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August 24, 2015 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE


411’s LIVE WWE Raw Report 8.24.15

* Welcome.

Summerslam has come and gone, with a lot of great wrestling but not so great storytelling. This, of course, seems par for the course. Let’s see what the follow up is like!


We start RAW with an “Earlier Today” chat between Triple H and Seth. He says that Summerslam lived up to the hype because of one man; Seth Rollins. H says that last night, with everything on the line, Seth stepped into the ring with Cena and he won it all. He does have to let Seth know that he isn’t the future of the WWE anymore…he is THE MAN. As promised, it’s time for Seth to take his place amongst the gods of this industry. We see the statues of Andre, Warrior, Bruno. Triple H says tonight we will unveil Seth’s statue. Seth says he’s never been so excited, it’s the greatest accomplishment in his career, and thanks Triple H.

If you missed the Reigns/Ambrose vs Wyatt/Harper match, don’t worry because tonight is the rematch!

Show starts proper with an angry Brock Lesnar. He and Heyman look to be all business as they make way to the ring. Cole warns his fellow co-workers to be on their toes. Brock makes his way into the ring.

Heyman on the mic. He introduces himself, and he is the pissed off advocate of the ripped off conqueror – The Beast of the Barclay. So what the hell happened here last night? How did we go from Brock Lesnar forcing The Undertaker to tap out for the first time in his 25 year career to a scenario where the history books will inaccurately describe as The Undertaker finally getting a victory over Brock Lesnar. It is an indisputable fact that last night, Brock took Taker to Suplex City. It is an indisputable fact that last night, Brock locked The Phenom in a Kimura. We get video footage of Taker tapping out. The video does not lie, and Heyman understands how uncomfortable it may be for this fairy tale to end. He gets it. It’s not pleasant. There is no Santa. The Easter Bunny is a fable. The belief that The Undertaker is immortal – or already dead – is a fable. Reality is that last night, The Undertaker got tapped out by Brock Lesnar. What tapping out signifies is that Brock is better. A wrestler, a fighter. Please let go of my arm, I can take it no more. That’s what tapping out means.

For the record, Brock doesn’t blame the referee, nor does he blame the time keeper, who freaked out. The timekeeper understood that when The Undertaker was tapping, he knew that Brock was going to break The Undertaker’s arm and beat him over the head with it. Let’s talk about the fact that The Undertaker collapsed after the match? Heyman has enough material to last all three hours of RAW. The timekeeper rings the bell, Brock thinks he’s won, and what does Taker do? he goes for the desparate low blow. Taker pulls Brock down into Hell’s Gate, and because The Undertaker wants and craves security, he begs Brock to tap out. What was Brock’s response? The ultimate disrespect. Brock told Taker Go Fuck Yourself. Undertaker may be the last gunslinger, but he can’t shoot with Brock Lesnar.

So they are out here tonight because Brock Lesnar wants to fight The Undertaker one more time. Heyman is not here to issue a challenge to Mania, or a challenge for the Rumble. Not in church or heaven or hell, Brock Lesnar challenges The Undertaker right here, right now. Brock removes his shirt. He’s ready.

The crowd issues a suplex city chant for a while before, of all peole, Bo Dallas is here. Heyman can’t believe his eyes. “Mr. Brock, I have good news and I have bad news.” hahaha. He says the bad news is that last night, Brock tapped out. The good news is that Brock eventually woke up, and he probably had a sweet dream – a dream like Brock actually beating The Undertaker. He says Brock can make those dreams come true, all he has to do is….BO-LIEVE! Heyman is ready to exit the ring. Brock with a hard clothesline. GERMAN! He goes for another, hits it. Brock lifts Bo like nothing and hits another as the crowd chants along. ONE MORE TIME chant. Another German. Brock leaves the ring, and the crowd boos because they wanted more. Heyman is in Brock’s ear, tells him he hit four…why not five?

Brock makes his way back down to the ring where Bo is laid the Fuck Out. He lifts him up by the waist. FIVE! Crowd boos again. Heyman in Brock’s ear again, and I think he’s calling for an F-5, for Heyman, specifically. Brock is back in the ring. He grabs the laid out Bo. F-5!!! Heyman on the mic, “Bo, I want you to know, Brock Lesnar BO-LIEVES!!!!!” haha

Our new Tag Team Champs will be facing the Lucha Dragons tonight. Also, Miz TV will have the winning divas of this weekend.

