and said has been in bad taste. Lawler should have never laced up his boots against Punk. People pointed the finger at Punk for the heart attack, when the fault lies with Lawler. People talked about how long Lawler was clinically dead, but the only value anyone should talk about is 358, the number of days he’s consecutively been champion. He says will beat Ryback and Cena like he’s done before, and hopes Lawler won’t croak before the PPV. Jerry does assure him of that, and the only thing on life support is Punk’s title reign. Heyman starts to cough. Are they serious with this? Punk does “CPR” and Heyman makes a “miraculous” recovery.

– Foley out now as Cole apologizes to the audience, and I frankly want to apologize for having to write that garbage for the last few minutes. Punk wonders why Foley’s even out here, since he’s not part of the Survivor Series tag match anymore. Foley says he’s letting the WWE fans decide the fifth member of Team Foley. Punk asks why, as not caring about the fans and their worthless opinions did wonders for him. Foley shuts him up, and tells him Lawler’s death and revival has nothing to do with Punk, who’s lost sight of the fact that not everything revolves around him. Punk fires back, taking aim at Foley’s relevancy as far as Punk and the WWE TItle goes. Foley says it does in fact involve him as he’s been made the special enforcer for the Cena-Punk main event and Punk and Heyman are not pleased in the least.

– Brad Maddox prepares for his annihalati…ahem, match against Ryback, and a huge 8-man tag team match is coming up…NEXT!

– Backstage, Punk asks Heyman to fix the Foley and Maddox situation.

8-Man Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara & Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel v. The Primetime Players & The Colons

Gabriel and Titus start out. Titus with the uppercut and the gutwrench. Young in for the double team suplex and a two count. Epico in and hits a suplex for a two count. Ricardo out with a note for Rosa from Del Rio. Oooh, spicy! Gabriel counters with a boot, and tags in Rey, who hits a senton, then a headscissors into the ropes on Primo. Primo counters the 619, but Rey leg flips him up and over to the floor. All 8 men scramble to the ringside area as we go to commercial…

We’re back as Titus manhandles Rey on the outside. Back in the ring, Titus presses Rey, then hits a couple of nice backbreakers. Titus cinches in a bearhug. Rey gets out, but gets a big shoulderblock for his trouble. Primo in with a senton for two. Primo with the front chancery on Rey. Rey fights out and sunset flips into a Buzzsaw kick. Primo manages to make the tag to Young, who gets headscissored into the ring post. Tyson Kidd in on the hot tag with a springboard dropkick, and is all over Young, hitting a boot, then a springboard elbow. Primo comes in with a Backstabber, Gabriel takes him out with a kick, Titus biels Justin over the ropes, Rey knocks Titus off, Epico tries to stop Rey, but Cara with a kick and soars onto Epico onto the floor. Rey with a senton to Titus. In the ring, Young hits a gutbuster for two on Kidd. Young gets tripped up into the ropes by Kidd, who tags in Rey for the 619, and then Justin tags in for the 450 splash and the three!

Winners: Rey/Cara/Kidd/Gabriel

– A nice tribute to the troops and veterans in attendance tonight.

– Brad Maddox still getting ready, as Heyman approaches and wishes to talk to Maddox. This should be interesting…

– Sorry, my wireless crapped out on me, so here’s a quick recap: Miz proposes that he be placed on the ballot for Foley’s choice for the 5th man on his team for Survivor Series. Antonio Cesaro trash talks R-Truth, Little Jimmy, and the US. Truth then beats Tensai in a short match with the Little Jimmy and tells a knock-knock joke, “Europe! Europe who? Europe in my face!” Then we get Brad Maddox on his way to the ring for his “dream” match with Ryback…NEXT!

– We get a flashback to Maddox’s promo and Mr. McMahon’s offer of a million dollar contract if he can beat Ryback.

– Recap of Vickie’s continued accusations against AJ, Ziggler berating AJ, and Cena coming out to flatten Ziggler after AJ slaps the taste of Dolph’s mouth. We also recap Lawler’s return, Punk’s interruption of said return, and Foley coming out and letting Punk know he’s the special enforcer for Punk’s match against John Cena.

– Brad Maddox out for his match, as an ambulance can be heard near the entrance, and it can be wondered if that’s Maddox’s near future.

Ryback v. Brad Maddox

Maddox exits to the outside, gets back in at the seven count, and slips right back out.Maddox back in, Ryback knocks him down, Maddox with the boot, but Ryback catches him and slams him. Ryback drops Maddox on his repeatedly. Ref asks Maddox if he wants to keep going. Face first slams now, then Ryback throws him into the corner, followed by a Bulldog powerslam. Meathook sends Maddox down and out to ringside. Ryback rolls him back in, then hits a devastating triple powerbomb. Meathook, Shellshock, three count.

