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Cody Says AEW Rankings Could Debut Before Full Gear

October 18, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Cody Brandi Rhodes AEW Dynamite

In an interview with Wrestlezone, Cody spoke about the win/loss system in AEW and how official rankings could debut before AEW Full Gear. Here are highlights:

On AEW rankings: “On the Friday before Full Gear, I think we’re going to put our first-ever ‘Top Fives’ and [that] should become a weekly thing. This isn’t just broadcast this is also social, just like with college football and the AP Poll, you get your Top 20. Sometimes a guy who is 5-0 is not ranked in the top three because the quality of wins, the softness of the schedule and it’s fun because in college football people argue over—especially when we get near the playoffs—people ‘should, should they not’ [get in]. PAC right now has these great wins over Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, he’s essentially Ohio State for us at this point. There’s gotta be a title shot in his future, and there is if he keeps winning and keeps going, but I believe before Full Gear we’ll have our Top Five for women, for tags and for singles and now that we have more and more every week it helps us so much from data.

On wins and losses mattering: “I’ve expanded—to be fair, Kevin Sullivan’s expanded the lower thirds on talent so you can see their records. We want their records to be more present because Jim Ross is talking about them, Tony Schiavone is talking about them. Once we get a few more wins, a few more losses, a few more draws, whatever they may be, it really helps create that tapestry for us which is something we promised and it wasn’t just a campaign promise. Sports-centric, the guys winning the matches are the guys getting the title matches.”

On putting Jim Ross with Excalibur: “Modern fans who are critical of Jim Ross love Excalibur, and then old school fans who love Jim Ross are critical of Excalibur. That’s why they’re together. That’s why. Excalibur gives the rub of the west coast and the new generation and the hyper-indy culture of wrestling, and Jim gives the biggest rub of all of having been everything in this industry and entering a new phase in his career as the greatest announcer of all time, so I like to make that balance and that buffet.”

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