We’re back, and we get some stills from Summerslam, including a spotlight of Kofi making that sneak tag, allowing them to win the belts. #TRICEPMEAT

Prime Time Players are on commentary.

New Day is here. Woods is missing. Big E has the mic, and he wants to give to us our feature presentation. Presentating: Xavier Woods. Woods comes out with a trombone!!! He’s blowing to the tune of “New York, New York!” They change the words, and Kofi sings their way down the ring. This is glorious. Big E calls Brooklyn “Booty,” and says it’s ok because the champs are here to stay…NEW DAY! hahahaha. This made me smile.

Match 1: Lucha Dragons vs The New Day
Kofi and Sin Cara to start. Knee by Kofi into a snapmare. He hits the ropes and misses a kick. Sin Cara roll up, then lifts up and drops Kofi down hard. Kalisto here and they do the monkey flip into a splash onto Kofi. Pin for 1. NO. Kofi with rights then a whip, but Kalisto flips over the ropes. He hops u p and gets a leg scissors onto Kofi, then tosses him out of the ring. Big E is in the ring. He whips Kalisto, who springboards off, and sends Big E to the ouside. Kalisto with a suicide dive. Woods is there. Sin Cara gets one for himself as we go to break.

Back to the match, and WOODS IS PLAYING THE TROMBONE DURING THE MATCH!!! Big E is clapping along in the ring while Sin Cara is trapped in the corner. He lifts his feet, hits a dropkick to Big E, flips over and tags in Kalisto. In comes Kofi. Spinning elbow from Kalisto. Kick to the gut. He hops up top of Kofi’s back and turns it into a roll up for 1..2..NO! Big E breaks it up. Sin Cara in and sends Big E to the outside, but Big E pulls the leg out. Kalisto is about to attack, but Wodos gets in the way.

Kofi hits him with a modified suplex, and they set up for the finisher. Woods plays MILITARY TAPS!!!! OMG!!! Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Official Result: New Day
On pure enjoyment alone, this was beautiful.
Rating: **

New Day is celebrating!




D-Von grabs a table! It’s in the ring! 3-D to Woods into a table!!!!!!!!!

Holy fuck, man! Bubba and D-Von head to Prime Time Players. Bubba screams out, “We’re The Dudley Boyz!!!” Son of a fucking bitch, man!

Look at the comments! About 200 Holy Shits, 450 What the fucks, 1,000 BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!

We’re back to the show, and Cole and Co are talking about the return of The Dudleys, saying that ten years removed, they are back.

John Cena video where he makes his 500th wish; bringing back The Dudleys.

Backstage, Triple H and Steph are observing the statue. They finally step away, and we get a full view of the statue. It looks…well, it’s a statue. Is the US Title incomplete? Seth enters, but they cover it beforehand, so he doesn’t see it. Seth wants to thank them for everything they’ve done for him and the universe. When they took the tour at headquarters, he couldn’t help but notice the love and respect all the employees have for them. He says this place is so much better off with them two in charge. Steph says they feel better with Seth as champ, and he is the man. They tell him to get out of here because they have to set up the ring. Seth says he loves them, as Steph smiles all cheesily.

Match 2: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper
Harper and Ambrose to start…just like last nigh,t and it ooks damned near identical to how last night started. Elbow in the corner by Ambrose. Ambrose hops up top and hits a missile dropkick, then knocks Bray off the apron. He hops over the top rope and takes out Bray on the floor. Harper in the ring opts for a suicide dive, running right into Ambrose. Harper with a whip and Ambrose flies back with a clothesline. Bray is here, but Reigns with the running kick to Wyatt as we get another commercial break.

