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Update on CM Punk T-Shirt Copyright Violation, Pro Wrestling Tees States Violations Were Filed at Same Time as AEW and Other Properties

January 23, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
CM Punk Ultimate Beastmaster

As previously reported, a copyright violation was filed for a CM Punk t-shirt on Redbubble that appeared to have some link to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) by user Douglas Hinkley. This led to fans speculating there was some kind of involvement between CM Punk and WWE. However, Ryan Barkan of Pro Wrestling Tees then responded to the rumors and speculation on Twitter and said that’s not the case.

According to Barkan, it showed up as it did previously because he filed copyright violations for bootlegged merchandise involving Punk, AEW, and others at the same time. That was why Punk was mentioned along with AEW.

Barkan wrote: “For the record, I file copyright violations weekly at the same time for hundreds of designs on tons of bootleg sites including new japan designs, bucks, macho man, cm punk, AEW, legion of doom etc. I’m not sure why this is news. People should stop bootlegging merch, THAT’S NEWS!”

You can check out the rest of that exchange below. There is also a tweet of the original image that sparked the rumors. As of right now, it appears that the IWC has jumped the gun into forcing a narrative that CM Punk is bound for AEW.