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August 29, 2016 | Posted by Tony Acero

Author’s Note: As we move closer to football season, I find myself having to rearrange my work schedule. Some slight changes are coming soon, but I assure you that you’ll get your fill of Tony Acero regardless. As for now, I’ll just leave a teaser image and let you come up with ridiculous ideas as to what is to come

Monday Night RAW is live! Tonight’s 411Mania Report is brought to you, in part, by Mountain Dew. I’m drinkin it, you’re readin it.

We got the four contenders in the ring, seated. Cory Graves is in the ring with them. He introduces everyone, but Seth interrupts him and says that Graves left out the real reason everyone is sitting here right now; Seth Rollins. If it wasn’t for what he did to Balor, then he wouldn’t have had to give up the belt – so everyone is here because of him. The entire world knows he is the favorite to win this match tonight. He was #1 draft pick, and the most decorated champ in the ring. He then points out Owens. Owens calls Graves a fan of Culture Shock, it helps Owens sleep. He says it is an honor to just be in the same match with competitors such as these guys. He is excited. “BOY, isn’t this exciting!?”

Graves asks for Owens thoughts on the match. Owens asks if Graves doesn’t want them to be nice to each other? After all, that’s why this is organized like a group therapy session. Want him to be serious? Ok. It’s simple: With Zayn out of the picture, Owens can focus on what matters, and what matters is the title. HE is a prize fighter, which means he is at his best when the stakes are high, and tonight it’s as high as it gets. Seth talks big, but Owens delivers big.

He looks to Reigns, laughs as the crowd boos. He fights hard, but Owens fights smart. Cass….he’s just really tall. That doesn’t count for anything.

Cass says that it does. HOW YOU DOIN chant. Owens points out that Cass can talk for himself! Owens always thought it was Enzo who pulled the string. Cass wonders if Owens came up with it all himself, or did Jericho write it for him? Owens says this isn’t funny. Cass says he knows where he stands; he’s new around here. He’s never won a belt, but that means that he has NOTHING to lose. NOBODY is expecting him to win. Cass says he’s no underdog. In fact, he’s the biggest dog in this fight. As for Seth, no matter what he thinks or has been telling himself, size DOES matter! ooooooooo, CASS SAW THE DICK PIC!!!

Seth drops the bombshell that this match IS an Elimination match. Seth tells each man in the ring that he’s going to eliminate them all. He says everyone knows when it’s Reigns vs Rollins, Rollins beats Reigns every single time. He tells Graves to ask Roman how he’s going to win tonight.

Graves asks Reigns about tonight’s match.

Reigns stands for his statement. He is about to say something, but instead gives Owens a right hand!!! Rollins attacks Cass. Reigns grabs Seth from behind and tosses him. Reigns and Cass stand face to face in the middle of the ring. Seth attacks from behind. Reigns sends Cass to the outside. SUPERMAN PUNCH TO ROLLINS!!! Reigns stands tall. He stares at the title while much of the crowd boos him.

Short and sweet.

Backstage, Jericho is talking to “Phillipe” about tonight’s match with Neville. Jericho says last week, all he was doing was giving moral support. Everyone knew Owens was going to beat Neville, just like he’s going to walk out tonight the new champ. So Neville is fired up? Smoke steaming out his ears? That little muscle-bound Mighty Mouse freak? Neville is going to get….do you know what he’s going to get, Phil?

Todd says, “It!”

Jericho says no, you stupid idiot, what does that even mean?! haha. Neville is going to get the gift of Jericho.

Match 1: Chris Jericho vs Neville

Neville with a hard right knocks Jericho on his ass. Some chops, and a ducked clothesline is followed by a flying one. Another. Whip is reversed. Jericho hops up for a dropkick, but Neville stops mid-run, grabs the legs, and sends Jericho over the top rope to the outside. Neville hits the ropes, looking to dive, but Jericho gets out of the way! Neville waits for Jericho, but Jericho is shouting to the crowd on the outside. Neville heads to the outside, taps on the back of Jericho, then hitsa kick. He sends Jericho into the ring and heads to the top rope. Neville flies off with a great looking crossbody. Pin for 1..2..NO! Jericho scurries to the ref on his knees, hugging the ref and putting him between Jericho and NEville. Neville with a few kicks. The ref tries to back Neville up, and Jericho rakes the eyes. Clothesline, and some rights. Jericho with a boot to the face.