Back to the match, and Bray is in control over Ambrose. Bray with a hard clothesline. Cover for 1…2.NO! Tag to Harper who taunts Reigns then hits a body slam in the middle of the ring. Ambrose tries for a slingshot against the ropes – another spot form last night – and hits it. Tag to Bray. He hits a right, Ambrose blocks a second and fights back. A kick sends Wyatt down, and we get a cover for 1…2..NO! Bray drops Ambrose on his knee gut first!! Pin or 1…2..NO! Harper tagged in and hits a senton onto Ambrose. Gator Roll. Harper has Ambrose up, but Ambrose reverses and hits a body slam of his own. He’s in the corner, hits an elbow and sets up for a tornado DDT. Hits it! Both men down! Reigns wants the tag. Ambrose reaches, leaps. Tag to Roman! Tag to Bray! Samoan Drop by Reigns. Kick to Wyatt, another, one more! He hits a throw/slam onto Bray. Hooks the leg and does so again! Reigns with a srunning clothesline in the corner. He hops off the ropes for a right, but Bray hits his own. Roman bounces off the ropes. Right hand. Another. He hits a modified protobomb and calls for the Superman punch, but Wyatt catches and looks for Sister Abigail. Judo throw from Reigns! He knocks Harper off the apron! Wyatt with a chokeslam! Pin for 1..2..NO! Ambrose breaks it uP! Harper in! He sends Dean into the ropes, Dean comes back and sends Harper to the outsid! Bray is up, and Ambrose sends Bray to the outside then dives into him! He rolls Wyatt back in and Reigns hits a suplex into a pin! 1…2..HARPER in to braek things up! Superkick to Ambrose! Superkick to Reigns! He wakes up Bray! Harper grabs Reigns and sets up for a powerbomb with Wyatt, but Reigns kicks Wyatt away and shoves Harper ot the outside. He walks right into a setup for Sister Abigail! Reigns pushes away. SUPERMAN PUNCH!!! Ambrose with an elbow drop to Harper on the outside!!! Reigns in the corner!!! He calls for the Spear, but the lights go out!! WYATT’S little package goes. Lights back on, and there is a beast on the apron! He’s a bearded man with a black sheep mask! The guy removes the mask, and it’s Braun Strowman!

Reigns sets up for the Superman punch, but he’s caught and sent into the corner the hard way for the DQ.
Official Result: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose via DQ

Rating: **

Strowman looks like a huge Gordie Boggs!! He goes to attack Ambrose, but Reigns is back up. Hagrid with a chop to the shoulder of Ambrose. He fights Reigns off quickly, then grabs him by the jaw and drags Reigns down. He locks in a sideheadlock and spins Reigns around hard. He pulls the hold up, dangling Reigns in his arms like nothing. Reigns passes out. Wyatt is in the corner with a smile. The big guy grabs Reigns and sets up for a powerbomb, then brings Reigns on his shoulder, back first. He twirls Reigns in the air and Reigns lands hard. Ambrose in to kick Strowman in the head. He pushes Ambrose away, locks in the same modified headlock, then drops the passed out Ambrose. Wyatt is up with a smile, and Harper tugs n the hair of the new dude

One more return I’d welcome:

Back to the show, and we get a recap of the new guy tossing Reigns around like nothing. Cole calls him a monster of a man in a way a Southern Black lady would.

We are in the middle of the ring with Miz. It’s Miz TV and it’s Live. He wants to know if we’re ready for a Divas Revolution, because tonight he has the winners from last night. He introduces them, and out come the Powerpuff Girls. Charlotte Woos. Miz wants to start with Becky, who pinned Brie Bella. She says it’s not about who pinned who. They won last night because they are not three separate divas, they are one cohesive unit. Charlotte says that her dad taught them that, back when he was part of the greatest faction in WWE History. Miz says that FLair and he are old pals. Flair taught Miz the Figure Four, and he perfected it. Charlotte mockingly says Miz really lived up to Flair’s legacy. Miz brings up his accolades and says yes, he did. Not only did he live up to his legacy, he surpassed it. Woooo! This isn’t about Miz, says he, it’s about the divas. He brings up girl power and stuff, and wants to know if there is any competition between the three. They say that they couldn’t be here without the other two, and they all cross pinkies.

Miz says three beautiful women that all get along. Paige says that they aren’t that into Miz. Charlotte says they’ll take on any challenger, any woman, any man, any ghost, dinosaur, asteroid, etc. Paige tells Becky to calm down. What they mean is that they’re here to prove that this is the era of the female athelete. They will not back down or surrender, and they will prove that they’re just as strong, agile, and dominant as any man.

Team Bella is here to interrupt. Yay.

Dominant? Nikki questions this. That’s like saying Donald Trump’s fave holiday is Cinco De Mayo….-_-

Brie says that the three girls are very talented but Team Bella is about more than just talent. They empower women all over the world. They are the faces of dominance. They are faces of empowerment. WE WANT SASHA chant. Brie says “You’re welcome.”