Winner: Ryback

Ryback continues the beat down, knocking Maddox off the stretcher, derailing him with a Meathook, then carries him into the ambulance…literally, before tossing him in and sending Maddox off to the hospital.

Sheamus v. David Otunga

Sheamus with Irish hammers and clotheslines to Otunga, and toys around with him as he holds Otunga for White Noise. He psyches up for the Brogue Kick, and NAILS Otunga with it for the three.

Winner: Sheamus

– Sheamus hopes the Big Show is watching, as he has a Brogue Kick just for him and plans to take back his World Title. We go backstage to see Show beating down Regal, and Show says THIS is what will happen this Sunday as he cocks his fist and KO’s Regal as Sheamus rushes to the back.

– Josh Matthews reporting from outside the trainer’s room as Regal has regained consciousness following his knockout at then hand of the Big Show.

– An advert for the Wounded Warrior Program (WoundedWarriorProject.org)

– Kane on his way to the ring, as Daniel tries to stop him and “wishes him luck” with his new tag team partner. Kane says it’s not like that. Bryan says he would refuse if Foley asked him to team with someone else, and feels they need to talk to Foley about it, but Kane’s already gone, and Bryan loses it with a big “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Methinks he’s jealous.

Kane & The Miz v, The Rhodes Scholars

Miz winning by quite a margin, but Bryan’s music hits right after his and jealously has reared its ugly head as he raises a confused Kane’s hand as we go to break…

Kane with a suplex to Sandow for two. Miz tags in, and hits a knee lift for two. Wrist lock by Miz, then some left hands. Sit out corner clothesline on Sandow for a near fall. Kane tags in and hits a dropkick for two. Sandow makes a desperation tag to Rhodes. Kane and Miz with a double elbow on Rhodes. Miz drops Rhodes to the outside, but Bryan distracts him and Rhodes hits a Disaster Kick before tagging in Sandow. Sandow with the Elbow of Disdain, then Rhodes comes back in with boots to Miz. Tag to Sandow, who locks in a sleeper on Miz. Miz counters out with a backbreaker-neckbreaker combo. Tag to Kane and Rhodes. Cody dodges the boot, hits an uppercut, but eats a Kane boot. Clothesline in the corners, then a sidewalk slam for two. Kane nails the top-rope clothesline on Rhodes, and hits a right hand on Sandow. Bryan tries to interfere, but Miz dodges him into Rhodes, whom Miz tosses into the ring to get chokeslammed by Kane for the three count!

Winners: The Miz & Kane

– The three men argue as Bryan tries to celebrate along with Kane, who’s having none of Bryan or Miz, and yes, that sounds very wrong.

– Advertisement for this year’s Tribute to the Troops, which will be taking place in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday, December 22nd, at 9 P.M. ET.

Non-Title Match: WWE Champion CM Punk v. John Cena w/Special Enforcer Mick Foley

Lock up by Punk and Cena, Shoulder block to Cena, Cena floats over, hits a hip toss, then locks in an armbar. Punk escapes to the outside and stares down Foley as we go to our last commercial break…

Punk with a sledge to Cena on the outside. Punk rolls Cena onto the apron to hit a forearm to the face. Back in the ring, Cena counters into a backslide for a near fall. Punk comes back with a take down for two. Punk cinches in a reverse neck vice. Cena powers out, but Punk locks in a sleeper and John looks to be fading, but he rallies and drives Punk into the corner. The two men exchange rights and kicks, but Cena goes into his shoulderblocks, side slam, and shuffle, but Punk counters with a roll-up for a close 2. Punk with the running high knee and bulldog, but misses the Savage elbow. Cena misses the Shuffle, Punk misses the kick, gets slammed, then Five-Knuckle Shuffle. AA is countered with a roundhouse for a near fall. Punk and Cena both try for their finishers, but Punk counters the AA into the Koji Clutch. Cena makes the ropes. Punk misses the springboard, and Cena locks in the STF. Heyman in the ring, but Foley takes him out. Punk with a roundhouse on Cena for another near fall. GTS countered into the STF. Punk nearly taps, but makes the ropes. Punk starts to retreat up the ramp, but Ryback cuts him off. Cena throws Punk back in the ring, Punk tries for the GTS, but Cena slips out and hits the AA, and gets the three on the WWE Champion!

Winner: John Cena

– Cena and Ryback have a tug of war over the title as Punk can only look on in disbelief at his predicament this Sunday.

– End show.

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