We are back from a break, and Jericho flies off the top rope with an elbow to Neville’s chin. Cover for 1..2..NO! What we missed was Jericho dropping NEville from the top rope onto his face. Jericho hits some rights, then snapmares Neville into a cravat. Neville is up, but Jericho hits a knee. Neville hits the ropes, kick to the chest. Kick to the ribs. Hits the ropes. Kick to the side of the face!!! Neville eats an elbow in the corner. Neville sends Jericho over the top rope. He runs the apron, heads to the top rope, and flies off with an axe handle, but Neville hits a kick to the abs! Standing Shooting Star Press! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Whip to Jericho, Neville ducks down, but jericho uses the ropes and slides under them to the outside. Jericho walks around, but NEville is on the apron! Running knee from the apron! Neville with a springboard moonsault onto Jericho!!!! Nice! Neville sends Jericho back into the ring. Neville on the top rope. Jericho is up! Neville hops down on the apron. Springboard missile dropkick to Jericho! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Neville is up first. He hits a forearm in the corner, then whips Jericho. Neville runs into an elbow. Jericho goes for the running bulldog, but Neville sends Jericho into the corner hard! Neville with a hard elbow to the back of the neck. NEville locks up behind, looks for a German, but Jericho rolls forward and through, looking for the walls!!! Neville escapes and turns this into a small package! Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Jericho turns. Goes for the Codebreaker, but Neville holds on!!! Superkick to Jericho! Neville is up top!!!

Red Arrow attempt, Neville lands on his feet as Jericho moves!!! Neville turns, goes for a hurricanrana, but holds onto the legs and drops Neville down. WALLS OF JERICHO! KNEE TO THE HEAD!! LIONTAMER!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Hell of an opener.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

Earlier today, Bayley showed up to RAW!! She hugs a stagehand the nruns into NEW DAY!!!

They do a WE WANT SOME BAYLEY chant. Bayley then makes note of them being the DOUBLE YOU—-DOUBLE YOU—-EEEE—-WORLD—TA—-

She is interrupted by Dana Brooke who says that Bayley will never succeed here because she doesn’t belong here. Woods says that she looked pretty good last week, and who did she beat?

Dana says she wasn’t there for a match, she was there last week to remind people why Charlotte should be champion. Dana says that she is going to go find Gallows and Anderson. New Day says that they and their friend Bayley are game!

Dana says bring it on, but Bayley says it’s already been brought.

New Day goes buckwild.

The world rejoices.

Match 2: Nia Jax vs A Girl

Nia trucks the chick with a huge clothesline. Nia grabs the girl before she can run away and slams her down by her hair. Elbow drop. Nia shoves the chick in the corner and hits a few shoulders. Hair toss across the ring into the corner. Nia runs and hits a butt splash in the corner.

Nia grabs the hair, lifts the girl up on her shoulders and drops her hard with a cover for 1..2….3!!

Winner: Nia Jax
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

We get a segment from Gallows and Anderson. They are retired doctors, now, and working on new treatments for OLDFARTS. They bring up The Dudleyz and say that they are now retired. They then bring up The New Day who are also suffering from this ailment of non-retirement. They ask Nurse Dana Brooke for help, and she steps into frame with a smock and a single glove. It appears she is ready to shove her finger up a unicorn.

We come back to RAW with a Seth Rollins video package, which is cool. But I think this is cooler:

Match 3: Sami Zayn vs Jinder Mahal

Lockup to start. Go behind by Zayn. Jinder works the left arm. Sami tries to escape, rolls out, reverses and gets a hold of his own. He locks the arm bar on but Jinder turns into it. He goes behind Sami, but Sami reverses. Elbow to the face breaks the hold, and Jinder hits a few forearms. Whip, Sami hops over Jinder from in front of him. Kick to the head. Chop in the corner. Sami sends Jinder into the corner and hits a hard chop. Mahal escapes the ring, then grabs Sami by the ankle. Sami kicks Jinder away. Mahal with a hard right to the back of the head. Jinder mounts and hits a few right hands. He grabs the head then whips and hits a back elbow. Jinder gets hit with a right hand, then shove Sami into the corner. He goes to grab the ankle, but the ref breaks them up in the corner. Sami rolls through and hits a hard clothesline. I missed about 20 seconds, so pretend something cool happened. Sami with the exploder suplex into the corner!!!