Becky wants to know how they dominated when they lost last night. Brie says that she isn’t talking about last night, she’ talking about the past few years. Alicia wants to know if Becky is “the wild one, the crazy member.” Alicia brings up how many shiny new divas come and go, and how many have never heard from again in the nine years. Becky says that must mean that Alicia has been around long, and she is basically the needy leech. What is Fox gonna do? Throw soda on her? Hahaha

Nikki says that none of them have to prove anything to anyone. Wins? Losses? Who cares? Wow…

Nikki says in three weeks and one day, she will become the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History, so they can keep the Summerslam win, but the only victory that really matters is this one. (She holds uip the title). The girls all bicker a bit until Miz stands in the middle of them. When his hand goes up, their mouths go shut! That goes for everyone.

Miz calls out the newbies and says if they want to revolutionize, they should emulate The Miz. Right now, he is not impressed. They back Miz against the ropes, looking to attack, but The Bellas stop them, and attack all three. Brie and Alicia send Charlotte and Becky to the outside, then finally Paige. WE WANT SASHA chant still going as we are informed these two teams will face each other next.

Match 3: Team Bella vs Team PCB
Back, mid match because it doesn’t matter, and Becky has Brie in the corner. She hip tosses Brie down and hits the ropes. Leg drop. Another. One more. Charlotte is in with a knee drop. She struts, and she is the legal woman. I must have missed the tag. She trips Brie down and goes for the Figure Eight. Brie crawls over and tags in Nikki. Nikki shoves Charlotte by the face. Charlotte with a hard push. She ducks a clothesline and bridges a pin for 1. Charlotte backs up. Paige with the tag in. She pushes Nikki on the ropes, and Paige hits the knees on the apron. She enters the ring with one more knee and covers for 1..2.NO! Tag to Becky as Paige grabs the hair. They hit a double headbutt. Pin from Becky for 1..2.NO! Becky works the arm. She pulls it hard. Niki reverses and arm drags Becky down, keeping the hold locked in. Becky with the schoolboy. Pin for 1..2..NO! ANother pin and 1..2.NO! Nikki grabs the arm, but Becky locks the arms and gets a backslide for 2. She works the arm behind Nikki then spins it again, pulling down hard. Blind tag from Charlotte, and Becky hands her Nikki’s arm. Charlotte drops Nikki,drilling her knee into the back of the shoulder. She works the arm a bit more. Nikkitries to kick out of it, but Charlotte locks the head and tags in Paige. Paige takes over with a modifed snapmare into a pin. 1..2.NO! She is also working the arm. Nikki finally gets out of the hold with a whip then a spinebuster. Pin for 1..2..NO! Paige kicks out. Paige backs Nikki in the corner and hits shoulders. Kick to Nikki, another. Tag to Becky. Becky with kicks to Nikki in the corner. Tag to Charlotte. Whip to Nikki, who gets a dropkick from both girls. They kip up and Nikki rolls out of the ring. Brie and Alicia come in, and they get dropkicked to the outside for their troubles!!! Charlotte launches herself over the top rope onto Team Bella!!!

We are back, and Nikki has a half Boston Crab on Charlotte. She finally releases the hold and Charlotte hits a knee then sends Nikki tumbling to the outside, where she holds a knee she didn’t land on. Charlotte reaches for a tag, but Nikki grabs her hair between the ropes and pulls Charlotte to the outside. Nikki grabs the leg and slams it against the ring post. She does the weakest leg hook known to man then sends Charlotte to the inside. Kick to the side of Charlotte. Pin for 1…2.NO! Nikki grabs the leg and drags her to the heel corner. Tag from ALicia and they slam the left leg down hard. Elbow drop to the inside leg. Another. Alicia with one more. Leg scissors across the shin, and she pulls back on the leg of Charlotte. Alicia with a modified muffler, knee to the head as THE CROWD DOES THE WAVE!!! JBL tries to sell it as something other than boredom.

Tag to Paige who hits a few short clotheslines too Alicia. Dropkick. Alicia in the corner and Paige hits a high running knee. She hits a few more for fun. The twins try to interrupt. Whip is reversed and Alicia hits a big boot! Clothesline! Pin for 1…2..NO!! WE ARE AWESOME/WE WANT SASHA chant. JBL says they came to have fun….yeah, and they’re not. Paige drops Alicia’s head on the corner as Paige begs for Bellas to come in the ring. Paige on the apron and hits a senton off the apron onto ALicia. She knocks both Bellas off the apron and clotheslines ALicia! Crowd chants BORING. Paige grabs the legs. She calls for the PTO!!! Brie enters the ring, though! Kick to Paige! X-Factor to Becky who enters the ring! Dropkick to Charlotte, sending her out!

