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Cole Radrick Isn’t Happy PWI Took His ‘Cat Dad Of The Year’ Title

September 27, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cole Radrick GCW Planet Death Image Credit: GCW

Cole Radrick was listed as a “Former Cat Dad of the Year” in the PWI 500 this year, and he doesn’t know why the “former” part was added. Radrick ranked at #300 in the list and he talked about not being happy that with that “former” label in an interview with Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds. A couple of highlights are below:

On losing ‘Cat Dad Of the Year’: “I want to talk about the PWI 500. Last year, I committed to something and I worked my ass off and the fruits of my labor paid off. The PWI Cat Dad of the Year was me. This year, I don’t know if it was a shot, if I did something wrong, or what may have happened. In my bio, it is ‘Former Cat Dad of the Year Cole Radrick.’ I have scoured the list. I bought it because I wanted to see who won Cat Dad of the Year. Who won Cat Dad of the Year? I can’t seem to find it. They just took a shot and took away the title from me. That is my bone to pick with PWI. Shoutout to PWI, I was actually 27 spots up, Mr. 300.”

On if he reached out to PWI about it: “I don’t understand. I posted a photo of my cat and said, ‘@OfficialPWI, how am I supposed to explain this to my child?’ No answer. I respond to a respected member of PWI, one of the editors. I responded to him on Twitter. ‘Oh, I’m the former Cat Dad of the Year?’ No response. Just a like. I have a cat that I have to explain how I don’t put my own paper award up on a shelf next to her cat bed. I have to explain that to her, not you. I’m going to have a full on meltdown.”

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