Sami stands in the opposing corner. HELLUVA KICK!!! Pin for 1….2….3!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn
Why did they bring Mahal back?
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *1/2
Total Rating: *3/4

Cole and Co are standing by with Charlotte. Cole brings up an interview with Sasha Banks earlier today. Lita asks when Sasha knew she was injured. Sasha says it was during the match and she knew she was in danger. Lita asks what her thoughts are on her return. Sasha says she’ll be a whole new Boss and she will show Charlotte why she is the boss. Sasha is coming back better than ever.

Cole asks Charlotte what she thinks about being a coward. Charlotte says her dad and Dana were both absent during this match, so what’s Sasha’s excuse.

New Day and Bayley come out separetely then together. They give Bayley a unicorn horn, and she is out to hug her fans. Woods gets his own hug as well.

Charlotte gives Bayley credit, calls her a good kid, but why didn’t Bayley debut when her, Sasha, and Becky did?

Match 4: The New Day and Bayley vs The Club and Dana Brooke

Bayley and Dana to start, it appears. Bayley is super excited to be here. Lockup to start. Dana turns Bayley and hits a hard forearm to the back. She sends Bayley down then mounts and hits some rights. Pin for 1..2….NO! Dana grabs the hair and lifts Bayley. Bayley takes her down by the legs. Jackknife cover for 1…2…NO! Bayley goes for a cradle, gets 1…..2..NO! Bayley works the arm. Dana with a knee to the midsection. Dana sends Bayley into the corner headfirst, but Bayley ain’t havin it. She’s Bayling up!!! She reverses and sends Dana into the turnbuckle a bunch of times. Bayley with a final running send off. Dana rushes for a tag. In comes Anderson. Big E rushes in and hits a belly to belly! Tag to Kofi. Kofi hits the ropes. Running kick to Anderson! Pin for 1..2…NO! Kofi works the arm, tags Big E in. Big E with a shoulder in the corner. He drops. Kofi runs, hops off of Big E’s back and hits a clothesline. Big E with a Belly to Belly!!! Dana distracts the ref, and Gallows hits a right hand to Big E. Anderson kicks him in the corner. Tag to Gallows. E is seated in the heel corner. Gallows attacks in the corner. Right hand to Big E. Gallows drags E in the center of the ring and goes for an elbow drop. Big E moves! Big E launches himself for a tag to Kofi. Tag to Anderson. Kofi with a springboard clothesline. A clothesline, another. Dropkick to Anderson. Running clothesline. Kofi hits the ropes. BOOM DROP! Spinning kick by Kofi. Anderson goes to the corner. He’s seated. Kofi with the stomps. Tag to Big E. E stomps. The stampede begins!!! Big E with the whip of Kofi into Anderson. Tag to Bayley. Kofi grabs Bayley and whips her into Anderson!!! Dana enters the ring but gets sent right out, leaving Kofi, Big E, and Bayley to dance their way into our hearts.

We come back after a break, with all of the commentators talking to the camera while the match is going on behind them. Odd way to come back.