Nikki with a HARD right to Paige!! She tries to stand, and Alicia hits the Axe Kick! Pin for 1..2…3!!!
Official Result: Team Bella
But wins and losses don’t matter…
Rating: *1/2

The crowd wasn’t impressed, and neither was I.

Back to the show, and King Barrett is in the ring awaiting his partner. Stardust is out with a cape. has he always had that? Damn, I was hoping last night spelled the end of Stardust. Mayhap it was….

Barrett drops his crown, and Cody attacks!!!! He hits CROSS RHODES!!!! Cody hops up on the apron and sleeps it off.

Neville is here with his own damned cape!

He rushes the ring, and Cody misses a stomp. Kick to the head. Kicks send Cody into the corner. Whip. Neville hops over and flips all the way across the ring. Neville hops up on the top rope but Cody scurries away, holding his painted chin.

Poor Barrett. And what made Neville come out? To save/avenge Barrett? Come on guys…

Jon Stewart is here live, and he’ll explain why he did what he did…next. Until then, here’s some AJ Lee!

Lillian Garcia is here, all smiles, as she welcomes Jon Stewart.

Stewart says what’s up to Brooklyn, but he’s no R-Truth, so they don’t reply. THANK YOU STEWART. Jon takes a bow. Apparently, last night, he did upset some people. Some of those people are here tonight. Of course, some people…YES YES YES! To those individuals who had to comfort their children, children who wanted to know who the little old mean man was, and why would he do that, he will tell us why. It was not in any way to help Seth Rollins retain the title – as well as he fought. It wasn’t what was best for business. It was because, in his heart, he could not let John Cena tie Ric Flair’s record. In his mind, THE CHAMP IS FLAIR. Not on his watch.


FLAIR IS HERE to appease Stewart and fans, I’m sure!!

Jon pops like a fanboy. It’s great. Flair struts down the ramp. This is an honor for Stewart, he says. They strut in the middle of the ring together. Flair gives Stewart a hug. He appreciates what Jon was thinking last night, but to be honest, Flair was pulling for John Cena. Stewart is dumbfounded. Flair wants us to hear him out. Sooner or later, the record is broken and he prefers for it to be by someone that he respects. He says we don’t gotta like it, but we gotta learn to love it because it’s coming from the best thing today. Don’t forget, God’s in the house tonight. haha. Fuckin Flair. He says that he respects Cena. Jon says he just coldn’t let him do it, he thought he was protecting Flair. Flair says that he wants Jon to recognize that he is the greatest of all time, but now he has messed up everything. Jon says no, he was saving the streak. Flair says there is so much more to this. Jon has messed up everything.

Insert John Cena.

Cena is head scratching and frustrated. He says there is business to handle. Stewart and he gotta talk. Jon wants to know what he wants to talk about. haha. Cena says to let him get it out. Cena says Jon did what he did because he thought it was a good idea, but because of what Jon did, Seth Rollins is the WWE Champion AND the US Champ. YES chant, and Cena tries to take it over. The same championship that he pried from the hands of Rusev and used as an opportunity so that these people get a chance to see the superstars that they want to see in a main event. Names like AMbrose, Neville, Stardust, Cesaro, Sami Zayn. Cena is super pissed. Jon wants to say something. Cena seems upset. haha. He mocks the YOU CANT SEE ME thing. Cena says this isn’t a comedy show. Yes, John Cena said that… Cena threatens Jon. Jon says with respect, it was a beautiful match last night, and Cena has been a fighting US Champion, and he respects the chances he gave to everyone, but Stewart has been a fan for many years and as good as Cena is, he couldn’t see Cena tying the record for Flair. He apologizes for not seeing it through.

Cena tries to take over, saying that the two big titles are now in the hands of The Authority, they who don’t care about the Universe. Stewart says that Cena can win the US Title back. He almost feels like singing. Cena can get the title back, declare a rematch.

