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Cody Weighs In on AEW Dynamite’s Ratings Success, How to Grow Audience From Here

November 9, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cody AEW Double or Nothing

– AEW Executive Vice President Cody took part in a media call to promote AEW Full Gear and discussed Dynamite’s ratings success, plus where to grow the audience from here. I had the opportunity to ask Cody if the show’s ratings stabilization this week are where they expected it to be and what the company plans to do to build the numbers further.

Cody on how to build the audience: “The biggest thing for me in growing the audience is giving them something to talk about throughout the week, and finding characters that they want to follow, and they want to root for, that being characters you already know. People like Jon Moxley, but also characters who you’re seeing for the first time and you want them to be your guy or your girl.”

Cody on Dynamite’s ratings success: “As far as ratings, you know, we had the biggest premiere for TNT in five years. And we live in the era of cord-cutters and DVR bumps. And one thing that wrestling journalists tend to do — and I don’t mean journalists as more as I mean the more bitter and critical — is they look at things from the standpoint of 1997, or they even look at things from the standpoint of the early 2000s, when every year we’re dealing with an absolutely different medium. We’re not only looking at our Nielsens, we’re looking at our social Nielsens. We’re looking at our ITV representation, we’re looking at our FITE usage. We’re looking at an amazing amount of data. And Chris Harrington…unique guy, but man, what a smart, smart individual who is showing us and giving us those projections. I”m very happy personally. There’s obviously room to grow. I want the most amount of souls and eyes watching this show as much as possible. But for six weeks, to defeat — I mean, if we just say it out loud, I’m not saying it to be a braggart or braggadocious. Six weeks in a row, we’ve gone head to head with WWE, the biggest wrestling company in the world, and six weeks in a row they’ve been on the losing end. And they’ve provided massive stars and great wrestlers like AJ Styles and Finn Balor on their product, and they’re still behind. And that, to me, speaks to what we have. It speaks to this revolution that so many people will say, ‘Hey, it’s not real. Those fans aren’t real, those returners aren’t real, it’s all lip service.’ It’s not. If you come to a single show, and you see people don’t leave after our main event, that they stay in their seats and they wait even for something else, you’ll know, and you’ll see the feeling.”

On where they go from here: “So I love coming out this week having gone back up after the World Series, which kind of threw everything in a different state of flux. I want to continue onwards and upwards, reaching the number from the first week and then moving forward. And the only way we’re gonna do that is the actual characters. It doesn’t have as much to do with topical spots and ads, and the marketing of it all. It has everything to do with the simple old Dusty Rhodes outlook on it, go out there and get over. And if people go out there and get over, it makes everyone’s job easier. And I think we have all the tools to do it. We have the best roster, we have the best talent and we have the best damn attitude.”

In the full media call, which you can listen to below, Cody talks about his World Championship match with Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear, devoting more time to the women’s division, the possibility of a secondary title, the lessons learned from the first several weeks of Dynamite and more.

0:00: Introduction
1:35: On the differences between working a full-time schedule with AEW as opposed to the lead-up
3:42: On his promo on Dynamite and the positive response that it received
6:49: On how important his match at Full Gear is to him
9:46: On bringing in what he learned from his past work in terms of production
12:43: On the possibility of a secondary championship
15:15: On when the rankings system will debut
16:20: On good feedback he’s gotten from fans and separating constructive criticism from non-constructive criticism
19:50: On plans to give more time to the women’s division
22:30: On his biggest lesson in terms of production and the biggest challenges he’s found
26:21: On the ratings for Dynamite and how to grow the audience from here
29:48: On the judges for his match and if it will be used going forward for future matches
31:50: On Turner’s involvement with the production and how their plans for B/R Live will affect things
34:28: On what Dusty Rhodes would think about AEW putting the spotlight on new stars
37:30: On the best way to get returning fans engaged with supplemental shows like AEW Dark and Being the Elite

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