Anyway, Kofi and Anderson are on the 2nd rope in the corner. Kofi knocks Anderson off the corner and kicks Gallows who tries to interrupts. Kofi into the ring. Spinebuster from Anderson! He mounts Kofi and hits a buncho f rights to the head. Tag to Gallows. Gallows is in. He grabs Kofi’s head and sets him up in the Tree of Woe. Running Dropkick to the gut! Gallows with a drop and a pin for 1..2..NO! Gallows with a cravat from behind after a few forearms. Kofi tries to fight out, does, hits the ropes, and Gallows hits an elbow. Tag to Anderson. Anderson with a running knee drop, but Kofi rolls out of the way!!! Gallows enters the ring for seemingly no reason. Kofi sends him to the outside. Kofi goes for a tag, but Anderson grabs his leg. Kofi kicks him away, flies to tag, but Gallows pulls Big E off the apron and hits a clothesline!!! Anderson drags Kofi to the left corner. Anderson runs, but Kofi jumps up and double stomps the chest!!!! TAG TO BAYLEY!! In comes Dana! Clothelsine! ANother! Chop to the heest! She rushes Dana into the corner, Bayley rolls out, back elbow!!! Suplex out of the corner! Bayley in the corner. She gets to the 2nd rope! Bayley with a spinning elbow! Cover for 1…2…NO!! Anderson is here to pull Dana out of the pin and the ring. BIG E WITH A CLOTHESLINE to ANDERSON!! Gallows with a Big Boot to E! Kofi flies onto Gallows from the ring!!! Bayley checks on Kofi from the ring.

Dana with a surprise roll up for 1..2….NO!!! Bayley escapes. Turns. BAYLEY TO BELLY!! Pin for 1…2….3!!!

Winners: The New Day and Bayley
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***1/2

Backstage, Phillips is with Cesaro. He brings up Cesaro possibly losing tonight and how it puts him in a rough spot if he goes 2-0. Cesaro says he’s already down by 1 so he’s already in a rough spot. He says he’s still going to have a great day because he’s going to go out there and beat up Sheamus. He says no one likes Sheamus. He just likes to throw his weight around, and tonight Cesaro is going to help him by throwing his weight around….and around….and around…and around…

Video package of Big Cass this time, but I think I have somethin a little better…

Saxton tries to interview Sheamus, but he just takes the mic from him and says he heard what Cesaro had to say. Sheamus says he knows how Cesaro truly feels – desparate. He says Cesaro is not charming, witty, or handsome like Sheamus, and certainly has not starred in a blockbuster Hollywood movie. He has spent his entire life trying to become a WWE Champion….his whole life, Byron! How is he going to feel. He handles the WHAT Chant like a G. Anyway, how is Cesaro going to feel when he finds out that Sheamus is truly better.

Best of Seven
Match 2 of Possible 7
Match 5: Sheamus (1-0) vs Cesaro (0-1)

Lockup and Cesaro with a takedown from behind. He cradles the arm, rolls up. Pin for 1. Sheamus gets the ropes to break the hold. Lockup again, this time Sheamus with the go-behind. Cesaro picks the leg. Cover for 1. Sheamus locks the head. Side headlock takedown. Sheamus turns it into a cover for 1. He goes for another takedown, but Cesaro stops it, sends Sheamus into the ropes. Sheamus with a tackle, cuts off a whip, but Cesaro shoots the legs. He stomps the chest. Cover for 1. Sheamus escapes the ring and chills on the apron. The ref holds Cesaro back. Sheamus grabs the arm and hangs it up on the ropes. Sheamus turns Cesaro around. SHEAMUS SUCKS chant. Cesaro with a hard elbow to Sheamus, and Sheamus drops. Cesaro heads to the outside. Uppercut TO Sheamus. Another! Cesaro sends Sheamus into the ring. Sheamus begs for mercy, telling Cesaro to chill. He tells the ref that his elbow is hurt. He extends his arm for the ref to see, and Cesaro hits an axe handle to the arm! hahaha. Cesaro works the arm, pulling on it, then droping his ass on the elbow. Sheamus with a right hand to the gut. Whip is reversed, but Sheamus hits a big boot to the chest. Cesaro with a standing dropkick. He then clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope! Sheamus hops on the apron. Big Boot by Cesaro!!!