Jon says last night was his moment, tonight is Cena’s moment. Cena says that he knows he’ll understand this. He’s just going to do what he’s gotta do. He sets up for the AA. Cena hits Jon Stewart with an AA! He shakes the hand of Flair and heads out of the ring.

Stewart is able to walk out of the ring with a little help from refs.

Back to the show, and Renee Young asks Cena about what he just did. Cena says he was just doing what he thought was right. He then goes Full Denzel and says later, he’ll have another talk with Seth Rollins.

Dolph is here with full tights, and Lana’s ass.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback, and Randy Orton vs The Big Show, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, and Rusev
Starting with Ryback and Rusev. They lockup and have a test of strength. They match, color-wise, and it bothers my eyes. Thesz Press from Ryback, and he sends his head into the mat a few times. Tag to Cesaro, who is in with a right to the gut. Side headlock and he backs into the rope. Rusev jumps up and Cesaro catches him. Delayed powerslam and a pin for 1..2..NO! Cesaro works the arm and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler with a dropkick to Rusev. Dolph goes for a DDT, but Rusev deflects. Superkick attempt, and Rusev side steps and heads to the outside. Dolph waits for Rusev to rise, but Ryback is on the outside, and he just trucks Rusev down! Owens looks to get revenge, but everyone involved heads to the side of the ring, and we get a comemrcial break.

Back to the show, and ZIggler is in the ring with Big Show. Dolph kicks him out of the corner, but gets chopped trying to fly. Show yells at the crowd. He grabs Ziggler and tosses him in the corner. He goes for the chop in the corner, hits it. BIG SHOW SUCKS to the tune of NEW DAY ROCKS. Show points to his ass for no reason. Show grabs Ziggler and taunts the crowd some more. He hits a body slam to Ziggler. Ziggler fights with kicks and right hands. He hits the ropes, and gets a shoulder tackle for his troubles. He drags Ziggler to his corner and tags in Kevin Owens. Stomps to Ziggler’s chest, then he mounts and hits a bunch of right hands. Owens goes for a suplex, drops Ziggler on the ropes, who bounces off. He drops his weight on Ziggler then pins for 1…2.NO! Owens mocks Ziggler then stomps. He grabs his head and sends Ziggler in the corner. Blind tag from Sheamus. Sheamus locks the head and hits a suplex of his own. Sheamus grabs the leg of Ziggler and locks in the muffler. Ziggler tries to sit upright on Sheamus’ shoulders, but it doesn’t work. Ziggler is able to get up and punch Sheamus a few times, but he gets an Irish Curse for his troubles.

Break time again. When we return, Show is back in the ring with Ziggler again. He calls for a chokeslam. Ziggler kicks, hits a DDT to Show! Tag to Rusev. Stomps Ziggler before he gets o the corner, then stands up to the face corner. Kick to Ziggler, who is hanging on the bottom rope. Rusev kicks the back of the head. Summer RAe is smiling ringside, but Lana shoots from nowhere, and the crowd loves it!! Lana attacks Summer, sending him towards the ramp. In the ring, Rusev holds Ziggler up. He seems confused. Ziggler with a Fameasser! Tag to Owens, who stops the tag with a kick. But Ziggler leaps for a tag to Xesaro!! Uppercutss to Owens! Spelling mistakes like crazy!!! Running uppercut in the corner, opposite corner! One more time!! let’s not end it!!! Cesaro calls for the spin!!! Rusev on the apron, he enters. Cesaro drops Rusev! SPIN TO RUSEV!!!! Cesaro drops him at 8. In the corner, Owesn with a kick. Ryback tags himself in and they trade right hands like crazy in the middle of the ring! Ryback gets oWens in the corner, but he drop toe holds him into the 2nd turnbuckle. Owens goes for the cannonball, but Ryback with a spinebuster!!! Ryback’s hungry! MEATHOOK!!! Ryback sets up for Shellshock, but Owens falls off and pushes Ryback into Big Show’s waiting hold!!! Rollup for 1…2..NO!! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Tag to Orton! Tag to Sheamus!! Orton with a powerslam! He sets up Sheamus on the apron! DDT! Orton hears voices!! Show trise to enter the ring. Dropkick to Big Show!!! Show still on the apron. Sheamus gets Orton set up. He is shoved towards the ropes!

