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Cody Rhodes On Roman Reigns Referencing His Life Story In Feud, Brandi’s Support Of His Career

March 24, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cody Rhodes WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes has the biggest match of his career when he battles Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, and he recently talked about Reigns talking about his real life story and more. Rhodes spoke with WrestleJoy for a new interview, and you can see a few highlights below:

On Brandi’s support of his career: “I always run the risk of saying too much, and I try to be careful when I say things like this, but I don’t get the opportunity to be a free agent unless Brandi Rhodes makes a certain decision that she made. That was a selfless decision. So when you see me out there, and I say I can’t do it without Brandi, I ain’t lying. That’s one hundred percent.”

On Brandi attending WrestleMania: “I’m not talking about anything specific, but just to have her be out there because one of the things is, when you feel like you have a perception of something, sometimes you don’t understand that that’s really not the case. With being around the fans, whether in sports entertainment or wrestling, it’s worth it. Because they’re the best fans in the world. I know sometimes it’s easy for us to look at social media and say they’re not, but they really are. You guys are the best fans in the world, and I just am excited to see her kind of rubbing shoulders with them all. Going to Hollywood and taking in the experience of what it’s like to not just be at a WrestleMania, but to take the walk, you know? And I want to be clear, she’s not doing anything at WrestleMania. I’m just saying I’m so excited for her to be there. I literally couldn’t be there without her. I’m not lying. So it’s as much her moment as it is mine. I will always be in love with her, and be in her debt.”

On Roman Reigns referencing his life story in promos: “I’ve been on trial my whole career. Everything has been on trial, from the time you’re judged so early because you’re a multi-generational and the perks that come with that. From the positions you’re put in, is that too much for a person? Or when you’re sitting there as Stardust, so low, does a person deserve that? Everything is always on trial, and the greatest thing about it is that the verdict is not decided by anyone other than fans. That is why social media is fun, but also can be a little intimidating. There are fans that will try to tell you things as if they are facts. They’ll use numbers, that’s a huge thing I was a part of that I regret so bad. Talking about demographics and things like that. The main thing we do, the lifeblood of it is the consumer, and the feeling. You can’t put a number on a feeling.”

On Reigns saying Cody cuts and runs: “I love that Roman brought it up in terms of running. I have to own it. I did meet adversity and I did not say, you know what, I’m gonna put my feet in the sand and stay. I didn’t put my flag here. I’m not gonna get back to the campus. I’m gonna find a different campus. I hate the expression ‘trust the process’ with all my life. Why not create the process? Why do I have to trust the process? I’d rather create the process. Roman isn’t wrong that the business stung me, and I had to move away from where I got stung. I couldn’t just continue to get stung.

“With all of that said, it’s ironic coming from Roman, who is a lifelong investment by WWE. That investment is absolutely paying off. But it just started paying off. I’ve talked about him with the greatest of reverence and respect, because I know how absolutely dang special he is in our world. But if you’re gonna get low brow with his comments like that, just remember that if me meeting adversity and changing my ways, going out and betting on myself, is that less valuable than meeting adversity and just pretending it doesn’t exist? Either way, it really shouldn’t matter because you’re absolutely, as champion proving to everyone that you are everything you say you are as champion. I feel I’m everything I say I am as the American Nightmare. So it is up to the fans to decide the verdict on these trials, on my story, and the journey. I’ve had things I’ve done that weren’t great, but I do all of them as well as the things I’ve done that were absolutely special and helped create magic.”