We are back, and Cesaro is hit with the Irish Curse Backbreaker! Sheamus covers for 1..2..NO! Sheamus grabs the legs and stomps Cesaro a few times, then looks for the Cloverleaf. Cesaro tries to spin out of it, succeeds by breaking the hold via fingers. He puts his boot to the chin and rolls up Sheamus for 1..2..NO!!! Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick off the whip, but Cesaro ducks. Springboard SPINNING FUCK YOU AND YOUR RED BEARD BITCH uppercut!!! Cesaro locks the legs, but Sheamus reaches the ropes! Cesaro just PULLS Sheamus off and turns it into a powerbomb and a pin for 1..2…NO! Sheamus with a whip. Cesaro flips over the ropes onto the apron. Kick to Sheamus! Cesaro at the top rope. Goes for a crossbody, but Sheamus rolls it into a pin for 1..2..NO!! Cesaro sends Sheamus into the corner. Running uppercut. Another uppercut. Cesaro with a whip and goes for another uppercut, but Sheamus reverses and gets a pin. He uses the ropes for 1..2..NO!!! Sheamus argues with the ref. Cesaro with a suprise uppercut! He hits 9 in the corner then sends Sheamus into the corner and hits another run! The train is a-comin!! Sheamus reverses a run, but Cesaro lifts him, sits him on the top rope, and hits a dropkick to Sheamus!!!! Sheamus falls to the outside.

Cesaro heads to the outside. He runs up to Sheamus, but SHEAMUS HITS A BACK BODY DROP INTO THE RINGPOST!! FUUUUUUUCCCKKK! Sheamus sends Cesaro into the ring. He locks on the Cloverleaf! Cesaro taps!!!

Winner: Sheamus (2-0)
Sick ending!
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4


Cole brings up Mr. Fuji. He brings up the 30+ years he spent with the WWE, and we get a video package that’s most certainly gonna choke some of us up.

Match 6: Braun Strowman vs Jey Mysteria

Braun corners the jobber then hits a few knees to the chest – well, to the entire body, really. He lifts up the jobber and runs into the corner, smashing the kid in between he and the corner. Again to Americo. Braun screams. It’s Super Effective. He pushes Americo to the ropes, lifts him and just drops the kid down.

Braun covers the face in a pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Braun Strowman
Ripping the mask off…super heel!
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Braun removes the mask of the luchador. Ouch.

Stephanie McMahon is out here to talk about Brock Lesnar’s heinous actions at Summerslam, specifically he putting his hands on a WWE official. She is interrupted by Paul Heyman.

Steph cuts him off saying she wants an apology from Heyman right now. Heyman heads to the ring. He calls her Madame McMahon, and it upsets Steph. Heyman says when his client defeated Randy Orton at Summerslam, that was a victory for Stephanie’s brand, for RAW over Shane’s brand Smackdown. RAW won Summerslam thanks to Brock Lesnar. Heyman gets it, when he put his hands on an official and hit an F5 on Shane, Brock crossed a line, and there is no excuse. Heyman dropped to his knees to beg Brock to stop. He protected Shane, which is why he is here tonight to pay his client’s most reasonable fine of $500.

Heyman pulls out a fat stack of $1 bills and starts counting them down one at a time! hahahahaha.

Steph slaps the money out of Heyman’s hands and says he jus said it himself, Brock provides value, but what value does Heyman provide Stephanie? Stephanie wonders if Heyman thinks this is a joke. She will sink to any depths to avenge her brother. There is a storm coming Heyman’s ugly way.

Heyman says that this warning will go unheeded, because there is no storm coming. Brock Lesnar IS the storm! The apology that he is here tonight to deliver goes straight out to Stephanie McMahon. Does Steph thinks that Heyman doesn’t see the compromising position Steph has been placed? They put her in this position with the Board, a board she must answer to, and one day a board that Steph will dictate to. Heyman understands the position they put Steph with her father.

Heyman says he is staring into the face of the heir to the board room, and the only rightful sole heir to the family fortune. They put her in a position where we all question her integrity. They get it. Heyman says that all he can say, all he can ask is….that he accepts this as a fine paid and a lesson learned and as an apology most sincerely delivered.

Stephanie accepts the apology then leaves the ring as Heyman scowls oh so happily.


Match 7: Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young

Young goes after Titus immediately. Titus tries to hit a knee, but escapes the ring instead and calls for a time out. Titus back in the ring. He misses a move and gets hit with a forearm by Young. Swinging neckbreaker from Titus. Chop in the corner. Again. Whip to the opposite corner is reversed, and Titus sends Young not only INTO the corner but over the top rope atop a camera man. Damn. The camera sold hard for Young. Titus yells at the cameraman to take a picture. He smacks Young in the chest then sends him back in the ring. Body slam in the middle of the ring. Titus screams that Young owes him. Titus grabs the head of Young then clubs the chest. He squeezes Young’s head. Young tries to fight out, but Titus won’t let go. Titus just smacks the chest of Young. Young kicks out of the corner, tries to fight, but gets hit with a knee. Titus with a Pumphandle slam. TItus grabs the head and goes back to squeezing it, adding a twist to it. Clothesline from Titus and Young is basically a rag doll at this point. Pin for 1..2…NO! Young kicks out!