KO PUNCH, but Orton moves and Bog Show hits Sheamus with it!!! Orton with the RO! Pin! 1…2…3!!!!
Official Result: Randy Orton, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryback
Big Show be fuckin up.
Rating: **1/2

In the ring, Rusev and Kevin Owens are yelling at Big Show for the loss. Show tells them to calm their tits, but Rusev isn’t having it. Owens and he get in Show’s face. Show shoves Owens down. Then Rusev. GOOZLE to Owens. Superkick to Big Show from Rusev! Owens knocks Big Show into the corner. Rusev whips Kevin Owens into the corner. Cannonball to Big Show!!! Kevin Owens leaves the ring and sees Sheamus laid out. He nearly attacks then thinks better of it.

The faces huddle, and they are looking to attack Show. Show in the ring, he stands, and Ziggler is there in wait. Superkick to Big Show! Show doesn’t go down!!! Ryback and Cesaro both lift Big Show!!!! RKO FROM ORTON!!! Holy shit, Cesaro.

I get that this was more because the crowd would possibly be into it, but does it make sense for all faces to attack one man?

Back to RAW, and Wyatt is here with his fog and Harper. He tried to warn Roman that so long as he was alive, Wyatt would be there. Roman infects everything and everyone around him, such as Ambrose, who like a pawn being played. Last night, the world witnessed Reigns moment of glory, and Wyatt would cherish that moment because now it’s over. Tonight, Reigns witnessed her greatest gift. This is Strowman, and he is the Black Sheep. Strowman is front and center, and removes his mask.

Backstage, Cena is stopped by Triple H and Steph. They congratulate him for AAing Stewart, a man Cena outweights by about 100 lbs. They think Cena is a sore loser. Cena says he’ll step up his weight class. Steph says that he thinks Seth will get involved, but in order to steal the spotlight, he’d actually have to be here to do it. Security is here, and Steph says that she’s not letting anything or anyone ruin the celebration tonight, and these men will escort him out. Steph does the You Cant See Me taunt, and Cena is escorted out.

Steph says that she may get in a lot of trouble for this. She says there is a big celebration going on tonight for Seth, but there is also a celebration for another man today…it’s Mr. McMahon’s 70th birthday today. She knows that he will not come out here, so she wants everyone to join her in singing Happy Birthday! Commentary, Trips, and Steph all sing for Vince and it sounds horrible. Still, the sentiment is there.

Triple H says Vince is probably so pissed off right now. Now then, if you’re looking for a superstar to be immortalized in bronze, you want someone that will work harder than everybody else, the first to arrive and last to leave every single night, because that man has Hustle (Loyalty? Respect?) That man is Seth Rollins. If you’re looking for someone to be bronzed, you’d want to find someone that is faithful to those from the beginning. That is called loyalty. Ah, there it is. If you’re looking for someone to immortalize, you would want someone who looks up to those that brought them to the dance. Respect. Seth Rollins has that. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. But he has one more thing. One more oh so important thing that no one else has at this time. Seth, unlike some, is a winner.

Seth is out to thank both of them from the bottom of his heart. This is a big night for everyone. Tonight, he joins the Mount Rushmore of the WWE. He is reminded of an adage tonight. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Last night, when he defeated John Cena, and became the first man ever to hold both titles at the same damned time, he became a legend. Tonight, with this statue, he becomes immortal. He’s said a lot of terrible things about Cena, most of them well deserved. He called Cena a disease, and said that Seth was the cure. He meant every single word. Cena has worked daily to be the man, and for the last ten years, he WAS the man. To be the man….you know where this is going. Seth is no longer the future, he is the man. This statue will live long after his main event after main event of Mania. He brings up Bruno, The Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant.

Brooklyn, are you ready?! THE CHAMP IS HERE!

The curtain is removed from, and it’s STING!!!!!

Triple H is shocked, pointing towards Sting, whose makeup is already partially removed for some reason. He stares down Seth Rollins, who is freaked out big time. Triple H and Steph leave the ring for some reason, as he Sting stares down Seth. Seth atacks. Right hands form Sting. Chop and strikes in te corner. WOOO! Sting runs with a Stinger Splash! He hits the ropes and clotheslines Rollins over the top rope!!! Sting grabs the title that Seth left, and stares at it. He holds it up in the ring and points towards Seth. Steph screams NEVER. Cole tries to end the show poetically with the Heroes get remembered line, but JBL steps over it. haha.

End Show.

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