Titus sits up, upset. Young with a surprise crucifix pin. 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Not a Damn Person

Match Quality: *1/2
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *3/4

Young sends Titus to the outside and Backlund comes in and celebrates. Titus runs in and attacks Young, then kicks Backlund in the stomach. Clash of the Titus to Young.

Backstage, Foley is telling Steph that he should have been out there. He was thinking about tonight, and he thinks that they should ban all friends and tag team partners for tonight’s match. They both claim that there must be a winner.

Seth Rollins enters and he wants to talk to Steph face to face. He says that tonight will be the best night ever, the best night they’ve ever had, and he promises that he will bring home the title tonight. Steph says they believe in him, and she speaks for both of them when she says that tonight is his night. Seth gives Steph a hug and says he wont let them down.

Match 8: Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the WWE Universal Championship
Big Cass vs Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Owens heads out of the ring the second the bell rings. Reigns sends Seth to the outside. Cass and Reigns stand tall in each others face until Seth and Owens head in and attack from behind. Seth chops Cass in the corner while Owens attacks Reigns. Cass nosells the chop and gets one of his own. Reigns sends Owens to the outside. On the outside, Rollins hits a kick to Cass. Cass reverses and sends him into the apron. Owens is giving Reigns a few rights. Rollins and Cass are back in the ring. Rollins with rights and lefts in the corner. Reigns tries to send Owens into the ring, but fails. Cass reverses a suplex and hits one of his own. Cover for 1…2..NO! Cass with a hard right to Seth. Reigns finally gets Owens back in the ring. Rollins attacks Cass in the corner. Reigns with right hands in the corner to Owens. Seth hops to the top rope. Seth with a huge uppercut, sending Seth tumbling to the outside. Reigns sends Owens to the outside, and we got Cass and Reigns in a stand off yet again. Reigns walks up to Cass smirking. Right hand to Cass. Right from Cass. They go back and forth. Cass gets the upperhad, but Reigns gets a headlock. Hits the ropes, Cass misses a right, and Reigns hits a huge clothesline. The crowd is hating it. Reigns goes for the SUperman Punch, but Cass catches him! Reigns with elbows!! Cass ducks a right, BIG BOOT TO REIGNS!!!! BOTH MEN GO OVER THE TOP ROPE! Deeeeyum. Rollins is in the ring now. Cass is just standing. SUICIDE DIVE from Seth! Owens is right behind him. Firemans! Owens drops Seth abs first on the barricade!!! Owens goes for Cass. Reigns is in the ring! REIGNS WITH A DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

We return to Owens jumping off the apronatop of Cass. Seth runs up and attacks then sends Cass back into the ring. Cover for 1..2…NO! Seth with a cravat from behind. Owens heads into the ring and gives Seth a right hand. He kicks Seth to the outside then goes straight to Cass. Short clothesline to Cass. Owens knocks Reigns off the apron then hits a running senton onto Cass. Cover for 1…2..NO! Cass tries to get up in the corner. Owens with right hands. Cass crawls across the ropes. Owens pulls the hair then lifts him up in the forefront corner. Right hand from Cass. Another. Kick to Owens, but Kevin grabs the legs and swings it atop the ropes. Kick to the back of the knee by Owens! Owens sits Cass in the corner. He’s going for the cannonball, but Seth is there to stop him and pull Owens to the outside! Seth sends Owens into t he barricade! Seth enters the ring and grabs Cass. Facefirst into the turnbuckle!!! Seth hits the corner and splashes witha right. He smacks Seth around a bit. Seth hits the corner, looks to fly with a right, but Reigns enters the ring and hits a clothesline! Another!!! Owens is in! Reigns ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own, knocking Owens down! Reigns celebrates. BIG BOOT FROM CASS OUT OF THE CORNER!!! Owens tries to attack. Shoulder tackle to Owens. One for Rollins! He whips Serth into the corner. BIG SPLASH in the corner. He sends Seth into an opposite corner. Big Splash to Rollins. Splash to Owens! Cass sends Owens over the top rope. BIG BOOT TO OWENS!!! Seth in with a rollup! Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Powerslam from Cass! EMPIRE ELBOW! Cass grabs Seth. SUPERMAN PUNCH from Reigns out of nowhere!!! Reigns goes for a spear, but Seth moves, and Reigns hits the corner post! Seth with a superkick to Cass! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! OWENS ON THE TOP ROPE! FROG SPLASH!!!! Pin for 1…2…..3!!!!!

Big Cass has been eliminated!

Owens and Seth are wrestling on the top rope. Reigns is here to go under Owens, and we get a Suplex/powerbomb from all three! Cover on Owens for 1..2..NO!!! Reigns scurries over to Seth and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Owens rolls to the outside immediately. Reigns with clotheslines in the corner to Seth. He misses the 10th one. Seth misses an Enziguri. Reigns with a big boot to Seth! Reigns cocks it. Seth turns. Reigns goes for the SUperman Punch, but Rollins goes behind. Seth rolsl through, Reigns rushes, and Seth sends Reigns to the outside. Seth goes for a suicide dive, but Reigns hits a right hand.. Reigns misses the SUperman Punch AGAIN and Rollins with a Falcon Arrow!!! Pin for 1….2….NO!!! Rollins is up first. He waits for Reigns to stand. Reigns struggles. Kick to the gut. Pedigree attempt, but Reigns lifts Seth over the ropes! Enziguri off the apron. Seth goes to the top rope! Seth flies! SUPERMAN PUNCH from Reigns!!! Pin for 1…2….NO!!! Seth kicks out!! Reigns wants the spear. He waits. Seth rises. Seth turns. Reigns runs!! KICK FROM SETH!! ANOTHER!! Owens is back in the ring! Superkick to Seth!!! Reigns in the corner. Cannonball to Reigns! Seth in the corner. Cannonball to Seth!!! He rushes to Reigns. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Pin for 1…..2…..NO!!!! Owens is up. He goes for a Spear!! Misses! Owens sends Reigns into the ropes! POP U-NO!! Superman Punch by Reigns! Owens rolls to the outside! Rollins kicks Reigns. He goes for Pedigree, but Reigns ain’t havin it! He lifts up Seth. Dead weight! Powerbomb! Pin for 1…..2…NO!!!

Reigns rolls to the outside. Seth hangs on the bottom rope. Reigns with a drive-by to Seth! Seth tumbles to the outside! Reigns runs to the steps, leaps up! Superman Punch to Owens! Reigns runs back to Seth. Seth is up. SPEAR!!!! Spear to Seth Rollins!!! Reigns lifts Seth up and looks to send Seth into the ring, but out of nowhere TRIPLE H runs from the crowd and PEDIGREES ROMAN REIGNS!!!!!! Triple H sends Reigns into the ring! He grabs Seth and tosses him into the ring! Seth covers! 1….2….3!!!!!!

Roman Reigns has been eliminated!

Triple H pulls Reigns out of the ring! He walks around the ring towards Kevin Owens! Triple H lifts Owens! He sends him back in the ring! Triple H wakes Seth up. Triple H removes his jacket. Triple H grabs Owens. He stares at him. Seth smiles.


Owens can’t believe it. He can’t believe what he just saw! Owens covers Seth Rollins! 1……..2……….3!!!!!!!


Match Quality: ****
Personal Enjoyment: *****
Total Rating: ****1/2

Triple H leaves the ring and grabs the title from Foley’s shoulder. He heads back into the ring and gives the belt to Owens. Triple H extends his hand out. Owens takes the belt.

I have goosebumps. This is beautiful. Triple H gives Owens an ovation, then leaves the ring. He gets in the face of Foley AND Steph, then walks through the crowd. Stephanie and Foley both are completely shocked. Steph looks concerned while Foley looked upset.


End Show

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